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Team 1923 - Virtual / Desktop Robot. Motor. Battery. Jaguar Speed Controller. Circuit Breaker. Victor Speed Controller. Power Distribution Board. 12V - 5V Power Converter. Snap Action Circuit Breaker. Digital Sidecar. cRIO. Modules. 1923 Virtual Robot’s Basic Information:

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  1. Team 1923 - Virtual / Desktop Robot Motor Battery Jaguar Speed Controller Circuit Breaker Victor Speed Controller Power Distribution Board 12V - 5V Power Converter Snap Action Circuit Breaker Digital Sidecar cRIO Modules Team 1923 - Nihar Sidhu

  2. 1923 Virtual Robot’s Basic Information: Voltage: The electric force that forces free electrons to move (V- volts). Current: Electrons that flow through a material (A- amps). Resistance: Opposition of electricity to flow through an object (Ω- ohms). Battery: Main source of power for the robot. CircuitBreaker: Serves kind of like an on/ off switch for the robot; will stop the circuit if pressed. Power Distribution Board: Distributes the power to the rest of the components in the robot. Snap Action Circuit Breaker: Limits the current that goes to different components in the robot. cRIO with Modules and Breakouts: The main “brain” of the robot. D-Link: Used to provide wireless communication between driver station and robot. Digital Sidecar: Converts digital I/O to a form more accessible by components. Motor Controllers: Controls the speed of the motors. Team 1923 - Nihar Sidhu

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