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  1. NASSCOM 2007

  2. The Company • Innovative startup in digital video, wireless and internet streaming • Incorporated as India Company in 2005 to be the largest provider of digital video technologies, products and services to OEM markets • Software Operations in India and Russia. Architecture and Marketing in the USA. Sales & Marketing JV in Singapore. • Jan 1, 2007-over 60 employees

  3. The Monsoon Vision • Become the largest provider of video products and technologies to OEMs across the world • Leverage our expertise in video compression, streaming, consumer product design and to continuously INNOVATE digital video technologies and products as New Standards, Operating Systems and Consumer trends emerge.

  4. MONSOON HAVA • World’s First Integrated “Place and Time shifting” Product that is totally wireless & Microsoft MCE compatible

  5. HAVA Reviews • “Very Good” • “rich feature set, low price, and impressive performance” • “a credible alternative for any potential Slingbox owners” • “must-have accessory (for MCE users).” • “86 points - Very Good” • “the most consistent of all three applications” • “HAVA is also easier to set up and offered better video quality” • Sling was rated 83 and Sony 80!! in similar reviews

  6. Historical Achievement • Monsoon is (probably) the first Indian company to put an advanced hi-tech consumer/PC product on retail shelves globally thru our Distribution partner Pinnacle Systems • BestBuy, Circuit City and Compusa-USA • Dixon’s, MediaMart and Dart- EU • Australia, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Eastern EU, Russia, China, India • ONLY 0.1% OF ALL CONSUMER/PC PRODUCTS FIND RETAIL SHELF SPACE WITH THESE WELL KNOWN MERCHANTS

  7. HAVA – In Stores!! FRY’s BEST BUY

  8. HAVA: Watch &Record Video Anywhere • Live TV content can now be delivered to any place/any time in the world • It can also be delivered wirelessly to any place in your home • Use PC as a DVR (TiVo). Pause/Record/FF, RW and burn content on DVD • Extends the reach of content providers to a global audience

  9. Product components • HAVA device – Board design & layout; packaging, Ind. design • Embedded Firmware • Client applications Software • Setup Wizard • PC Player • Mobile (Windows Mobile 5.0) Player for wi-fi and 3G Phones • HTML Player • IR blaster • P2P Server for remote access

  10. Key IP and Technologies • VBooster Wireless engine that doubles bandwidth available in typical home network. Dynamic Video Quality adjustment based on available bandwidth • Multicast Full D1 MPEG-2 video to unlimited number of clients • NAT (Network address translation) traversal thru UDP (User Datagram Protocol) hole punching between Internet hosts • MCE and Vista compatible • WLAN Setup – setup HAVA wirelessly to connect to your existing home router. • Integration of diverse universe of Linux, Windows, Vista, Video Compression, Wireless, Routers, NAT-UDP Internet communication, TV/TIVO/DVD and Camcorders, PVR and DVD burning, Program guides-all presented in one user interface

  11. HAVA – Business Model/GTM • OEM Licensing – Royalty based software product/technology licensing • Video OEMs (retail) • PC OEMs • TV & Display OEMs • Satellite Service Providers • Wireless & Broadband providers • Monsoon Web Sales – high margin. Direct line to consumers for feedback. Almost 1000 retail customers since launch • Telecom Operators – for 3G “seeding”/ bandwidth “up-sell” programs

  12. OEM Customers • Pinnacle Systems is LIVE with “PCTV To Go” brand - worldwide retail – 15k stores. • Pinnacle - largest supplier of PC Video Products in the world –Div of Avid Systems (NASDAQ) • Leadtek Taiwan will retail “TV Infinity” in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, HK & Gr. China – Q1 2007 • Monsoon Allianz Singapore selling AERIS in Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Korea etc. • Royalty income for Monsoon~$10 per unit

  13. PRODUCTS ROADMAP 2008 Security & Surveillance Home Multimedia Gateways 2007 IPTV/MobileTV/VoD ESTABLISH HAVA FAMILY HD/ATSC/DVB-T/3GPP LAUNCH DMA (iTV) INTEGRATE - STB/ROUTER Mobile Streaming 2006 Wireless/Applications LAUNCH HAVA Video Capture/Streaming Product Innovation Technology Innovation

  14. Summary • World’s first product that integrates video “time-shifting” and “place-shifting” technologies • One of the first global computer product for consumers to come out of Indian companies which is being distributed by American companies • Significant market potential – consumers; STBs, Routers; TVs; IPTV; explosive growth in consumer video and digital home solutions • Patent-pending vBooster technology supporting DVD quality wireless Multicasting; Powerful yet simple P2P technology for remote viewing; MCE expertise • Monsoon’s success will be a benchmark for opening up the product floodgates from India

  15. THANK YOU!

  16. HAVA-Beyond Sling/Sony

  17. Management Team • Graham Radstone-Chairman & COO. Co-Founder. British Lawyer and corporate attorney for many global companies and startups. • Arvind Jha-President. Most recently Senior Engineering Executive at Adobe • Vadim Dagman-CTO. Co-Founder. Formerly VP of Engineering at Emuzed and Dazzle. • Colin Stiles-EVP Sales and Marketing. Most recently Senior Sales and Marketing at ULead. • Yaroslav Lisitsyn-EVP and General Manager of Russia Tomsk Operations.