a detailed article on roku n.
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A detailed Article on Roku PowerPoint Presentation
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A detailed Article on Roku

A detailed Article on Roku

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A detailed Article on Roku

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  1. A detailed article on Roku By RonaldoDrogba

  2. Introduction • Roku, the most popular streaming gadget platform arrives with top models and it’s your interest to choose the best one with exciting features and specifications • Among the top models, we have Roku express, Roku Ultra, Roku premiere, Roku premiere plus and lot more. Features and specifications differ & if it’s the latest model, latest software installed plays the role to offer required output

  3. Roku Models Roku Express • Affordable & offers access to latest channel apps that include Netflix, YouTube, Amazon video and lot more Roku ultra • Roku ultra, 4K and HDR streaming media player is in more demand among customers. Quad-core processor, HDR streaming options, excellent wireless and internet connectivity options are the other top features

  4. Roku streaming stick plus • Excellent video quality, compatible remote to make all your selections, Dolby vision, HDR video streaming options and other features stand ahead when you compare  Roku streaming stick plus with other models Roku premiere • If Roku premiere is your choice, features and specifications are many. It’s the 4K & HDR streaming options, Dolby Atmos, compatible & handy remote, voice search options that grab the attention of most of the customers. Apart from these, there are other models too & you can choose the one that you like and suit the budget plan.

  5. Roku Customer Support

  6. How to setup Roku streaming gadgets? • To proceed with Roku com linkdevice setup, you need to have all the preliminary requirements & include • Power and HDMI cables • Wireless network credentials( Username & password) • Get the hardware requirements and switch your device on. As you proceed, settings to connect the device to network, language & display settings will be visible on your screen • The software download is automatic once if the network connection is active

  7. Roku Account • Users who already have account can log in with the credentials & those customers without a Roku account can use the signup page to provide the required data • Name • Email ID and Password • Fill the blank space and tap on the submit tab to create an account. The last & final step is to navigate to the page to type the device linking code. Double check to ensure that you use valid code 

  8. Channel Activation • Once if the above steps are done, log in to your account & move to app store to begin your search to find the latest channels • Channel search results will popup as you wait, add the channel and pay the subscription charges. • Troubleshooting • Errors are common and it’s important to resolve it. Recommend you to analyze the type of error that popup before proceeding with troubleshooting guide

  9. Roku Troubleshooting • If it is a Roku account error, deactivate the account and activate a new account • To avoid activation issues, ensure that you pay the subscription charges • If it’s a network error, validate & verify the credentials once • Tips & tricks are many and for assistance to activate using, speak to our techies ringing the support number @ +1-844-839-1180