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All you need is a trusted North East India travel operator who understands your specific needs and requirements, not to mention some additional travel quirks! This is where Purvi Discovery scores over others in the market: we stitch tours exclusively for you, even when you are a part of a group. All our tours are tailor-made to suit the requirements of travellers with diverse interests and we are sensitive to the needs of the senior guests as well as those who are not so senior. All-women groups will be very comfortable travelling with us. They will, among other things, be escorted by a girl from the local community who will understand their needs and will help them at every step.<br><br>To get more details kindly visit : https://www.purvidiscovery.com/

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North East India Travel Operator | Purvi Discovery

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  1. ABOUT US We are a boutique tour operating company, based in the Camellia town of Dibrugarh, Assam. The name Camellia is from the flower of the tea plant species. It all began in 2000 with the idea of promoting 'tea tourism' in Upper Assam. Since then we have graduated to covering the entire north-eastern region of the country, with our prime focus on Assam. All our tours are tailor made to suit the requirements of our guests and we are dedicated to provide to them a unique destination experience, while ensuring that they return home with a sense of belonging to the place and kinship with the people of the areas visited by them. We are pioneers in converting our tea plantation bungalows, which are boutique properties with 03-04 rooms, as places for guests to stay while they are in Dibrugarh and Tinsukia (www.purvidiscovery.com/hotels). As a company, we strongly believe in responsible tourism and have always kept in mind the importance of meaningful community participation, engagement and giving back. Our guests can visit local communities, engage with local people, enjoy local cuisines and experience different lifestyles, traditions, cultures and contexts. Moreover, during their stay in one of our tea-plantations in Assam, our guests can also chose to volunteer for and spend time with the children of a tea plantation primary school. We believe that a few hours a day of reading together, singing songs, dancing and playing sports with people from around the globe, can add immense value and open windows to the world for our children in the plantations, who are otherwise cut off from the rest of the world and are limited by deprivation and marginalisation.

  2. Mishmi Retreat: The Ideal Hotel In The Heart Of Assam How would you like to live in a wooden hut, fitted with the bare necessities of modern lifestyle, right in the middle of a place surrounded by hills? That is what you get at Mishmi Retreat, one of the most famous hotels of Purvi Discovery. The name Mishmi comes from the name of the surrounding hills, Mishmi. The Mishmi Retreat, the conglomerate of 4 wooden huts, is the property developed and maintained by our team, with local support in the form of manpower and logistics. Located right in the heart of the Eastern Himalayas, at this property you will get the best of North East India. To take you through the basics of this ecstatic residence, there are 4 huts, each with a little space for a sit-out. If you don’t feel like venturing out on someday, you can simply put your feet up and relax in this area, overlooking the beautiful Mishmi hills. The washroom is a separate area, made of concrete. To ensure that you don’t feel inconvenience in this architectural setup, the washrooms are fitted with modern amenities.Hot water is provided only in buckets. Logistical issues, along with inconsistent power backup, make it difficult for geysers to be installed. The residential rooms themselves are particularly cozy, inviting and comfortable, especially after an adventurous day hunting for the right visual landscape around you. There are mosquito nets in every room to keep you protected from vector-borne diseases. You will surely fall in love with the decor, made of wood and cane. In the central dining space, there’s an imitation of the fireplaces found in Mishmi homes.

  3. This kind of decor and conceptualization opens up the lifestyle of the people living around you as you stay at Mishmi Retreat. When you come to Assam to explore the North East, you must stay at Mishmi. It gives you a perspective of what local life is, and how tradition has dictated the lives of the people here especially if you are fond of the rural lifestyle. You can even live their life partially in the few days that you stay here, an experience that will stay with you for the rest of the years. Instead of opting for hotel rooms that all look the same, you can stay with Purvi Discovery for a different, enriching experience. State Of The Rising Sun: Arunachal Pradesh Among the states in the North East, Arunachal Pradesh lies at the eastern end of the political boundary of India. You can say that this is the state of the country that greets the rising sun before anyone else! As is the geographical location, this state shares boundaries with three countries, namely Myanmar, Bhutan and China. There is simmering tension along the border with China once in a while but that has not dented the state’s reputation as a prime tourist attraction for tourists coming in from Europe and USA, and globally in general.

