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DDS Services

DDS Services. Who we serve, Eligibility & service structure. Mission statement.

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DDS Services

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  1. DDS Services Who we serve, Eligibility & service structure

  2. Mission statement The Department is creating, in partnership with others, innovative and genuine opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities* to participate fully and meaningfully in, and contribute to, their communities as valued members. * We are now serving individuals with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Prader-Willi and Smith-Magenis Syndromes (and who do not have an intellectual disability), Acquired Brain Injury (ABI), and other waiver-eligible individuals.

  3. Whodoes DDS serve?

  4. Children Birth – 21 Years of Age; • Is domiciled in Massachusetts; and, • Has intellectual disability* or a closely related developmental condition, or a developmental delay if under the age of 5; and, • Demonstrates severe functional impairments as defined in DDS regulations, 115 CMR 2.01. • *Intellectual disability is synonymous in definition with mental retardation.

  5. 22 Years of Age & Older; • Is domiciled in Massachusetts, which generally means residing and intending to remain in Massachusetts permanently or for an indefinite period; and, • Has intellectual disability* as defined in DDS regulations, 115 CMR 2.00 Definitions (eff. Dec 2012) • *Intellectual disability is synonymous in definition with mental retardation.

  6. Closely Related Developmental Conditions means genetic, neuro-developmental or physical disorders that have a significant overlap with intellectual disability, and result in similar support needs. • For the purposes of 115 CMR 6.06: Child Eligibility for Family Supports(1), closely related developmental conditions may include: • Williams Syndrome; • Prader-Willi Syndrome; • Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome; • Angelman Syndrome; • Cri du Chat Syndrome; • Down Syndrome; • Fragile X Syndrome; • Cerebral Palsy; • Pervasive Developmental Disorders, including the following specified autism spectrum disorders: Autistic Disorder, Rett’s Syndrome, Childhood Disintergrative Disorder and Pervasive Developmental Disorder – not Otherwise Specified (NOS); • Spina Bifida (Myelomeningocele type MMC)); • Tuberous Sclerosis; • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome; or • Any other developmental disorder that the Department determines to be a closely-related developmental condition.

  7. Specialty populations • Served by DDS Through 2 Residential Waivers • ABI-RH Waiver:Acquired Brain Injury – Individuals 22 and older with an Acquired Brain Injury who need service in a provider-operated residence that has supervision & staffing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week • MFP-RS Waiver:Money Follows the Person – Individuals 18 years and older with an Acquired Brain Injury or other impairment who need service in a provider –operated residence that has supervision & staffing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  8. DDS Organization & service structure

  9. *ABI-MFP Teams work out of the Regional Offices.

  10. DDS Adult Service options (Based on Assessed and funding availability)

  11. DdsADUlt Service options • Individual Supports: • Enables individuals to live as independently as possible in the community include; • help with food • shopping, • cooking, • banking, • and housekeeping. • Residential Services: • 24/7 Residential Home • Shared Living – also referred to as Placement Supports

  12. DdsADUlt Service options • Community Day Supports • Helps individuals to build and maintain their ability to participate in community activities by focusing on: • communication, • self-care, • relationship building • and community involvement. • Employment Supports: • Employment Supports provide supervision, training, and/or transportation that enable individuals to get paid jobs. • Supported Employment • Competitive • Employment • Group Supported • Employment

  13. ABI-MFPEligibility criteria

  14. ABI Eligibility Criteria • Applicant Must: • Be a MassHealth member or eligible for MassHealth Standard once in the community (based on special waiver financial rules); • Have sustained an ABI at the age of 22 or older; • Be currently residing in a nursing facility, chronic disease or rehabilitation hospital for at least 90 days when applying for the waiver; • Have expected annual care costs that do not exceed the individual cost limit for the waiver to which they applied; • Be in need of waiver services, and able to be safely served in the community with the services available in the waiver. • Additionally, there must be open slots in the waiver.

  15. MFP Eligibility Criteria • Applicant Must: • Be living in a nursing home or long-stay hospital for at least 90 consecutive days, excluding Medicare rehabilitation days; • Be 18 years old or older & have a disability, or be 65+ years of age; • Meet the clinical requirements for & be in need of MFP waiver services; • Be able to be safely served in the community within the terms of the MFP waivers; • Meet the financial requirements to qualify for MassHealth – special financial rules exist for waiver participants; Additionally, there must be open slots in the waiver.

  16. Criteria for both ABI & MFP Homes • Transition to an MFP-qualified residence in the community. A qualified residence includes: • a home owned or leased by the applicant or family member • an apartment with an individual lease or a community-based residential setting in which no more than 4 unrelated individuals reside; or • an assisted-living residence that has an apartment with separate living, sleeping, bathing and cooking areas, lockable entrance & exit doors, and meets other criteria.

  17. How to apply fordds &abi-mfp services

  18. How to apply for dds services • If you meet the criteria for Birth – 5 Years of Age • Child – 21 Years of Age • Adult – 22+ Years of Age • Contact your Regional Intake & Eligibility Team • for an Eligibility Application. • For a list of Regional Eligibility Teams, go • Online to: •

  19. How to apply for acquired brain injury (ABI) & Money follows the person MFP waivers • DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION FORM(S) • •

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