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Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber

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  1. JustinBieber Pupil: Alekhina K. Teacher: Chepiga V.I.

  2. Justin was born in the city of Stretford of the Canadian province of Ontario on March, 14th. The boy was brought up by mother only. It is difficult to believe, but to be engaged in singing Justin has begun only some years ago. But since two years it showed interest to musical instruments, in particular – shock. In the childhood of Biber practised music. So for today in the biography Justin Bieber plays a guitar, shock, keyboard, drums.

  3. Justin Bieber takes a great interest also in sports besides music, such kinds of sports, as hockey, basketball, football, a golf.

  4. He visited the Comprehensive school of Avon, the Bedforsky Comprehensive school and the Central Comprehensive school. Justin is recognised by one of the most talented children in the USA. And all over the world it names "Teen singing sensation" Biber was12 years when it has got for the first time on local competition of executors of songs. Professional singing career has begun, when the roller with its execution has got on YouTube — soon it has been open by manager Dimoj Kozubom. It has transported the boy to Atlanta, Georgia where that has got acquainted with Asherom.

  5. Inspite of the fact that Justin Timberlejk wished to act with the teenager, last was chosen by Ashera.

  6. Justin knows the French language • Lefthander • Can solve completely "Cube-rubik" less than for 2 minutes

  7. Will play a role in a film "School girls" with Nika Kennona • Says that he does not like school • As speak, from time to time suffers from a migraine because of all its hard work

  8. Justins has a dog,Sam • The best friend is Rajan Butler, has acted in film in Justin's clip «One Time» • He says that algebra is the favourite subject

  9. Justin Bieber - One Time

  10. The end To be continued…