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Brazilian Agate Bookends PowerPoint Presentation
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Brazilian Agate Bookends

Brazilian Agate Bookends

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Brazilian Agate Bookends

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  1. Arizona Splash Copper Arizona Splash Copper is formed from pure copper mined in central Arizona. It is heated to a scorching 2200°F, splashed, cooled, and cleaned to give each piece its unique shape. A second application of heat creates the colorful patina. The metallic luster of copper in combination with the rainbow coloring adds glimmer to any room and decor.

  2. Amethyst Geodes Amethyst is the most valuable and regal of quartz gemstones. Rich hues extending from light pinks to deep purples are attributed to the presence of iron or manganese. Volcanic in origination, amethyst geodes are formed by cavities or bubbles in lava which are exposed to water containing iron and crystallized over time.

  3. Jasper Jasper is a patterned form of chalcedony quartz, generally opaque and found in virtually any color. Comprised of impure silica, jasper is common, varied, and usually found in deep hues of red, yellow brown or green. Polychrome Jasper or Desert Jasper is a relatively new find in the Mineral World.

  4. Malachite Malachite is an intensely green stone known for its distinctive veining, patterning, and orbicular quality. This gemstone is a copper carbonate formed from copper containing solutions near copper ore deposits. Many spectacular green and blue specimens include deposits of azurite and chrysocolla incorporated into the malachite.

  5. Petrified Wood They offer a wide selection of high quality specimens at excellent prices with the best of customer service. We couldn’t be happier after almost 10 years of being a customer and will continue to purchase though Rockology in the future.