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  1. LIBA TRAINING PPT APPROVAL PAGE • Reviewed by: • Approved by: • Date: Notice: This training PPT is used for Longrich internal training only, it is prohibited to be modified without authorization. If you want to modify it accordingly, please get the permission from Longrich Direct Selling International Training Department in advance, otherwise, any consequences and responsibilities caused by modifying must be borne by the modifier, instead of by Longrich. Longrich reserves the rights for any further explanation.

  2. Daily Care Products Presented by LIBA Feb, 2017 V2.0

  3. Introductionof Longrich Personal Care Series Jiangsu LongrichBioscience Co., Ltd

  4. Longrich products are well suited for every task at home; • Longrich products also provides comprehensive care to all consumers

  5. R&D Centers around the world USA France China Academician Centre Japan PHD.Centre Longrich HQ R&D Institute Jiangnan University Qinghua University R&D institute R&D Institute (France) R&D Institute (USA) R&D Institute (JPN)

  6. Covering every daily necessities LongrichAijia Series Housecare Series Shower Series Haircare Series Mouthcare Series

  7. We guarantee : • Environment Friendly • Great Service We removed every harmful chemical substances from all our products, example fluoride from toothpaste and also substances which will damage the skin from detergents. First, Longrich products are comprehensive, it will take care of you in every way in life. You need it, we got it; 2. Longrich products are around world-wide, and since its directly from our network, there won’t be any counterfeits; 3. We will have Aijia service centers from Headquarters to your districts, just for your convenient sake. • Leading Technology There are many ingredients in our products which is rare in the market, example white tea and Xylitol in toothpastes, and the ingredients in our shampoo and concentrated detergent.

  8. Mouthcare Series White Tea Multi-Effect Toothpaste Mouth Freshener

  9. Do you have the following problems? Teeth Discoloration Loose Teeth Sensitive to heat or cold Bad breath Tooth Decay

  10. For proper mouth care; You will need the perfect combination!

  11. History of white tea Production process is all natural • One of China’s six major tea classes • Only produced in Fujian, China and Sri Lanka • Best quality of harvest is at the end of March or • Beginning of April • A rare and expensive tribute during the Northern • Song dynasty Natural drying process. No frying and rubbing process involved. This is to maximize the preservation of the essences in the tea leaves.

  12. White Tea Nutrition Value and Function Inhibits the growth of anaerobic bacteria, bad bacteria, eliminates bad breath, and promote the healing of periodontal tissue andimprove the symptoms of swelling and bleeding of the gums The body's natural ability to fight off infection  are increased by 5 times Controls the oxidation of body lipid, which is 20 times more compared to vitamin E Enhances immunity system Accelerate the healing of oral ulceration Tea Polyphenols Theanine Tea tannin Tea polysaccharide Theaflavins

  13. 高清洁硅 High Quality Silica: contains ultra soft abrasives that doesn’t damage the teeth, while strongly removes any food particles or stains through out the surface. Aloe Vera Essence:Promotes wound healing, eliminates bleeding gums, inflammation, whitening and antibacterial effects. Xylitol: extracted from natural Birch trees which can prevent tooth decay and inhibit demineralization. It also rematerialize the teeth surface and repair early tooth decays.

  14. Product Demo Results --- Clean Stains Gently 1 2 Rub in the form of a circle Experiment preparation 3 A X brand shows obvious results of friction B

  15. One Toothpaste, Multi Effects 2nd Effect : Deep Cleansing 1st Effect: Fluoride-free 3rd Effect : Teeth Strengthening High quality silica with refreshing mint, keeping your mouth fresh and healthy. Strontium chloride + sodium acid pyrophosphate + Aloe Vera extract compounds can improve tooth tolerance to cold, hot, sweet and sour. It also eliminates oral abnormalities such as bleeding gums. Combination of white tea essence and xylitol can strengthen and prevents tooth decay

  16. Longrich Mouth Freshener, increases your confidence in any meeting. 1. Easy to carry 2. Less consumption 3. Highly effective (30 sec/time) 4. Suitable for everyone especiallythe elderly

  17. Teeth whitening, Smile makeover

  18. Brightening Styling Gel Shampoo Conditioner Hair Care – Longrich Brightening Series

  19. Most common hair problem Dry and breakage Lifeless Split ends Stiffness Brittleness

  20. Longrich Brightening Series(3 Sets)---Main Ingredients Nourishing Maintaining 1. EMP protein - Founded by Longrich Japan Research Institute Dr. Yang;- Our patented EMP activity and protein transmission system technology, directly repairs damaged parts and provides nutrition to the hair, protecting the hair color to keep it beautiful and silky 2. Pomegranate extract The best plant antioxidant which protects the hair from UV damage while maintaining healthy and silky hair. It is also rich in minerals, linoleic acid, vitamin C, B6, E and folic acid. Giving your hair the best quality care. Static protection Radiant 3. Silicone polymer High purity silicone polymer which has silky smooth and refreshing properties that brings out your hair to be as alluring as diamonds. 4. Poly quaternary ammonium cations

  21. Longrich Brightening Series – Your hair solution to all problems Style Wash Protect

  22. Before After Your beauty is our goal

  23. Shower Care Series

  24. Herbal Moisturizing Body Wash Mint Licorice Green tea • Refreshing • Fragrant • Clean • Nourishing Aloe vera

  25. Rose Whitening and Moisturizing Body Wash Aromatic and soothing Rose  essential oil “Women’s treasure”, effective for skin protection Shea butter Moisturizing Whitening Anti aging Oat peptides

  26. Natural Essence White-Tea Nourishing Soap Features: 1. White tea essences – Relaxes muscle and skin and restore radiance to the skin. 2. Coconut oil extract –Effective cleansing without irritation 3. Moisturizing Honey Ingredient – Moisturizes and gives a smooth and healthy skin. Gentle on the skin, can be used on the face and body.

  27. Experiment Results – a 100% essences which will gives you a 100% experience 1 Prepare a bar of soap from Longrich and another from company X, a metal spoon and a lighter. 1 Min Longrich Brand X 2 3 Mins 3

  28. Homecare Series

  29. 1. Concentrated Detergent Concentrated is essence Save Money! =11 X =

  30. 2. CD-48 Emollients 1. Allantoin Skin protection Longrich Concentrated Detergent 3. Aloe Vera Powder Promotes wound healing

  31. Save Money! = 6 X =

  32. Product Demo – strong against stains, doesn’t damage the skin Prepare Longrich detergent and brand X detergent, stirring rods, two transparent plastic bottles, tissue boxes, ink bottle and two pieces of white cloth. 1 2 3 After rinsing 4 times Remove after soaking

  33. Mouth care series Haircare series Brings comfort to your family, Provides more colors in your life! Shower series Homecare series

  34. Every minor detail will change the aura surrounding you.

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