medieval literature n.
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Medieval Literature

Medieval Literature

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Medieval Literature

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  1. Medieval Literature By Kevin Vo

  2. What does Medieval Literature Consist of? Fairy Enchantments, giants, dragons, wizards, and sorceresses And later prose tales relating knights that took quest to marry princesses

  3. Geoffrey Chaucer Geoffrey Chaucer (1340?-1400) was an author who was mostly known for writing Medieval Novels and Poems He was born in London England Studied at the Inner Temple of London One Book that Chaucer wrote was the Canterbury Tales, which is still known today as one of the most greatest books of all time

  4. Where did Medieval Literature come from? Medieval Literature came from all parts of Europe 3 principle sources; France, Britain, Rome Some of the stories were told by bards and were transferred to book form

  5. Anglo-Normans Medieval Romance was a very much favored genre upon these Normans Anglo- Normans were descendents of the Normans lived in England in 1066

  6. Romance In Medieval Literature Highly favored genre in the Medieval Ages Two Methods Bards would tell stories and it would get pass on to person to person until it gets published The book would get written by a person who knows how to read and write and then gets published

  7. Format of Medieval Literature Knights with a heroic qualities goes on a quest to save or win the princesses hearts These quest would get harder and harder as they go through the story Their were three stages of Medieval Romance stories

  8. Stages of Medieval Romance Early forms- knight with super-human abilities goes on quest for the acceptance of the princess Late Medieval forms- More chivalry and honor than Romance Renaissance forms- more poetry, lust, sex appeal, and sometimes violence