  4. Among the tourist destinations that are unique to Arunachal Pradesh, you have to name the Parashuran Kund. This is a holy place here, located in the lower shores of the Lohit river. Kund means a pond or a lake and Parashuram is another name for Lord Shiva, a Hindu God. Devotees across the world visit the Parashuram Kund during the Indian Harvest Festival or the Makar Sankranti. The scenic beauty of the place, coupled with the wonderful natural ambiance of it, makes it a must-visit on a tourist’s map of Arunachal Pradesh. The Namdapha National Park, a tiger reserve, holds a pride of place in the world as one of the last remaining evergreen forests. It is perched between the Patkai Mountains, a range bringing up the eastern flank of the Himalayas and the country of Myanmar. Two rivers, Namdapha and Noa-dihing, supply the water to this tiger reserve, along with several small streams. The diversity of the flora and fauna in this place is quite staggering, inviting the academic and tourism interests of people globally. This is also home to tribes like Tangsa, Lisu and Singpho. Next up is Pasighat, situated on the banks of the Siang river, a tributary of the humongous river Brahmaputra. You will get a view of the snow-capped Himalayan mountains from this place, along with a rich and diverse flora and fauna. The diversity of the land attracts the attention of explorers and adventure lovers. As is the case with other destinations in the North East, Pasighat is also home to tribals who are as part of the landscape and the beauty of the place as the scenic Himalayas. Arunachal Pradesh is a beautiful place for a relaxing and invigorating time. A Chowkidinghee, Assam Tea Lover’s Heaven At At the center of Dibrugarh district in Assam, there’s a place called Chowkidinghee, probably named after a brave and popular tribal leader by the name of Chowkidinghee Gohain. Over the ages and decades, the place has acquired the name of Chowkidinghee in a sort of merging of local dialects with the language spoken by the tea garden owners and plantation workers, usually British in origin and descent. By the very name of the place, you can get a measure of the world we are talking about here!

  5. Welcome to the very heartland of the tea garden sector in Assam, probably the most prolific producer of excellent quality tea that is exported globally. Purvi Discovery has bought and renovated the properties that were previously owned and maintained by tea owners and companies dating back to the British occupation of India. Keeping the essence and the feel of the place intact, we have developed the properties to convert them into hotels and bungalows for tourists coming in from Europe and USA. There used to be something called the Chowkidinghee Tea Estate some decades ago. The building or structure originally inhabiting this place has truly faced the ravages of time, including some deadly floods that washed away miles of Dibrugarh territory. You can witness its struggle to stand erect by dents suffered by the original iron beam pillars that hold up the bungalow. When you book hotel rooms with Purvi Discovery, or the bungalow in entirety, you will live in a place that is awashed with the aroma of freshly cut tea leaves wafting in from the tea gardens and factories lying around. This is living in the midst of a tea lover’s heaven! The bungalow at Chowkidinghee has verandahs that are attached to the rooms. You can sit out in the balmy evenings while you enjoy the ambiance, with a cup of freshly brewed Assam tea. Tourists coming in after living busy urban lives seldom want to go back after staying for a night or two here at Chowkidinghee! It’s almost like a parallel universe to the otherwise urban existence that you find the world over. Once you visit and stay, this unique experience opens up to you. Book hotels and bungalows with Purvi Discovery and cherish that experience.

  6. Discover The Abode Of Clouds With Purvi Discovery One of the more important tourist destinations in the North East of India is the small state of Meghalaya. Through the political boundaries of the state are not that expansive, its unique position on the tourist map of the country cannot be ignored. Meghalaya, meaning the Abode of Clouds, is famous for its waterfalls and caves. These dot the entire state, with other diverse tourist attractions like the Living Root Bridge or the Cleanest Village in India, Mawlynnong. The capital city of Meghalaya is Shillong. It still bears the remnants of a bygone era, with its beautiful churches and official buildings. The market place is throbbing with activity and you will find commercial products that define how modern civilization has made inroads into this faraway place. There are major tourist attractions in Sikkim, like the Elephant Falls. It is a tiered waterfall that looks beautiful just after the monsoon season comes to an end, or right after a night of rainfall. There are caves as well that you can visit. A chief attraction for tourists visiting Meghalaya is Cherrapunjee, or Sohra, as the locals like to call the place. The name sounds familiar to you because Cherrapunjee records the highest rainfall in the world, especially a place called Mawsynram. You will find several waterfalls in the Cherrapunjee area, like the Seven Sister Falls. You

