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Different Ways of Tree Removal PowerPoint Presentation
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Different Ways of Tree Removal

Different Ways of Tree Removal

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Different Ways of Tree Removal

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  1. Different Ways of Tree Removal There are many reasons why you may wish to undertake tree removal from your garden. It could be that it is old, or diseased; it may even be simply that it has grown too large and is difficult to maintain. Large trees do more than just block the light from your garden. Their roots spread an incredibly long way out; usually as far as their branches. This means they can encounter many of your underground pipes and even the foundations of your home. This can cause serious issues for you; tree roots will suck the water from the area and leave your foundations dry. If this occurs then you may start to experience subsidence as your foundations crumble. Of course, another high risk factor mainly associated with large trees is the damage they can do if they fall. The increase amount of storms in recent years can make this more of a concern. A falling tree can damage property and even people; if your insurance does not cover this risk you may find yourself facing a hefty legal bill. Once the decision has been made; you will simply need to decide the best way for the tree removal to occur: The Professional Option The easiest and most expensive route is to hire a professional tree removal service. They will have the experience and tools to bring any tree down. More importantly, when a professional tree removal firm goes to work they will bring the tree down without damaging any of the properties in the vicinity. In fact, once they have finished clearing the tree away you will not even know they had ever been there. It is worth noting that even a professional tree removal firm will leave a tree stump. This may start to grow again in time; if you prefer you can ask the tree removal service to get rid of the stump as well. This generally requires digging the root out although there are other methods.

  2. Doing It Yourself Many people look at the tree in their garden and think, ‘I can do tree removal myself; there is nothing to it!’ However, there is much more to successfully performing a tree removal service than just cutting through its trunk. You must also consider where it is likely to fall and where you want it to fall. In addition the branches are generally much bigger than they appear to be; this can mean they will damage property even though the main trunk misses it. To conduct a successful tree removal it is usually necessary to remove these branches before you start. This involves using a ladder, chainsaw and a harness. In addition you should know the right way to perform tree removal; this will help to ensure you, or anyone else, does not get hurt in the process. Although tree removal may seem straightforward; it is generally advisable to leave this type of job to those who are trained specifically to deal with trees. They will have the right insurance and skills to perform the job safely; and much faster than you would. Articles source: