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Steel Doors Repair

Steel doors repair can be approached by assessing the major components of a door.<br><br>Visit: http://www.l-swan.com/steel-doors-repair/

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Steel Doors Repair

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  1. Steel Doors Repair Steel doors repair can be approached by assessing the major components of a door. Damage over time can be sustained by an improperly installed door, or when a door or its frame is altered in some way. Steel doors are often chosen for their ability to withstand physical wear and tear; because of this it is important to pay attention to the associated parts of a door that can affect the longevity of the door itself. ●Hinges - these are the simple bearing devices that allow a door to swing laterally. There are at least two of these on every door, and must be kept in alignment and well oiled. ●Jambs - these are the sides of the door frame where hinges are attached and holds the slot for the locking door bolt. ●Doorstop - this is the piece that runs parallel with the jambs and sticks out to stop the door, keeping it from swinging right through the doorway. Of course, swinging doors do not have these. ●Lintel - this is the beam that runs across the top of the door frame, supporting the wall above. ●Threshold - similar to a windowsill, this lines the ground below the exterior of the door to smooth the transition between ground and door frame. Steel doors repair is most often aesthetic or related to a misalignment of one of those main components to a door and doorway. In older buildings, it is sometimes impossible to create a perfectly level doorway, and in turn components of the door must be imperfect to keep it swinging smoothly and able to lock properly. A level should be used to determine the state of all aspects of the door and its frame if the issue is associated with actual door function. Steel doors repair to the exterior of the door can be treated in a similar manner to damage to the exterior of a car, and provides one of the many benefits of steel doors. They can usually be repaired to like new condition at a low cost, whereas, wooden, plastic of other composite doors might need to be immediately replaced. Steel doors provide substantially better performance in the primary concerns of fire suppression, noise reduction, sanitation, security, thermal insulation and longevity. In recent years the higher cost of steel doors has been reduced, while also improving these qualities with foam cores that better insulate and reduce weight of the door. Steel doors repair for a dent or puncture is performed by using a putty, often referred to as bondo, which is a oil-based moldable substance similar to clay. In order to apply the putty the door must first be well sanded to insure adhesion of the putty, especially if the door is painted. Once the dent or hole is filled in and the putty has dried and set, it can be sanded to the original form of the door and painted as if it were part of the original door. This method can also be used to repair unsightly rust damage - simply sand the rusted area off and apply putty in the same manner. Articles Source : http://www.l-swan.com/steel-doors-repair/

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