  7. can also visit an exotic world of underground caves in Mausmai Caves. There are electrical lights fitted to help you walk around in the otherwise dark, damp cave. You might find a bat or two flying towards you as you walk around! It certainly feels quite eerie down there. The Living Root Bridge at Mawlynnong is another tourist spot. The bridge is made up of two roots hinged together over centuries. You can walk on the bridge and see for yourself how intricately the two roots are enjoined. Mawlynnong also happens to be the cleanest village in India, a distinction it has earned entirely due to the hard work of the villagers. The roads are quaint and beautifully painted here and there. The homes and the areas adjoined look well-swept and laboriously maintained. You will love the peace and the quiet. Add to this the beautiful weather and clouds gathering even on the driveway and you have every reason to visit Meghalaya this holiday season. Heritage Tea Rides In The Gardens Of Assam You must have seen in some movie or the other how a tea planter would travel through the winding paths of a terraced tea garden on a horse. It presented such an idyllic picture that you were instantly drawn to the image and very much wanted to set a destination for yourself at some point of your life. At the very least, you wanted to take that trip through a tea garden of this part of north east-India on horseback. Now, with the Heritage Tea Ridespackages of Purvi Discovery, you can actually do that through the reputed tea estates of Assam!

  8. Purvi Discovery have a tour package of 9 nights and 10 days that will take you through the tea gardens of this part of North east India, and much more. The mighty river Brahmaputra snakes through the state of Assam before plunging straight into Bangladesh. Other than the monsoon season, when the Brahmaputra transforms into a scary avatar, you can course through the banks of the river on horseback.There are several tea gardens bordering the banks of this river, along with rural settlements and grasslands. You can take a lazy stroll through these scenic spots on our tea ride package. You can even enjoy lunch on a tree house! If you are feeling a little concerned about the laidback nature of this package, how about some kayaking on this very river? Yes, you can voyage on our Dibrugarh- Rukmini cruise segment. Here, you can take a river cruise that drops you to an island. Have your lunch there and if you are up for the adventurous tour, indulge in some kayaking before returning back to the mainland hotel for the night. Next up is the Dibrugarh-Greenwood trail, another walk through the tea gardens in Dibrugarh. As for the tea gardens in Dibrugarh, they are miniature tourist spots in themselves. You have something like the Jalannagar Tea Estate which has been around for decades. Here you will come into close contact with tea plantations that are responsible for the best quality CTC leaves. You will love to know the intricate details of tea plantation from the very experienced personnel who handle these plantations.

  9. They merge traditional knowledge with modern innovations to produce the best quality tea, renowned all over the world. When you take this Heritage Tea Walk, you will take back cherished memories. Feel The Heartbeat Of Tribal Life Of Nagaland A tourist spot isn’t just about scenic landscapes and beautiful landmarks. It is also about the people who live there. It is about a certain way of life that may be alien to yours. The more you dig deeper into remote locations of the world, the more likely you are to unearth a world that is far removed from yours. Tourists from USA and Europe want to visit North East India for this very reason and love to live the virtual tribal life of Nagaland. Cocooned as this world is by the Himalayas and a rough terrain, they are somewhat caught in a time warp. A visit to Nagaland opens up this world for you. Home to more than 15 tribes, this land is as peculiar as it is exquisite. You will find this state a small dot on the map of India. Yet, you visit this place and find it an amalgamation of everything that is aesthetic in the world. The very different ways of life that people lead here is itself fascinating to experience. Different cultures, cuisines and convictions exist side by side on a daily roller coaster of a ride. Bordered by other North East states, Nagaland

  10. is where you will find something for adventure seekers as well as for people who would want to sleep in the lap of the nature and surrender themselves to north eastern destination. Kohima is the capital city of Nagaland and by far its most developed area. Even so, you will find the place to be outlined with quaint cemeteries and churches and chapels. The official language of the state is English so you will seldom find it difficult to communicate with the locals living in Kohima. There are state museums to showcase the thriving tribal life of the people, with their handicrafts, models of their huts and even replicas of their traditional tribal weapons. Take a bit of a ride outside the city limits of Kohima and you will find yourself in green mountain tops and valleys. If you want to explore tribal life, head straight for the village of Mon. You will find tribals with oriental tattoos on their faces, turning up in traditional costumes, usually warlike. Wood carvings are their speciality and you can carry mementos home that you can place on your mantelpiece. Nagaland is a place for people who want to experience life more than landmarks. Experience The Charm Of Tea Garden Bungalows In Assam Have you stayed in a bungalow adjacent to a tea garden in Assam? If your answer is no, you have missed on one of the majestic and royal experiences ever! Tea lovers, and tea enthusiasts, all over the globe are charmed and lured by the romance of tea garden bungalows. Originally built by tea plantation owners, these bungalows have their unique charm and visual appeal. Tea garden bungalowsin Assam are no different. Each has their own individuality and once you have stayed in one, you would give just about anything to revisit and stay in another.

