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Specialty Oilfield Chemicals – Demulsifiers, Corrosion Inhib

Information on specialty oilfield chemicals, types of oilfield chemicals, demulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors including role of corrosion inhibitors, types of corrosion inhibitors and where to buy and how to buy demulsifier, corrosion inhibitors from Rimpro India.

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Specialty Oilfield Chemicals – Demulsifiers, Corrosion Inhib

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  1. Welcome To Rimpro India

  2. Oilfield chemicals are those which are used in oilfields to increase the process efficiency, productivity of the oil and gas drilling operations at oilfields while cost effectively maximizing the recovery of oil and gas reserves and minimizing the production and maintenance costs. What are Oilfield Chemicals?

  3. Different kinds of specialty chemicals are used in oilfields. While few are used to increase efficiency of operations like oil well drilling and exploration many are employed for maintenance purposes like protecting pipelines and equipment from corrosion. Types of Oilfield Chemicals

  4. However the two most important kinds of oilfield chemicals used for achieving oilfield efficiency and longevity are: • Emulsion Breakers (Demulsifiers) • Corrosion Inhibitors Types of Oilfield Chemicals

  5. Emulsion breakers for oilfield are those specialty chemicals which can separate out oil and water from the crude oil water emulsions. • They work through a process of crude oil demulsification which cause a density change in emulsion making it easier for separation to occur. • Demulsifiers can efficiently elevate crude oil value for export while minimizing the operating or maintenance costs which might be required in case if corrosion takes place. Emulsion Breakers (Demulsifiers)

  6. Significant quantities of water often get associated with the oil produced in oilfields either naturally or through injection during the processes. This water needs to be separated from the oil to enhance the properties of oil and prevent corrosion in pipelines occurring due to presence of water in oil. For this purpose emulsion breakers or demulsifiers are used. Why are Emulsion Breakers (Demulsifiers) used in Oilfields?

  7. The oil produced in oilfields often contains water. Acid gases, such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and carbon dioxide (CO2) are also most of the times present in these produced fluids. Oxygen in water or these gases are the primary reasons for corrosion in oilfields. • When water mixed oil is transported through pipelines, rapid condensation of water in a cooler section of the line takes place and thus a film of water gets formed on the top of the oil line. This water at the top of the pipe becomes saturated with acid gases and corrodes the pipe. How Corrosion occurs in Oilfields?

  8. Corrosion inhibitors have an important role to play oilfields as they prevent corrosion of the oil lines and equipments and reduce maintenance costs of the oilfields. • Corrosion inhibitors react with the metal surfaces to form a water-proof film layer on it. This waterproof layer stops galvanic corrosion occurring through the reactions of produced oilfield materials and equipments and pipelines. Role of Corrosion Inhibitors

  9. There are basically two main categories of corrosion inhibitors depending on their formulation. • Oil Soluble Corrosion Inhibitors • Water Dispersible Corrosion Inhibitors Types of Corrosion Inhibitors

  10. Those looking to buy corrosion inhibitors, Rimpro India offer the best quality corrosion inhibitors formulated from most efficient materials. All kinds of corrosion inhibitors and oil and gas pipeline corrosion inhibitors are offered by the company. Please visit website to know more about corrosion inhibitors. Where to Buy Corrosion Inhibitors?

  11. Rimpro India Plot No. 87, 88, 98, 99 & 100, G.I.D.C., Gojaria, Ta. & Dist. Mehsana, North Gujarat, India. Phone:- +91 - 2763 - 263242 Email: Contact Us

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