getting ready for your surf and yoga retreat n.
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The Best Surf Retreats – Road to Retreats PowerPoint Presentation
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The Best Surf Retreats – Road to Retreats

The Best Surf Retreats – Road to Retreats

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The Best Surf Retreats – Road to Retreats

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  1. Getting ready for your Surf and Yoga Retreat!

  2. The Best Surf Retreats The yoga and surf retreats are a whole new ball game. Taking two very different types of retreats and implementing them into one new experience. It’s an intense, fun, exhausting, exhilarating experience that everyone should try at least once.

  3. Although the combination of activities differs greatly from each other, they do work nicely together. The combination works nicely at working on body awareness, building stamina, strength, and flexibility. More importantly, both provide an aspect of letting go. With yoga, you learn to let go of the thoughts and outcomes.

  4. What is included in the cost of a surf and yoga retreat?

  5. Some retreats advertise as a surf and yoga camp, but one of the activities may not be included in the initial cost. Be sure to ask ahead what is included in the overall fee and how you can sign up for additional activities.

  6. Who are the instructors? What experience do the instructors have? What type of training did they receive? Can they teach beginners/advanced? What style of yoga do they teach? There is nothing worse than spending your holiday with an instructor who is incompatible with your retreat needs.

  7. What do you need to wear at a surf and yoga retreat? A rash guard Sunscreen Surf WaxA micro-fiber towelYoga MatYoga props

  8. Be open! • Don’t set any expectations and just go with the flow. Get to know people, spend time alone, and be open to new experiences. This is your trip so do what feels right!

  9. Thanks! Do you have any questions? • • • •