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What have we been up to? PowerPoint Presentation
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What have we been up to?

What have we been up to?

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What have we been up to?

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  1. What have we been up to? Liz Wolstenholme, AGM 2012

  2. What we achieved in 2011… Watch our impact in 2011 video here:

  3. Goal 1: No one will have to face Parkinson’s alone • In 2012 so far, there have been 14,706 calls to our helpline • Our Information & Support Workers have helped with 18076 enquiries • 13,544 people have attended one or more of our 345 information events this year • We have secured £8.80 million worth of media coverage, ensuring that our message is seen by as many people as possible

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  5. Goal 2: We will listen and respond to the needs of everyone affected by Parkinson’s • Our Research Support Network now has nearly 600 members from across the charity • Our Campaigns Network now has over 4,000 members who have taken over 800 campaign actions this year so far • More than 300,000 publications have been sent out by our Resources and Diversity team this year – and 99% of the recipients have found them useful!

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  7. Goal 3: We will improve life for everyone affected by Parkinson’s • So far, we have had 62 meetings with politicians or policy makers, and we have contributed to 8 changes in policy • Through our education sessions, we have educated 11,416 people – including GPs and other health and social care professionals – about Parkinson’s • 79% of Health Boards and Trusts have fair or good access to a Parkinson’s nurse.

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  9. Goal 4: Our research will have resulted in better treatments and progress towards a cure • We have developed the Cure Parkinson’s Action Group to drive our research strategy forward • We are currently supporting more than 90 research projects worth over £17million • Our ‘Find a Cure’-themed Parkinson’s Awareness Week was a resoundingsuccess. It saw the launch of Tracking Parkinson’s, which got more than 700 pieces of coverage from Awareness Week, with a combined reach of more than 232 million. But what is it?

  10. Watch our Tracking Parkinson’s video here:

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  12. Goal 5: We will raise more than £110 million to meet the costs of delivering our ambitious plans • Our voluntary income has continued to grow over the past year – 2011 was our most successful year to date! • More new individuals supported us for the first time in the first part of 2012 • We continue to demonstrate real ambition, creativity and determination in our fundraising to set us aside from the competition • Our fundraising has been shown to be highly competitive and more cost effective than many of our peers

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  15. Goal 6: We will be a united, focused and effective organisation • 109 groups attended the May Parkinson’s UK Together events. 97% of attendees felt it was useful to get together and meet volunteers and staff from other parts of the charity • We've started bringing the charity's governance arrangements up-to-date to reflect good practice and how the charity now operates • Lead by our Volunteering Steering Group made we have made a great start to our work to improve the support we offer volunteers and to encourage more volunteers to support us

  16. Goal 6: We will be a united, focused and effective organisation • One of the big challenges we still face is around ensuring effective communications with volunteers. In 2013 we will continue to work to improve this • We acknowledge that some volunteers have found the introduction of an organisational safeguarding policy and training contentious, however the number of volunteers opposed to this have been the minority as opposed to the majority • Over 85% of volunteers who attended a safeguarding awareness session felt that the information and discussions enabled them to have a greater understanding of what safeguarding is and what to do if they have a concern whilst volunteering for Parkinson’s UK.

  17. THANK YOU! • Thanks to all our members, supporters and staff for everything we have achieved in the past 12 months, and for your continuing efforts to ensure that we change attitudes and find a cure. Because we’re here, no one has to face Parkinson’s alone.

  18. Watch our Parkinson’s Awareness Week 2012 video here:

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