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Pediatric urologist

Pediatric urologist. By: Mackenzi Costley. Description.

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Pediatric urologist

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  1. Pediatric urologist By: Mackenzi Costley

  2. Description • A specially trained surgeon that deals with urological diseases and issues of children from the ages 0-14. In some cases like with e.g. exstrophy, renal transplant, and continent procedures, the age can increase up to 16+. Pediatrics do very well working with kids, and work in conditions that satisfy child attention spans. These specific environments are needed to allow the children to feel more comfortable when being examined.

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  4. Pros and cons

  5. Salaries and work places • Georgia Annual Salary: $172,000-$196,000 • National Salary: $184,820 • Pediatric Urologists work in the following: hospitals (typically children’s hospitals), children’s clinics, private or group practices, community health centers, health maintenance organizations, HIV/AIDS clinics, Indian Health Services, medical schools, the military, prisons, public health departments, research facilities, substance abuse treatment centers, urgent care centers, and Veterans’ Affairs.

  6. Education, Licensure, and certification • Minimum of 3 years in college (typically urologists get a bachelors degree in chemistry or biology), postgraduate education at a medical school, and a minimum of 5 years of residency • Licensure required through Georgia Composite Medical Board • Certification is required and achieved by passing a board examination in the pediatric urologist specialty

  7. Outlooks • The outlook for pediatric urologists is “very good”, and has increased 18% each year since 2012 and is expected to do so till 2022.

  8. Programs and colleges • Meharry Medical College • Medical University of South Carolina • Pikeville College • Wake Forest University • University of Kentucky • University of South Alabama • University of Louisville • Edward Via Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine • Marshall University • University of South Florida-Main Campus • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill • West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine • Duke University • University of Cincinnati-Main Campus • University of Mississippi Medical Center • Independence University • Mercer University* • Emory University* • Morehouse School or Medicine* • Medical College of Georgia • The University of Tennessee-Knoxville • The University of Alabama at Birmingham • Florida State University • University of South Caroline-Columbia • East Tennessee State University • University of Florida • Vanderbilt University • Georgia Regents University* • (* schools were the 4 on the career manual)

  9. Professional Organizations • 4. Liaison Committee on Medical Education • (312) 464-4933 • www.lcme.org • 5. Medical Association of Georgia • (800) 282-0224 • www.mag.org • 6. National Medical Association • (202) 347-1895 • www.nmanet.org • 1. American Medical Association • (800) 621-8335 • www.ama-assn.org • 2. Georgia Composite Medical Board • (404) 656-3913 • www.medicalboard.georgia.gov • 3. Georgia State Medical Association • (404) 752-1564 • www.gsmanet.org

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