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FL Studio Text Tutorial PowerPoint Presentation
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FL Studio Text Tutorial

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FL Studio Text Tutorial

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FL Studio Text Tutorial

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  1. FL Studio Text Tutorial By NovinNoori

  2. FL Studio Main Aspects By the end of this tutorial you should be able to create a melody/bass line/Drum loop by only having to use these four main elements. • Step Sequencer • Arrangement View • Piano Roll • Mixer

  3. What You Need To Run FL Studio

  4. To start this tutorial you will need the following, Fl Studio 9 and over, VST synths, a computer and a creative mind.

  5. Lets Get Started FL Studio Text Tutorial

  6. Firstly you should open up your program, you should now see a new windows pop up. • After opening fruity loops 9 and over you should be opening our first aspect of fruity loops the step sequencer. It should be the first thing you see when opening a new empty project.

  7. The Step Sequencer • What you want to do is drag a sample like a basic kick into the step sequencer. • After doing this you would want the right click on the sample and click fill each 4 steps. • You Should now see a beat in each 4 step. • You can also press on the small rectangles in order to create a beat or loop.

  8. After creating your beat you could add a VST synthesizer (GMS), by having to right click the basic kick and going to insert and choosing GMS. • Now that you have opened up GMS in the step sequencer you want to open up a new pattern by pressing the + sign located at the very top of the step sequencer. • After doing that you want to right click on GMS and press the piano roll.

  9. Now What you should be seeing is the piano roll (picture below) without the notes drawn in. • What you want to do is draw a melody of any sort. • Now That you have your basic kick and melody ready you can now create a drop by simply putting these two together in the arrangement view as seen below.

  10. After having to put together your drop in the arrangement view you can master your tracks assigned to the mixer and set the volumes wanted in order to make you song sound more effective. • After that you would want to add some fx in order to make your sounds more proffessional. Wheather you wanted more delay to track or just simply wanted to enhance the bass a little.

  11. I guess now that you have finished basically everything you can automate by having to right click on any knob that effects the sounds built in and click on create automation clip.

  12. That is It Guys You now know how to make music!