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Huntsville Marketing PowerPoint Presentation
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Huntsville Marketing

Huntsville Marketing

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Huntsville Marketing

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  1.  CALL US NOW Internet Marketing SHOULDN’T BE COMPLICATED. No contracts. No long term commitments. No BS. Purple Tie Guys is Alabama’s leader in internet marketing, SEO services and web & graphic design. We’re proud to provide services to clients around the globe. Today we are trusted by companies of all sizes from Bangkok Thailand to Houston Texas to right here in our own home town of Decatur, Al. We employ people from around the world and strive to make a positive impact in Purple Tie Guys communities both locally and abroad. Hi! We're here to answer any questions you may have. Our SEO services help our clients standout in a noisy world. While our design services help clients ?nd their voice, build a vision, tell their story and increase their visibility! Log into Messenger As A Google Trusted Agency We Focus On Chat with Purple Tie Guys in Messenger SEO Services (search engine optimization)  Responsive Web Design Graphic Design

  2. Marketing and Advertising Pay Per Click  WORK


  4. 1 2 Next   SERVICES Services. STAND OUT. Digital Marketing, Huntsville, AL Don’t know where to start your internet marketing campaign? Looking to create an of?ine campaign to match your online presence? Interested in learning more about PPC or social media marketing? Our marketing team has experience with everything from the aerospace industry to digging trenches. As a Google trusted agency, our work has been feature on some of the top news agencies around the globe. We are driven by results, that means our marketing team takes time to understand your business goals and what results your company is hoping to achieve before you ever spend a dime! And we can work with almost any budget. Our marketing pro’s also host online clinics free of charge. It’s a true “ask us anything” format and there is no hidden sales agenda! Search Engine Optimization.

  5. So, what is SEO services, and how can it help my business? Using search engine optimization we can boost your overall online presence. In “the good ol’ days” when you opened your business you put up a sign. Got a business phone number in the Yellow pages and sometimes even an 800 number. My how the times have changed! Customers ask me constantly “But I’m a doctor or dentist my business isn’t online!” Oh but it is…there are over 40,000 searches a second (which translates to 3.5 billion a day). People are using online searches to ?nd everything from dinner and a movie to their next home. Why wouldn’t people search for a business like yours? The better question is “Will they ?nd you?” Our marketing consultants are available to chat about your business goals and give you some actionable steps even if you decide not to do business with Purple Tie Guys! You can book a time to chat at: Web and Graphic Design. Looking for an elegant and functional website? You know… the one that is mobile friendly and easy for your customers to navigate? Our award-winning graphic designers have you covered! We’ve worked with many businesses large and small, local and federal government projects and several non-profits. Our number one goal in any project is to deliver the client something amazing… on-time and on budget! To inquire about a new design project you can give is a call or click here to send us a message.  SKILL

  6. Skills. RESULTS DRIVEN DESIGN. We have a strong “hands-on” team of   Internet Marketing Professionals, Content Writers, Web Developers, Graphic Artists, and SEO experts available to guide you through every step of your next project.

  7. WEB DEVELOPMENT 100% LOGO & GRAPHIC DESIGN 100% SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION 100% MARKETING 100% THE USER MUST COME FIRST. A website can be beautiful, elegant and the essence of sleek design but it also must convert visitors into customers. Don’t let your site give bad customer service! From live chat functions, contact forms and SEO services Purple Tie Guys understands your website needs. Let’s chat!  CLIENTS

  8. Clients. MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

  9. We love our client’s and take their goals seriously! Some clients need a clean, functional website where their customers can find information about the business. Others might be looking for a website & SEO services that will drive traffic through the doors of their brick and mortar store. Unlike larger marketing companies that only focus on their bottom line, we focus on yours. Below are some of the heartwarming comments we’ve received from clients. “Thank you so very much for all your time and effort…You helped to make our event a success. We could not have accomplished it without you… You guys Rock!!” CASEY C. – BOYS & GIRLS CLUB OF NORTH ALABAMA “…they are absolutely masters of their craft. I mean they are so good at what they do, you might think they are wizards. I for one love them.” ANDY H. – MEDELLIN, ANTIOQUIA COLUMBIA “I’ve worked with other marketing companies, but these guys are different! Communication was fantastic, these guys did an awesome job.” TODD T. – BUILD YOUR BEST BODY – BANGKOK, THAILAND Blog. WHAT’S ON OUR MIND. 4 Types of Search Engine Marketing Segments Search Engine Marketing & The Online E-conomy By Tricia White | May 16th, 2019 | Categories: Post By Tricia White | May 11th, 2019 | Categories: Post 4 Types of Search Engine Marketing Segments Search engine marketing has come a long way since the age of pop up ads on the internet. Today's Search Engine Search Engine Marketing: The Online E-Conomy Marketing your business online is tricky.  This whole thing relies Marketing in Huntsville Alabama and other places [...] existing parties. The company, the consumer, and the host service. The whole [...]

  10. Read More  Read More   0 Digital Marketing Abroad By Tricia White | May 4th, 2019 | Categories: Post Partnership Marketing: What is it Exactly? By Tricia White | April 25th, 2019 | Categories: Post Digital Marketing for International Audiences It is not hard to come up with a digital marketing campaign in a local area. For instance, if you have a brick and mortar store in a small place [...] Partnership Marketing: What is it Exactly? The ?rst thing that came to mind when I ?rst heard the term was an o When two companies that [...] Read More  Comments Off Read More  Setting up an Ideal Digital Marketing Budget By Tricia White | April 16th, 2019 | Categories: Post Why Do Some Local Businesses Hate Digital Marketing in Huntsville, Al? By Tricia White | April 3rd, 2019 | Categories: Post, SEO Setting up an Ideal Digital Marketing Budget Advertising plays a huge part of the American economy. As technology grows, along with the goods and services that come with it, so does the number of advertisements [...] Why Do Some Local Businesses Hate Digital Marketing in Huntsville, Al? Have you ever tried to convince someo Read More  Comments Off Maybe you found yourself in a position of [...] Read More  1 2 Next  Frequently Asked Questions. WE KNOW THE ANSWERS BEFORE YOU KNOW THE QUESTIONS. General Q. What is “Rank” and what does it mean to start “ranking”?

