unfold the mysteries of nature with hampta pass n.
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Unfold The Mysteries Of Nature With Hampta Pass Trek PowerPoint Presentation
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Unfold The Mysteries Of Nature With Hampta Pass Trek

Unfold The Mysteries Of Nature With Hampta Pass Trek

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Unfold The Mysteries Of Nature With Hampta Pass Trek

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  1. Unfold The Mysteries Of Nature With Hampta Pass Trek

  2. Campsite en route Hampta Pass The inescapable landscape of Himachal Pradesh has been the greatest hideout for adventurers and tourists. The state is surrounded by untouched snow clad mountains that have been the prime attraction of tourists. The pristine, serene and glorious nature of this place attracts people from the corners of the world. Its beauty not only is a blessing for the eyes but also nurtures your soul and mind which can be cherished forever.

  3. The mesmerizing architecture of the mountains and its synchronization injects a peace in the soul. Well, it is undeniably a location of adventures and one of the most preferred is trekking. With over 200 trekking trails, Himachal Pradesh has become the top tourist spot in India. Some of the famous trekking spots are Sari Trek Pass, Parvati valley trek, Hampta Pass trek, Pin Parvati, Dhauladhar etc. Hampta Pass is a special and unusual lush Himachal, which is located in the lap of the Himalayas. It climbs from the lush valleys of Kullu to high mountains. The entire trail opens away to the land of picturesque beauty of green pastures, glacial valleys, scenic landscapes, and meadows. Trekking is one of the most thrilling experiences, which allows you to view the picturesque beauty of nature. It is definitely a beginner’s paradise. The time you spend in this beautiful location, gifted with the glory of nature, will undeniably leave you in a trance for weeks. The sudden variations in Hampta’s trail, at times, leave you surprised and speechless. The hair-raising crossings make the trekking expedition an unforgettable experience.

  4. Generally, it is a trek that lasts for 4days but most backpackers take one more day to visit the popular Chandrataal which is an alpine lake located nearby Chatru. The major reason that has made Hampta Pass a popular trekking zone is the snow. This is what draws most of the tourists to this place.

  5. The nearest station to this place is Manali and hence the journey starts from Manali itself to Chika crossing Jobri. The entire trek from Jobri is undertaken by walking which comprises the first day. The second day the prime focus is given on BaluKaGhera. Here you will find huge boulders, Rani Nallah and Gendrame on the second day of the tour. On the third day, the destination is Shea Goru via Hampta Pass. While coming across, you will observe jaw-dropping glaciers snows and cornice formation, which are so spectacular, that words fail to define them. The last day of this trek is Chandratal to Manali where you will find the popular Chandratal Lake.

  6. Well, since trekking in this location is never an easy task, therefore, you require carrying safety gears just to keep yourself safe and enjoy the scenic beauty.


  8. First day, the trail stats from Manali – is located 6,726ft above the sea level, towards Jobri. Jobra is at a high altitude of 9,800ft. On the first day of the trek, you can reach upto a height of 10,400ft that takes two to three hours. On foot, trek starts from AllainGuhugalHydel Project junction. Post crossing the road, a small route leads to pine trees. Along with this, you will also find a variety of other trees namely deodar, oak, maple and toss. Its refreshing site will take your stress away. Twenty minutes from here will get you to a located blend with rocks and lush green meadow. From here, Rani Nallah comes into view. You can cross the meadow or you can prefer climbing the hill, either way, the final destination would be Chika. This is a great campsite with huge greenery and Rani River flowing in between.


  10. The next location from Chika is Baluka Gera. It is not visible from the campsite but with time you can get an idea about it. The route has boulders and rough terrain but can be successfully accomplished without any difficulties. Towards the right of the riverbank, you can observe the spectacular Rhododendron trees lined up just in the perfect manner. On the upper region, a bunch of silver birch trees will be present. From here, you can get a view of Dhauladhar snow-clad peaks. It’s marvellous! From here you will reach a clear stream that you have to cross. Reaching Jwara will cover half of the day. It is a picturesque sheltered valley with cattle grazing and snow melting into the nearby river. Just infront of the snow-covered mountains and next to them lies the Hampta Pass.


  12. The day starts by heading towards the mountain and the journey is from the riverside. From the base, the actual climb for Hampta Pass starts. It takes an hour to reach the first plateau. During the summers, it’s covered with fresh snow and right in front, you will find the Deo Tibet Peak. Climbing Hampta Pass can be a challenge since it is vertical. But yes, once you reach Hampta Pass you will be extremely tired, so, resting in the place is a good idea. You can relish the scenic beauty around you, have your meal and then regain your energy for the next trail to SiaGoru. If you think your journey to the pass was trickier, then this is another better trail for you. The decline is very steep and therefore the best way is to use ropes or slide down. Its meandering road gives a view of Spiti as well.


  14. You need ample of energy to accomplish this on-foot trail that needs approximately 5hours to reach. You need to be careful as the route is slippery and might lead you to ridges and edges of mountains. There is no doubt while nature will give your heart the feelings of fulfilling with its scenic beauty, you will also get the adrenalin rush due to its difficulty. While passing, you will get a clear view of Chandra River. The two next glaciers on the way, reach to the next camping zone Chatru. Chatru is a spectacular camping site of three popular passes, Spiti, Rohtang and Hampta.


  16. If you are lucky enough, you can get the magnificent view of the Chandratal Lake or the Moon Lake. It is a sheer blue coloured lake that casts its effect on the surroundings. You can enjoy spending your time here and capture the view of nature. From here, you can get back to Manali by arranging a car, which it takes seven hours to reach. Unveiling the stunning landscape of Himachal Pradesh with a trek to the infamous Hampta Pass is like a transition from reality to dream. The rich canvas of flora and fauna along with the picturesque setting of meadows, barren lands and lush green forests makes your trek to Hampta Pass an extraordinary experience.

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