  11. Let’s talk a little about what makes these tea garden bungalows so unique. For starters, these bungalows were built by plantation owners and managerial staff working on behalf of British tea garden owners. Because most of them could not personally visit the location and comment on the architecture and designing, the decisions of the construction and blueprints were left to the commanding officers. The bungalows in Assam throw up an eclectic mix of architectural designing as a result of this liberty. There is an odd mishmash of styles, combining disparate elements into the bungalows which made sure that not one of them looked like another! It’s a question of great joy and excitement to stay in one of them during a vacation. It’s quite easy as well to book tea garden bungalows in Assam, thanks to Purvi Discovery. You can also book hotels in the vicinity of tea gardens, with the same kind of charm and unique ambience. As is obvious, these tea gardens were laid and maintained for decades. The older constructions were razed and the modern buildings went up with all the trappings of modern luxury and amenities. Yet, the bungalows of Purvi Discovery have not failed to maintain their unique charm and ambience, the original factor that pulled tourists from all over the world, especially Europe and America. There are packages that will

  12. cover your stay at these hotels and bungalows, along with tours taking you to the heart of the tea garden countryside. Words will not be enough to describe the charm of tea garden hotels and bungalows in Assam. You need to visit once, more so during the peak seasons. What To Expect In Purvi Hotels In Assam Once you have decided to visit the North East, specifically Assam, you need to book hotels that give you an opportunity to stay right at the heart of this place. As you know, Assam is defined largely by the expansive tea gardens that dot this Indian state. In tourist destinations like Tinsukia and Dibrugarh, tea garden tourism is the prime attraction for tourists coming from faraway places like the USA and European countries. The hotels of Purvi Discovery have that centrality of location that gives you the chance to live right in the lap of these tea gardens. Some of the properties owned by Purvi Discovery were bought from tea estates dating back to the British occupation of India. Several of the erstwhile tea estate companies of the British Raj decided to sell their establishments after the Indian independence. Purvi Discovery has acquired these properties, some dating back to the 1970s. After procuring them from the tea estates, we have worked on building up these bungalows and hotels with the trappings of modern luxury, yet retaining their deep connection with its roots. For example, our bungalow at the Mancotta Tea Estate does not have any iron nails on the flooring! In its entirety, the flooring is done by wooden nails designed and built by Chinese artisans. It stands on stilts, locally known as ‘chang ghars’. The bungalows were initially designed for the residence of tea estate owners and managers. So, there is provision for every required to live in the place, with

  13. impeccable drainage systems, all developed with traditional knowledge unique to this geographical location. We have only updated the old structures to accommodate it for modern living. Staying at our hotels and bungalows like the one at the Mancotta tea estate will give you a unique insight into the life at a tea garden, an obsession for many tea lovers across the world. The romance of tea gardens is among the most endearing obsessions. You can actually experience what you have read about in books about tea gardens in Assam by staying at our hotels here. These establishments have all the requirements of a modern life, yet rooted as they are in the strong ambience of a tea garden. You should visit this place at least once! Top 3 Reasons To Visit Tea Gardens In Assam For tea lovers all over the globe, they don’t really need a reason to visit the picturesque landscapes of Assam! They have read about the tea gardens dotting this state on the North East of India and the beauty of the gardens expanding over hills and valleys. For people residing in Europe and USA, the tea gardens of Assam have always been a must-go destination. For tea enthusiasts who want to know more about the process of making tea, from the time the tea bushes are planted to the time they are packaged, this trip to the hills of Assam will be very informative.

