arbitration in transports to russia n.
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Arbitration in Transports to Russia PowerPoint Presentation
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Arbitration in Transports to Russia

Arbitration in Transports to Russia

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Arbitration in Transports to Russia

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  1. Arbitration in Transports to Russia • Dr. Axel Boës • Of Counsel • Norton Rose Fulbright (Germany) LLP • 27.06.2014

  2. Overview • Transports from Europe to Russia • Road, Rail, Shipping • Arbitration only in Road and Shipping Transports • Do we need Arbitration? • Enforceability of Russian court decisions still a problem, although possible (at least) for CMR disputes • Enforceability of European Court decisions in Russia should be possible (positive examples for judgements from UK, Netherlands and France) • Typical Problems

  3. Typical Problems • “Pathological” arbitration clauses • Example: “All disputes shall be decided by the Court of International Arbitration of the Chamber of Commerce and Industrie at the seat of the Respondent” • Which one is that? ICC?Arbitration of the Local Chamber of Commerce? • Which one to chose if your claim is going to be time-barred? • Non-responding Respondent • Does not pay advance, does not appoint arbitrator • Especially in combination with a “pathological” arbitration clause, leaves the risk that the award cannot be enforced

  4. Typical Problems (…..continued) • Service of Points of Claim • (relevant in enforcement proceedings) • Most likely, sent by registered mail or courier services • Proof of receipt? • In enforcement proceedings in Russia, often challenged the fact that the points of claim were received • Might help to insist to have points of claim send in different ways (courier services, registered mail, personal hand-over) • By Russian law: Receipt from the post office should serve as proof, although Russian post highly unreliable • In Germany: When in doubt, serve the points of Claim with the help of the bailiff, the official notice of service can hardly be set aside by a court

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