  11. A. Rank is the position of your website in the search engine results page or “SERP” for short. When your site moves up a position it is considered ranking (eg. if your site ranks in position 50 of the SERP and moves to position 49 your site rank has changed). The lower the number better. Q. You guys are designing me a website. How long until it’s ready? A. Completion varies from project to project. We like to have the site ready to “go live” 60 days from the time we sign the service agreement. Q. What would keep a site from being ready in 60 days? A. People get busy and sometimes a project gets put on hold for some unforeseen reason. Assuming you have all your content ready and there are no unforeseen delays, we should have your site ready within the 60 days allotted. Q. What is adaptive web design? A. Adaptive websites adapt to the width of the browser at a speci?c resolution or “trigger”. In other words, the website is only concerned about the browser being a speci?c width, at which point it adapts the layout. Q. what is Responsive wed design? A. Responsive websites respond to the size of the browser at any given point. No matter what the browser width may be, the site adjusts its layout in a way that is optimized to the screen (sometimes you may lose some functionality). Is the browser 280px wide or 5000px wide? It doesn’t matter because the layout will respond accordingly. Well, at least if it’s done correctly! Q. Where are you guys based out of? A. We are in Decatur Alabama, however, we can have clients from all over the World. Q. Can you guys help me with my marketing? A. We love anything marketing from Huntsville Alabama to Birmingham Alabama but again we can offer our marketing service from coast to coast. Q. Can I meet with you guys in person to discuss what marketing is right for me? A. Absolutely! From our local coffee house to yours. (Travel expenses will be billed) but we are also available through Zoom, skype and Facebook Messenger! Q. I think I’m ready but I have a TON of questions about my website can I call you? A. Sure! We’ll give you a free web design consultation and we’ll try our best to answer all the questions you have about your new website. Support Q. Does my new site come with support or a warranty? A. Your site does not come with a warranty. However, we will ?x errors and omissions based on the original scope of work. If you choose a monthly support and hosting plan you will receive services based on the plan you choose. Q. What is the best way to submit a request for support? A. Email is the fastest, but our phone lines are always open. 256-585-6425 Q. If I choose not to have a monthly support and hosting plan how will my request be handled and how will I be billed? A. you can always pay per incident, but it’s not advisable. We will obviously provide the same level of support to all our clients, but contracted clients do get priority service. Each per incident charge will be billed at our current hourly rate with a minimum of 30 minutes.

  12. Copyright Q. Why can’t I just copy a logo that I really like? A. Much like copying a book is illegal and just wrong, copying someone’s logo, website, or other creative property will get you in legal trouble. You could be ?ned up to several thousand dollars, and we’re just not willing to risk that. Not everyone sees copying as a form of ?attery so we cannot reproduce another artists work. Local search and SEO Q. What is local search and how does it differ from SEO services? A. Local search is your business’s local listing with search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This is the list that is most times accompanied by a map to your location. This differs from “global SEO” which is explained in the next question. Q. What is SEO services? A. SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is done by making sure your page is built with adequate keywords and other information that helps search engines understand your site and what it’s all about. Q. Will your SEO services put me on the first page of Google? A. The simple answer is kind of. The more descriptive your site is the better search engines understand it. This, along with many other things, goes into a rating system which the search engines use to determine how “worthy” your site is to rank above others. Just like your personal reputation building your site reputation won’t happen overnight. We are the first step to getting your site found by Google! Edits Q. What are edits and how many do I get? A. Edits consist of anything other than errors and omissions made during the design process. The amount of ongoing changes and edits will be dependent on the support and hosting plan you chose. Reference your service agreement for exact details. Q. I have photos and graphics I need touched up or edited before placing them on the site. Is that included? A. Edits include both graphics and/or text. Q. Is creating new content considered an edit? A. In short… It can be. However, you will most likely save money if we treat it as a new project.Our SEO services also include content creation. Hosting Q. What is hosting, and why do I need it? A. Your new website will need a place to stay once it’s built. Think of it as an apartment. It will have its own address on the web so others can ?nd it. Q. Why does the cost of hosting vary so much and why are you higher than some people and lower than others? A. Going back to the apartment analogy, hosting prices vary depending on where your site lives. Some apartments are more expensive because they offer more amenities. In the hosting world, these amenities come in the form of space, bandwidth, email allocation and more Q. Can’t I buy my own hosting? A. Yes, you can! However, depending on the hosting provider, we may not have adequate access to maintenance and update your site.

  13. Email Q. How many email addresses do I get with my account? A. If you choose not to host with us, your hosting provider will more than likely have an email plan available to you as part of your monthly payment. If you host through us, you may purchase email as an add-on to your support and site-hosting agreement. We do not include email as part of the design package for your website.  GET IN TOUCH Contact. LET’S CHAT. We are always happy to answer questions or offer advice. Contact Me Fields marked with an * are required Name * Email * Message * What is thirteen minus seven? * Submit

  14. Mailing Address Purple Tie Guys Decatur, AL 35602 USA Phone (256) 585-6425

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