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Where is our Market Headed?

Where is our Market Headed?. Presentation to Canadian Bison Association November 23, 2009. YTD bison slaughter - USDA. Processors Face Tight Supplies . YTD bison slaughter- USDA. Prices Stay Near Historic High. Consumers staying with bison. Custer Sale Results 2009.

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Where is our Market Headed?

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  1. Where is our Market Headed? Presentation to Canadian Bison Association November 23, 2009

  2. YTD bison slaughter - USDA • Processors Face Tight Supplies

  3. YTD bison slaughter- USDA

  4. Prices Stay Near Historic High • Consumers staying with bison

  5. Custer Sale Results 2009 • Demand strong for females Average Price – 2009 vs. 2008 Ave. Price Per Lb. - 2009 vs. 2008

  6. What’s Ahead?

  7. Top trends • Retail sales will continue strong • More demand for low-end cuts • Casual dining struggling

  8. Top trends • People want a community around food • The story around food is important

  9. Top trends • Green cooking seen as a efficient, healthy and a good value

  10. Top trends • Local is surpassing organic as a key motivator • Consumers also looking for locale

  11. Top trends • Restaurant menus increasingly carrying calorie count and other nutritional info

  12. Top trends • Americans looking for tighter controls • People don’t trust conventional food system

  13. Beyond the recession:A fundamental shiftin the marketplace

  14. A new focus on responsibility

  15. U.S. Population

  16. “The Responsibles are in the vanguard and represent 38% of Americans 18 and older, or about 86 million people…They tend to be well-off but not wealthy, and they have done many things that people in the other groups haven't, such as buying a household appliance on the basis of its energy rating or a product because they like the values of the company that made it.

  17. “They do not fit neatly into any political category: a third are liberal, 37% are conservative, and 28% are moderate. They are younger than the Skeptics and more diverse and look more like what America will look like in 20 or 30 years. Source: TIME Magazine

  18. Our challenges/opportunities • Food safety • Continued promotion • Non-commoditization • and • New producers

  19. Promotion • Focus on foodservice • Marketing materials • Continued public relations • Education/Outreach • Farmers Market Promotion

  20. Recruiting a new generation USDA Price Report NBA Checkoff

  21. AND. . . . . (DRUMROLL, PLEASE)......Coming soon

  22. Bison Producers’ Handbook • 30+ authors • Experts from U.S. and Canada • All new information • Best resource available

  23. Thank You Join us: January 21-22 – NBA Annual Conference Renaissance Hotel – Denver, CO January 22-23 – GTSS National Western Stock Show

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