  14. Other than these obvious reasons, Purvi Discovery gives you 3 top reasons why you should visit the tea plantations of Dibrugarh and Tinsukia in Assam. Firstly, our bungalows and hotels located in this scenic landscapes offer the best view to tourists. If you want to spend some quiet time in the tea garden, you should check out our bungalows and solitary establishments through our website. You will get an idea of what’s in store for you once you visit this beautiful place. We have developed properties that used to be guest houses of tea garden owners and high level staff. So, you can imagine how close they are to actual tea bushes and gardens! Secondly, you should visit the tea gardens here to know the local culture of the people in Assam. The locals who live in and around the tea gardens are a wonderful lot of people! You will love to spend time with them and chat away the time. They have a wealth of information about tea plants and how to grow the best tea bushes. A chat with the locals brings to light their customs and cultures. You can be a part of their folk dances and watch their street theatre. It’s a completely different life that you will cherish when you are there. Thirdly, you should try out the local cuisine. We have bungalows with local cooks who can rustle up and serve local delicacies. These dishes have authentic tastes and are reasons enough to make that trip to Assam. What’s best for people coming in from USA and European countries is that Assam cuisine is not spicy, as it is usually in the rest of the country. There are unique flavours that you will love. Plan your trip to Assam with Purvi Discovery now. What To Expect From Kaziranga Travel Packages Kaziranga National Park is the pride of India in general, and the North East India in particular. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1985 and since then, the craze to visit this national park has topped all expectations. Thousands of tourists come to Assam every year from every corner of the globe, more so from Europe and USA. These tourists come here to watch wildlife in a natural habitat, with many rare and endangered species thriving in this closely monitored ecospace.

  15. There are several Kaziranga travel packages that you will find on a cursory search online. However, you need something that will truly open up the beauty of Kaziranga in all its splendour, making your stay here an experience for a lifetime. Purvi Discovery is a reputed tour operator in North East India which understands that you are visiting Kaziranga National Park to view it in all its uniqueness and exquisiteness. Keeping this in mind, we develop our Bird and Wildlife travel package. We understand that you would like to stay somewhere close to the national park so that you get a real-life feel of the conditions here. Our hotel bookings are done with this single purpose in mind. We will accommodate you in luxurious stays but all close to the natural ambiance of this place. You will not be divorced from urban comforts, yet manage to establish a close connect with the usual lifestyle of the people who live around this world heritage site. Moreover, we arrange for safari tours around the Kaziranga National Park that will help you sight the one-horned rhinoceros, famous all over the world. This prized mammal has its own lifestyle and habitat and it is only when you synchronize your visit with their time to laze and move around that you can actually see one! Of course, this being their natural habitat, sometimes they stray onto the National Highway 37. You might actually see one of them as you drive by in your usual car! Bird watchers will also have a whale of a time here in Kaziranga. Thanks to government initiatives to develop tourism potential for this national park, the natural surroundings of this place have not been disturbed. This is untouched, virgin nature

  16. with deep woods, huge elephant grass and marshy areas. This is a world in itself, something you will savour deeply when you travel with us at Purvi Discovery. Enjoy The Lap Of Nature In Assam With Purvi Discovery The location of your hotel and what ambiance it has around has a lot of bearing on how much you enjoy your stay there. There are hotels right in the heart of the city, with the din and bustle of city life always alive and throbbing around it. On the other end of the spectrum are hotels located in the lap of nature, far away from the milling and teeming crowds of people. These hotels are built to give you a first-hand look and feel of the place. Thanks to its location, there is a deep connect with the local culture and ambiance in these hotels. You can meet local people and talk to them to understand their lifestyle. Our hotels in Dibrugarh and Tinsukia fall into this category. Other than the usual hotel rooms, we have bungalows in Dibrugarh and Tinsukia. The establishments are located right next to tea gardens, famous across the world for its quality tea.

  17. Purvi Discovery has deliberately built properties bungalows in Dibrugarh and Tinsukia because this is where you discover the true beauty of Assam. Assam does not reveal itself in the cities or the supermarkets and buzzing nightlife, which are also essential parts of the place. The real beauty of Assam lies in the tranquil greenery of the tea gardens and the alluring sloping roads taking you up and down the green hillside. The hills of Assam are not towering or snow-capped, as the Himalayan ranges are. Instead, they have a unique beauty of its own, something you won’t find elsewhere. The bungalows and hotels of Purvi Discovery in Assam thrive to keep this special experience of visiting Assam alive through our hospitality. Our staff embodies the friendly and welcoming spirit of the place. During your stay here, you don’t just mesmerize your senses with the natural beauty around you, but also delve deep into the cultural life of the people you find around you. Take a taste of their cuisine, take a look of their handicrafts and strike up a connection that will keep pulling you back to this place, long after you are back to the heat and dust of urban life.

