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Best Accessories and features for iPhone 6 PowerPoint Presentation
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Best Accessories and features for iPhone 6

Best Accessories and features for iPhone 6

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Best Accessories and features for iPhone 6

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  1. Without phones in the 21stcentury you won’t be able to go anywhere or accomplish anygiven tasks without having to rely on today’s latest technology.That’s why accessories are required. And when it comes to iPhone accessories, iPhone Screen Replacement; how can you forget Our service can cover your phone from getting any damaged if it accidentally falls on a hard object. Tempered Glass Screen Protector If you are a heavy user and are at risk of getting your phone scratched then why don’t you try out the new extreme glass screen protector? It will also protect your screen from damage caused by dropping it on the hard surface and breaking the digitizer you can fix it very smoothly on your iPhone screen and the best thing is it leaves no bubbles inside.

  2. Operating System and Technology Apple iPhone 6 is known for IOS 8 operating system and is still best so far. The powerful OS is making the device more ideal for any type of usage without preventing any further lagging. However, the processor of 1.4 GHz Dual Core Cyclone processor and quad-core Power VR GX6450 GPU is used for enhancing graphics quality. Battery and memory The phone is backed up with powerful Li-Po irremovable battery of 1810 mAH .The lengthy standby period is ideal for business people who do not have much time to charge their phone often. The device takes charge quickly and allows you to talk to your loved ones for longer periods.

  3. Apple’s long lightning cable If you go through your Facebook home page or send WhatsApp messages before dosing off to sleep then this 2 meter long cable can help you out. It saves you from struggling with a charging wire cable which is extremely short; it gives you a lot more flexibility. Mophie’s Juice Pack Mophie’s Juice Pack comes with a lighting dock connector on inside which keeps your phone battery charged up. So if you are a heavy user and you run out of your battery often then juice pack is a solution for you. Your IPhone 6 is charged up to 100% with this Juice pack. All these iPhone accessories are available in our or where you can buy it if you want to discover new things at an amazing price.