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Thinking About Installing a Garage Door? PowerPoint Presentation
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Thinking About Installing a Garage Door?

Thinking About Installing a Garage Door?

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Thinking About Installing a Garage Door?

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  1. Thinking About Installing a Garage Door? Deciding to get a new or replacement garage door in Canada can be a major financial commitment for a homeowner and one that should not be taken lightly. There are three major steps to having a garage door installed from the start of the project to its completion. One Door to Rule Them All The first thing that will need to be decided upon choosing to have a garage door installed is obviously what typeof door to go with. There are a few different types of doors that depend on how the door opens. Whether the doors swing out, swing up, roll up, or slide to the side; choosing the style that best suits your home can depend on a number of things. What kind of space are you working with? Are you searching for a unique look? The most popular type of door is sectional roll up. Once you’ve chosen the style of door you would like, there are still several more things to consider. The material the door is made out of can be a difficult choice. Professional installers recommend avoiding real wood doors as their finishes only last for a few years and can require costly refinishes to maintain their beauty. Steel is a common garage door material but be sure to choose a lower gauge steel (24 is recommended) in order to prevent the door from being easily dented. Keep in mind the R-value of garage doors as well. The value indicates the effectiveness of insulated doors which can be a large concern during bitter Canadian winters! A few other tips for choosing the right door include: ● Match the window style of the door to the window style of your house in order to stay aesthetically pleasing across the board. ●Nylon rollers are also an optional feature that can reduce the noise of the garage door. ●Upgrading to a higher quality spring at installation can increase the time before the first repair is needed. Lastly, this is one of the few times that DIY is not recommended. With over 300 moving parts to install that is 300 opportunities for mistakes and improper installation to occur. Professional installation really is a must. Measure Twice, Install Once

  2. Once you have decided on the style, material, and insulation of the garage door you would like to have installed, it is time to schedule a site survey. During the survey, a professional will come to your home in Canada. They will measure, measure, and measure again! Measurements of your garage will be taken along with miscellaneous other measurements such as exterior brickwork will be taken as well to ensure that install goes smoothly. While onsite they will discuss their recommendations for garage doors that will best fit the available space and walk you through options such as windows, springs, and insulation. Lastly, they will quote an installation price once options have been decided and schedule the actual installation! Finally, it’s Door Time! Whew! After researching door styles, material options, springs, insulation, and a plethora of other choices, the day has finally come to have your new door installed! The actual installation will vary from job to job depending on style and type of install that was decided on but most typical professional installations can be completed within approximately five hours. Once the work is complete the installer will check for proper door alignment and walk you through the functionality of your new door. They should also walk you through safety features, how the door opener works, and how to use the garage door remote. The last thing they should do is schedule you for a follow-up inspection which will double check that no gaps have formed, no leaks are occurring, and that all parts are properly aligned and working. Source: ------------------------