  18. Searching For Hotels In Assam? What Points To Consider? Assam is a beautiful place. It’s obvious that you have heard about the exquisite beauty of this place, judging from your decision to visit this North Eastern state of India. However, no matter how much you hear about Assam from people who have travelled there, or from the internet, or from tour organizers & operators of Assam, nothing quite prepares you to what you actually experience. It’s a trip that you will remember for a long time. To ensure that nothing takes away from your wonderful time here, you should book hotels in Assam before you reach there. This will make your trip smoother and you can make the most of your time there, which would have otherwise been wasted hotel hunting. To help you book Assam hotels, here’s a quick guide on what you should look for! To start with, your hotel should be ideally located. It need not be in the centre of the city, but it should definitely be in a place where you can actually feel the ambiance of Assam. The din and bustle of cities are the same everywhere. You will not experience anything unique if you book a hotel right in the middle of a busy bazaar! Instead, a place to stay in the tea gardens of Assam, like our hotels in Dibrugarh or Tinsukia, will enhance the experience of your stay here. Similarly, when you book hotels, it should be able to able to help you connect with the local culture and cuisine. A five-star accommodation does not mean that the hotel will uproot you from the local flavour, giving you only a synthetic and artificial feel of the place. That defeats the purpose of visiting different places, when all

  19. seems to look and feel like the same one! Instead, our hotels will make sure that you get to soak in the local flavour, complete with food and cultural connections. Finally, the staff of the hotels in Assam can raise your enjoyment quite a few notches with their behaviour and hospitality. This is the highpoint of a stay with us, with our staff doing their best to give you a good time while you are in our hotels. Think Assam, think Purvi Discovery. The Romance Of Tea Gardens In Assam Traditionally speaking, tea gardens are more synonymous with the hill town of Darjeeling in West Bengal. However, the tea gardens in Assam rank higher in terms of production, most of which is exported to the global tea markets. There are a number of tea estates and gardens in Assam, especially in areas like Dibrugarh and Tinsukia. A tour to Assam is futile without basking in the romance of the tea gardens. And as an experienced North East India tour operator, we can assure you that your tour to NE India is incomplete without visiting the tea estates and staying at least one night in a tea garden. Tea gardens have a beauty inherent in them. You may feel that there is nothing worth visiting gardens with evenly pruned tea stalks, greenery all around. That is usually the idea you perceive from photographs. Once you actually step into a tea garden, your experience will be quite different. You will fall in love with the symmetry of the place: nothing is out of place. The tea stalks, the paths, the irrigation system and everything blend together in a beautifully organized frame. This world of order and silence will lure you by its charm.

  20. Book rooms at our Mancotta Heritage Chang Bungalow in Dibrugarh and stay over for a night at least. Visit the nearby Jalan Nagar Tea Estate, or the Khanikar Tea Estate, at a distance of about 15 minutes from the former one. These tea estates have been around for decades. With our Heritage Tea Ride tour package, you will find everything you have read about tea gardens in books and magazines. There are tea pickers with wicker baskets on their backs, smiling and chatting as they work. These workers are often Bangladeshi immigrants who have crossed over to Assam. They are quite friendly and you can learn a lot about the process of cultivating tea from them. The weather, especially during the months of October to April is quite pleasant. You can hang around in the tea gardens till late in the evening. These tea gardens don’t just sell tea, among the best in the world. Some establishments also serve tea and you can sip on it while you soak in the wonderful ambiance of the place. Stay at the Purvi Discovery hotels in Dibrugarh or book a bungalow if you are with friends and extended family. Assam, and the whole of North East in general, has a beguiling pull on people. Once you are there, you will want to return again! Experience the romance of tea gardens while you are there. It will give you memories of a lifetime.

