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A Master List of 5 Powerful & Resourceful Social Media Marketing Tools for Web Marketers PowerPoint Presentation
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A Master List of 5 Powerful & Resourceful Social Media Marketing Tools for Web Marketers

A Master List of 5 Powerful & Resourceful Social Media Marketing Tools for Web Marketers

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A Master List of 5 Powerful & Resourceful Social Media Marketing Tools for Web Marketers

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  1. A Master List of 5 Powerful & Resourceful Social Media Marketing Tools for Web Marketers There are plenty of social media marketing tools out that seem to pop up every day. But creating and employing effective social media marketing strategies successfully is no cake walk for business owners. It is a very frugal marketing landscape which requires culling of right tools that can turn your social media marketing techniques from a mere mortal marketer into a virtual robot of social marketing excellence. ©

  2. Apparently, marketers use social media with full gusto in a gullible manner with a hope that it will grind out amazing results and they tout incessantly on social channels and when ultimately the plot veers to no engagements, no conversions they fathom out with a voice “it actually doesn’t work”. Are you really doing it the right way? Have you made the proper use of the specialized or multipurpose tools? If not, then it’s the time to switch gears from basic tools to advanced ones and kick-away the most grueling tools that didn’t roll out as expected. Putting an end to deliberations, let’s crank up the master list of the most efficacious social media marketing tools that has created rumblings around the marketing world. ©

  3. Buffer: Forget scratching your own itch at periodic intervals on social media channels and get yourself pack with the wearing task of posting time to time. Get your hands on Buffer and watch out how easy it makes posting regular content to your social media accounts. The concept behind Buffer is you need to create a posting schedule for your social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest accounts, and Google+ pages, all in single place. Then, you can add posts to your queue inside Buffer. According to your settings on the tool, it will automatically share posts to the social accounts you have chosen. 1. IFTTT (IF This Then That): • FTTT is an ultimate automation service for all your internet-connected things. It gives you creative control over the products and apps you love. • The basic concept behind IFTTT is you need to create a custom IFTTT recipe for triggering automatic posts on all your chosen social media channels. • For example, you want IF a new photo is posted on Instagram, THEN save it to my dropbox. Then it will look something like this: ©

  4. 2. Canva: Posting the updates without any image is like an eyesore.  Add soul to your content or post updates by adding visually powerful and appealing images that could get your updates more engagement on different social channels. Canva has vast array of ready to go templates that you can customize and make use of. ©

  5. 3. Edgar:The Social Media Queue That Never Runs Out! ©

  6. The tardiest issue or you may call the CON with social sharing scheduling tools is its inability to reschedule and recycle the best social updates. • The fact is though you may share one-off content on social channels but only a fewer than half of social media users will open it, as the users are overwhelmed with the swirl of new content tossing up. • However, this issue is resolved here with Edgar. • Edgar uses the updates saved in your library to create a queue. After it posts an update, it will put it back in the library at the bottom of the pile, so that it can post it again later when it runs out of new ones • This way you can easily re-purpose your best social media updates automatically back to back without letting it go stale. • The outcome would be a never-ending update queue that fills and refills itself automatically – and you never have to worry about an update going to waste. ©

  7. 4.Buzzsumo: This isone of the best tools on web when it comes down to search the most popular content for any topic or competitor that is performing best. This tool is certainly accounted as silver bullet for social media marketing service providers.  With Buzzsumo you can: • Find the most shared content for any topic or domain • Spot trending stories about to go viral • Identify winning content formats • Analyze what’s working for competitors ©

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