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Breastfeeding Across Cultures PowerPoint Presentation
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Breastfeeding Across Cultures

Breastfeeding Across Cultures

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Breastfeeding Across Cultures

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  1. Breastfeeding Across Cultures

  2. Kenya •

  3. In my country, breastfeeding is normal. In fact, a woman who doesn't breastfeed is frowned upon. The only women who don't breastfeed are usually under strict doctors orders. Breastfeeding in public is normal. I have been raised around this and seen many women whip out a boob in public without a cover up and no one gives a second thought to it. Breasts, especially of a nursing mother, are not regarded as sexual. My entire family has been nursed. I was breastfed by mother till I was 2 years old and my aunt breastfed her baby till she was one year old. • Sharon

  4. Ghana

  5. Ghanaians see breastfeeding the surest and purest way to nurse a baby. Wherever you are, no matter what you are doing, you are expected to feed your baby if the need arises. If you don’t and the baby keeps crying you end up with heaps of insults from onlookers and you are suspected of stealing the baby. The culture in Ghana frowns on exposing the body in public even the cleavage, but then exposing the breast for baby feeding purposes is highly encouraged. • Adwoa

  6. Sri Lanka

  7. Breast feeding in public is not a taboo in Northern Province. Tamils are consider mother who feed infant as goddess and they respect those. Breast feeding [is] considered as healthy and religious importance for us. Breast in myths and religion considered as symbol of fertility and bounty • Ranjini

  8. Afghanistan

  9. Breastfeeding is a common practice among Afghan Mothers, but as we are Muslims and covering all parts of body is from Islam. Also we have a problem that even with one family a mother cannot feed her baby in front of male family members. What we want to have to increase mother day care and feeding centers in public areas where mother is not able to feed her baby in a public area. • Dr. HomayounLudin

  10. Australia

  11. I have never had any confrontation about breastfeeding my 13mth old in public! I had a lot of issues with my first child though, I just never felt comfortable with it and would hide in the parent room... Now I feed with pride wherever I am!! Knowing I am giving my baby comfort, food and love - what could be better :) • Lisa

  12. Argentina/ Spain

  13. I'm from Argentina, and breastfeeding is so usual and common, that no one pays attention. I'm living in Spain now and we have a very hard fight against society to bf our babies in public. • Polly

  14. Jamaica/ U.S.

  15. I am from Jamaica and live in the U.S. Majority of women do not breastfeed their babies or breastfeed in public. Women are very uncomfortable about the subject. They are afraid that it will hurt or cause their breast to sag, etc. I am breasfeeding my 4 month old daughter and plan to continue until she is 1-2 yrs old. I know that breast is best and it is the natural way of feeding a baby. In Jamaica mothers breastfeed their babies. My mom breastfeed me until I was 1 1/2 yrs old, and I am so proud of that. • Krissy

  16. Whales

  17. I am a mother in Wales, and I have only once breastfed my child in public due to embarrassment and humiliation. This is becuaseWales(similar to England) is very judgemental about issues such as the perfect body etc. I would love for Wales to follow in Norway's footsteps, and accept that breastfeeding is a way of life that is helpful not only to baby but mother too. • Arianwen

  18. Germany

  19. I'm raised in Germany. And it was normal for me to see other moms breastfeed in public. I loved to watch them. It was strange to me to see American women cover their baby with a blanket that's unheared in Germany. Even if breastfeeding in public is normal in cities that is not necessary the case in the country. My cousin lives in a small village and was criticized if she nursed in her garden. • Friederike