  21. Assam Tour Packages By Purvi Discovery: What You Will See? Assam is one of those rare destinations on the tourist map of India which changes texture and ambiance with the change of seasons. The beauty of Assam that you will find in the main three seasons of the country, winter, summer and monsoon, are quite diverse from each other. The land of beautiful river sceneries and green mountains, coupled with thick romantic jungles full of wildlife, radiate in their unique seasonal colours. However, if you want to soak up the true spirit of Assam, you should book Assam tour packages during winter. The ideal time to visit this state is from the month of October to March. This is when the temperature is within comfortable limits, with the maximum hovering around 25 degrees Celsius and the lower mark not breaching the limit of 8 degrees Celsius. With the sun out during the day, you don’t need heavy woollens but as a traveller from the plains, who are used to hot, dusty weather, it is wise to carry light woollens for the evening and night. Post sunset, the temperature can shoot down drastically. The main attraction of Assam, the Kaziranga National Park, looks beautiful and mesmerizing during winter and spring time. The wildlife shows itself out to enjoy the sunlight and you can find them lurking around here and there. Birds of many rare species can be seen in winter. They are usually migratory in nature and you will not find them when you visit Assam during the summer or the monsoon. Another attraction of booking Assam tour packages in winter is the captivating views of river cruises down the Brahmaputra. The light fog hanging over the river in the early morning accentuates its beauty in a way that cannot be described in words. River cruises will lead you to some island temples like the famous Umananda

  22. Temple. It is during winter that you can make trips to the Kaziranga National Orchid and Biodiversity Park, a site where you will find flowers unique to this region and habitat. Winter is also the season when the Assamese celebrate their largest festival, Bihu. Other festivals like the Rongali and the Elephant Festival are also celebrated during winter. So, you don’t just get to savour the sights and sounds of the place, but also engage with it culturally. That is why visiting Assam in winter is a win-win for all. Tawang – Place Of Natural Beauty And History Of North East India Tawang is a beautiful place located in Arunachal Pradesh. It is also recognized as a perfect holiday destination for tourists visiting North East India. A feast for the eyes, the entire area of Tawang is encircled by hills and valleys. It gives a gorgeous view and is an ideal place for nature lovers. Ways to reach Tawang: If anybody wishes to visit this place, the best option is to contact the travel operators conducting NE India tours and avail their tour plans. They are perfect and provide the full package. Indian citizens need Inner Line Permits to visit Arunachal Pradesh. However, there are two types of permits – one is the Inner Line Permits and the other is Protected Area Permit. The first is required only by the Indians while the second is given mainly to the foreigners. What’s Enchanting About Tawang?

  23. Let’s have a glance at some of the best places to be visited in Tawang: •It needs two or three days to have a full view of the place. Although the place is quite small, there are numerous monasteries and other things to explore. •Tawang Monastery is a very renowned place. It is described as the second largest Monastery in Asia. The monastery is a three storied building. It also comprises a statue of Lord Buddha that measures about 28 feet. It is an interesting site to see. People from various corners of the world come to see this. •Tawang War Memorial, Jaswant Garh, Nuranang Falls, Urgelling Gompa, Eagle Nest Wildlife Sanctuary, Nagula Lake, Handicrafts Centre etc. are some of the best attractions of Tawang. The best time to visit Tawang: As it is a hilly area, it is better to avoid this place during rainy season. The best time to visit this place is May. During this time, the entire place looks amazing. Different types of seasonal flowers bloom and the place looks like a heaven. The temperature remains quite pleasant and favourable for the tourists. Historical background of the place: The place has a strong historical background. Tawang is symbolised as the birthplace of the sixth Dalai Lama. It is also a perfect destination for the followers of Mahayana Buddhism. So why waiting for more? Pack your bag and start to explore North East India with Purvi Discovery.

  24. Namdapha National Park – A Biodiversity Hotspot In North East India If you are a nature lover, then you should visit Namdapha National Park which is located in the north-eastern part of Arunachal Pradesh. This park is considered as the largest and the most protected area in India. It is also a very favourite spot for the travellers. Location of the park: The Park is located almost near the border of Myanmar. It covers a huge area with a wide altitudinal range between 200 mt and 4571 mt above the sea level. The Indian Tourism Packagesprovide good tour offers to visit this park. Complete details of the park: The Namdapha National Park is indeed a very recognized park which is located between Patkai range and Dapha bum range of Mishmi Hills. The park covers an area of 1807.82 square kilometer. Our Arunachal Pradesh Tourism package provide lucrative offers on visit to this park. Now let’s have a glance at the entry fees of this park: •Rs. 10/- per person is charged as an entry fee for Indians. •Rs. 50/- per person is charged as an entry for foreigners. •Rs. 100/- is charged for vehicles as an entry fee. •Rs. 75/- is charged for cameras.

