custom mobile app development enterprise resource n.
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Custom Mobile app development Enterprise Resource Planning system in Android PowerPoint Presentation
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Custom Mobile app development Enterprise Resource Planning system in Android

Custom Mobile app development Enterprise Resource Planning system in Android

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Custom Mobile app development Enterprise Resource Planning system in Android

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  1. Custom Mobile app development Enterprise Resource Planning system in Android Date: 02-28-2017 05:08 PM CET Category: IT, New Media & Software Press release from: TatvaSoft Australia Pty Ltd. The client requiring an Android app development system belongs to the Finance and Retail industry. The client is located in the Middle East and a leading Software-as-a-Service provider mainly involved in developing programs for industrial businesses, resource plans and focuses on keeping pace with the fast developments in the internet, telecommunications and cloud computing. The aim is to efficiently raise business management in the Middle East via a sophisticated software that’s designed specially to serve both the decision maker and the local user. The client wished to have Android programming for their current web-based ERP solution. The main concern is to create an app for approval of some documents. Mobile Enterprise Resource Planning has a huge range of objectives and goals, some of them include: - Generation of different reports, including customer balance, account balance, fixed asset balance and others - Ability to approve documents that are pending - Arabic language support to help local customers to browse through all the features available on the app easily The mobile development service provider fulfilled the aim of the client by the development of the Mobile ERP solution application that would help users’ access different business services of the company via their mobile devices. The app offer several features, such as: LOGIN: A user could log in using already registered username and password. If a user is not registered, he or she could register before logging in. SPLASH SCREEN: User gives the screen when the app is opened. The screen has a logo image. Seite 1 / 2

  2. HOME SCREEN: Business activities list will be shown. A user could navigate to the activity required from the screen. DOCUMENTS LIST SCREEN: Shows the type of document, the number, issue data and documents status of the logged in user. APPROVAL LIST SCREEN: This shows the list of document, together with approve/disapprove button for a user to approve or disapprove. INVENTORY LIST SCREEN: Shows list of inventories that are filtered on the basis of code item, quantity unit and warehouse. AUDIT REPORT: A user, based on filters could search for audit trail report. The result would display all audits that satisfy the search criteria, with their time, data, username and operations done. ACCOUNT BALANCE SCREEN: It is based on filter criteria, a list of account balance with time, credit and debit display. CRM SCREEN: A user could browse tickets’ details and know the status of each. EMPLOYEE SALES: List that contains sales detail of a particular employee for a certain year. POS REGISTER SCREEN: The screen shows information of POS register request wherein the user could br5owse details such as email address, machine code, status and others. The tools and technologies used include Android OS 2.3+, SQLite, Android mobiles, Eclipse and Java. TatvaSoft Australia Pty Ltd is a leading Software Development Company, with offices in Melbourne & Sydney. With 16 years of experience across multiple technologies & industries, TatvaSoft is well placed to deliver custom software, web & mobile app development services. TatvaSoft expertise in Mobile Apps, Microsoft .NET, Java, PHP, Biztalk, Open Source, SharePoint, and BI. Level 23, HWT Tower 40 City Road, Southbank Melbourne, VIC 3006 You can find this press release here Seite 2 / 2