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ASPE Awards PowerPoint Presentation
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ASPE Awards

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ASPE Awards

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ASPE Awards

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  1. ASPE Awards A Spotlight on Your Chapter and Members

  2. How to Prepare for Your Chapter’s Award Submittal

  3. Planning Steps In Planning • First Step: Appoint a Chapter Awards and Recognition Committee • Second Step: Develop a time schedule based on the Awards Guidelines • Third Step: Documentation of your chapter activities. Chapters can begin on a modest scale and gradually expand their awards program into a more comprehensive one.

  4. Doing Assembly Guidelines • Know the Deadlines / Year Dates • Plan your Intent to Submit Form Response • Each Award has it’s own submittal form and score sheet – Determine who is responsible for assembly. • Understand the procedure of Electronic Submittals – Sharefile Uploads • Continuous PDF file of submittal required • Jpegs for Awards Dinner Powerpoint Presentation. • Excel version of Score Sheet The purpose of the Awards Program is for Chapters to plan, track, and earn recognition for activities over the course of the membership year. The assembly of a submittal is not for last minute efforts.

  5. Intent to Submit form allows chapters and individuals who are submitting an ASPE award application to indicate their intent to do so. This form is to be completed and submitted to the Society Business Office by March 15th of the award year. Your “Request for File” emails will indicate each of the awards indicated on the intent form. Sample Form

  6. Submitting How to Submit your Awards • System Requirements • Documentation throughout the year can be in their supplied format e.g. Word, Excel, Jpeg or in PDF • To convert documents to PDF, you will need Adobe Acrobat or some other PDF conversion program i.e. PDF Cloud or Cute PDF available for free. • To use the online forms you will need an internet connection and browser. Electronically submitting documents to the Awards Committee is intended to assist chapters by providing the following benefits: Improve efficiencies – electronic copies are available immediately after they are submitted Improve ability to track document processing (on time submittals) Reduce cost for the chapters (no mail cost or travel time)

  7. “Request for File” • Uploading Files to Sharefile. You will receive an email for each award submittal that you indicated on your “intent to submit” form. The “Note” on each email will indicate the award application name that is being requested. The link to upload files will be presented in the email. You will be presented with 5 individual upload boxes. You can only select one file for each upload box. Each award should be a single continuous PDF file. The other boxes can be used for Score Sheets in excel and Jpegs. You do not need to be a ShareFile user in order to respond to a “request for file” email or to upload your document.

  8. Uploading a Single File To upload your award application: • Click the link in your email notification • Click the “Browse” button and select the award category PDF, Excel, Jpeg files from your computer • Click the “Upload” button • You will see a screen that displays the progress of the upload • After the upload is complete, you will see a confirmation screen. • If the confirmation screen does not appear, you will need to begin at number 1 above and try again.

  9. Following are Screen Shots which should demonstrate the process.

  10. “Request for File” Email Indicates the award application being requested. Indicates the award application being requested by this email. Link to ShareFile Upload site

  11. Browse button to select the file from your computer to be uploaded.

  12. Selected File Once file is selected, click the “Upload Files” button

  13. Indicates that the file uploaded and will be received by the Society Business Office.

  14. Society Business Office is notified via email of the uploaded file.

  15. Resources Resource 1: CutePDF Professional is an easy-to-use Windows software that enables you to get advanced control over PDF document output. Easily add comments, security, stamps, headers and footers, create interactive form fields, create booklets or n-Up pages, combine files, rearrange pages, and much more! CutePDF not only simplifies your business document processing and publishing, but also saves ink, paper and time by controlling and enhancing printed output. New Pro Version 3.7 Released - Free Upgrade! Special introductory price! - $49.95

  16. Resources • Resource 2: • EasyPDF Cloud by BCL – Has Online Tutorial • Create PDF • Simplifies document sharing by converting any document into PDF • Convert PDF to Word • Allows you to open and manipulate PDF documents in MSWord • Merge PDF • Allows you to combine multiple PDF documents into a single PDF for easy distribution • Easily Create and Combine Documents FREE Sign Up Online (limited to 10 docs at a time) or Purchase the software for $49.00

  17. Screen Shot Works with Dropbox

  18. Resources • Adobe Acrobat Professional for PC • Price ranges from $119 - $189 online.

  19. Awards Survey We asked 9 questions pertaining to the Awards Program and Submittal processes to all Chapter Presidents and Submitters listed on the “Intent to Submit Forms”. Results were tabulated by FluidSurveys. 50% response rate

  20. 1: Did your chapter receive timely information requesting the “Intent to Submit” form?:

  21. 2. In locating the Awards Guidelines Document and the Scoring Spreadsheets on the ASPE Web Site, how would you rate your experience?

  22. 3. If your chapter had submitted an “Intent to Submit” form but did not submit an actual award application in the indicated categories, please provide a short reason as to why? • Did not plan well. • after reviewing the point system decided we didn’t really qualify. • Timing and volunteer availability • There were a couple of issues 1. There is a discrepancy between the score sheet which is the guide that all chapters use to qualify and the critical calendar as to when the awards are due. 2. It is unclear as to who has the responsibility to allow exceptions to any awards submission intentions. I would suggest a better understanding of the procedures and who has the responsibility, this should be communicated to all chapters.

  23. 3. Continued • Substantial change in criteria requirements between last year and this year • We did submit all that we intended to submit • time constraints and manpower • frustrated with the reams of paperwork • change in employment • point system / data required • Our awards committee was late • Determined we were not ready • We did not have enough back up to support our entry • Were short on time & members to complete. • Ran out of time - May 15th is to early • The Chapter did not have enough documentation to complete the award submittal

  24. 3. Continued • Our award chairman kept promising he would submit and at the end he was not reliable. He was relied on for most of the work. If line items in this survey are left out it is due to me not being part of the application process. We will handle this differently this year. • Fundraiser event postponed until June 2013 and did not have time to coordinate submittal for Website with Chapter Webmaster. • Lack of documentation readily available • Unfortunately we did not do a great job in assigning a dedicated person to follow through on this and will make sure we do a better job next year!

  25. 4. Does your chapter have an awards committee to assist with preparing submittals?

  26. 5. Is it meaningful for your chapter to receive award recognition?

  27. 6. Indicate the size of your chapter.

  28. 7. The instructional powerpoint for the award submittal upload was sent with each "Intent to Submit" email notice and the powerpoint was placed on the ASPE web site. Did you view this presentation? 8. If your chapter submitted an award application in at least one award category, please rate the ease of use of the sharefile upload.

  29. 9. The submittal guidelines call for one continuous PDF file. Did this requirement influence whether or not your chapter prepared a submittal? If Yes, explain • Much easier • awkward • not that easy to perform • Need instruction on how to create a continuous PDF. This process is not easy is my understanding. Perhaps the Convention seminar on awards should walk through this Adobe process step by step. • Adobe Acrobat software costs $200; we were able to use a trial 30 day subscription. • have heard from others that they could not submit due to document size