  25. •Rs. 750/- is charged if anybody is carrying video camera. Perfect time to visit the park: If you are really willing to visit this park, then the best time will be from November to March. It is better to avoid visit during rainy season as sometimes the situations become worse resulting in landslides. The rainy season commences from June and continues till October. Why is this park termed as biodiversity hotspot? – As we all know, this park is the largest protected area in India. Apart from all, this park is considered as a great home for different species of flora and fauna. The park also permits camping within its boundaries. If you have a passion for bird-watching, then this park can be the perfect destination. Besides this, some of our North east India Travel Packages provide attractive offers on visit to this park. The park is a habitat for a wide variety of animal species like capped langurs, red giant flying squirrels, wild boars, musk deer, snow leopards etc. Hence, it can be well said that a short trip to this park will enhance your love for nature to a great extent! Top 5 Places To Visit In Tripura Tripurais certainly one of the finest North East India travel destinations for a holiday. There are innumerable places to visit. Most importantly, there are many North East India Tourism packagesthat can impress you with the best picks among all the alluring locations in Tripura. If you try your hand with us, as a reputed Northeast India tour organizer, we can assure you five best destinations that we have in our packages and you will surely love to visit them. We promise you an unforgettable memory to cherish forever!

  26. Top picks in Tripura •Ujjyanta Palace – The Ujjyanta Palace is formerly a royal palace of the Tripura, situated in the state of Agartala. This exotic palace has several Hindu temples dedicated to the deities, Lakshmi Narayan, Uma-Maheshwara, Kali and Jagannath. It also has a huge library. The place catches attention because of its grandeur. •Neermahal – This is one among top eye-catching North East India travel destinations. It stands in the middle of the Rudrasagar Lake and this architectural beauty rightly derives its name which means Water Palace. The surrounding lawns and flower beds add to the beauty of the place. The light and sound show is held here every evening. •Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary – This is a must visit spot. This is always included in our North East India Travel Plans. This place is not just a wildlife sanctuary but also an academic and research centre. Various lakes are present within the sanctuary, where boating facility is available. •Chittangong Hills – This is absolutely breathtaking and picturesque in its appearance. The hills comprise mini mountains with multiple valleys and a small canyon, with 7 rivers meandering across the valleys. •Gondacherra Wildlife Sanctuary – This should also not be given a miss. This enchanting sanctuary has maintained an untainted habitat for the multiple species of flora and fauna found here. Different species of mammals and migrating birds can be seen here. Tripura as a small state has a rich culture and history. The place is also known for tourism and there are many tourist attractions to visit in Tripura. Most of the noted North East travel destinations are located in Agartala and they all are absolutely a delight to visit. The destinations mentioned above should not be given a miss for their enthralling essence.

  27. Manipur – The Must Visit Place In Your North-East India Travel Plans North East India will always remain unmatched in terms of its natural beauty, culture, unique cuisine and rich heritage. With Imphal as capital, Manipur should be included in your North-East India travel plans. Waterfalls, Lakes and Floating Islands •The Loktak Lake, the largest freshwater lake in Northeast India is located a few kilometers from Imphal. It is the main attraction for all tourists visiting Manipur. •In the district of Bishnupur, one can find unique floating islands made of seaweed and other marine plants. It is one of its kind and a North East India tour organizer must include this place in their tour packages. The Sendra Tourist Home situated on one such floating islands which has become a tourist favourite of late. •Sadu chiru waterfall in sadar hill area is gorgeous and breathtaking. It is at a height of 98ft and consists of three simultaneous falls. Hills and valleys •Kaina, a sacred place for Manipuri Hindus is a hillock situated 921 meters above the sea level. The temple situated here is of Shri Govindajee and considered to be a holy pilgrim site. •The Dzükou Valley is covered with exceptionally beautiful Dzükou Lily.

  28. Ecotourism The wildlife of Manipur is exclusive as it is home to a variety of species that are not found anywhere else in India. The famous Keibul Lamjao National Park is home to various animals including the endangered species of brow antlered deer. It is also home to many other endangered species and is the only floating National Park in the world. Heritage sites The Kangla Fort is a historical site to visit, as it is a symbol of respect and remembrance of all previous rulers. The fort holds a special place in the hearts of the natives. The Khongjom War Memorial stands in memory of all brave Manipuri soldiers who lost their lives in the war against the British. These heritage sites show tourists the struggle and victory of Manipur and help one to take in their rich culture. We at Purvi Discovery, provide the best and most affordable North East India tours. Manipur is also one of our top destinations as we mainly focus to bring forth the beauty of North-East India to both native as well as foreign travellers.

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