welcome to thailand n.
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Thailand Travel Packages PowerPoint Presentation
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Thailand Travel Packages

Thailand Travel Packages

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Thailand Travel Packages

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  1. Welcome to Thailand

  2. Thailand Thailand has so many things to see that it’s wise to stay for at least 1 weeks. You could easily stay longer while you spend quality time relaxing at the beach and partying the night away at full night parties. Book Thailand Travel Packages To See the Top Attractions with Your Life Partner in Thailand. 1.Bangkok 2.Ko Samui 3.Siam Water Park 4.Ko Pha Ngan 5.Chiang Mai

  3. BangkokWhat better place to start your visit than Bangkok, Thailand’s capital city which is home to several of the floating markets the country’s so famous for. You can also find beautiful temples, delicious food infused with Thai and Western influences.

  4. Ko SamuiIf you fancy spending some time relaxing on one of the beaches with white sand and crystal clear water then head to Ko Samui which is Thailand’s largest island.The island is generally much drier than the mainland in the rainy season.

  5. Siam Water ParkOnce you’ve tired of laying around on beautiful beaches & attending whole night parties, head to Siam Water Park for a relaxing day splashing around with your friends.

  6. Ko Pha NganTalking of full moon parties, Ko Pha Ngan the island that started it, Ko Pha Ngan still holds a monthly full night party. Here you can dance the night away into the early hours of the morning and then crash out on the beach to relax when you’re finished.

  7. Chiang MaiYou can head to Chiang Mai for a taste of somethings different altogether. The city is home to over 200 temples, and featuring spectacular decoration and statues.

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