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Orthopaedic Surgeon - Sportsmed Adelaide PowerPoint Presentation
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Orthopaedic Surgeon - Sportsmed Adelaide

Orthopaedic Surgeon - Sportsmed Adelaide

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Orthopaedic Surgeon - Sportsmed Adelaide

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  1. Dr. Chienwen-Liew Orthopedic Surgeon

  2. Total Hip Replacements via a Direct Anterior Approach Total Hip Replacements are the final stage in treatment of osteoarthritis of the hip. Pre-operative measures that may be used prior to the decision to proceed with surgery include basic pain management, walking aids and activity modification. By the time patients attend an Orthopaedic Surgeon, they have often exhausted all of the non operative options. The Direct Anterior Approach to the hip is the only truly internervous and intermuscular approach, meaning that muscles are not cut and the interval to gain access to the hip runs between muscles supplied by different nerves. Only one other approach utilises an approach which does not cut muscle, but it runs between two muscles which are supplied by the same nerve. This can put the nerve at risk and cause damage to nerves that supply muscles. Using a truly internervous and intermuscular plane, no nerves which supply muscles are at risk of being injured. Click to learn more about the Direct Anterior Approach

  3. Total Knee Replacement Adelaide Orthopaedic Surgeon – Dr Chien-WenLiew -Total Knee replacements are performed when arthritis in the joint worsens.  Arthritis is a condition caused by many factors, which result in the destruction or loss of cartilage from inside the knee joint. When the cartilage is lost, there is no recovery of the same type of cartilage in the knee. • Patient specific Instruments can help in achieving this alignment as all of the calculations are done prior to the operation. No alignment guides are necessary during the operation, and it has been shown in multiple studies to have reproducible results. Patient specific instruments are made by taking an image of the knee and reproducing it in a computer, similar to how blueprints and prototypes are made (i.e. using a program like AutoCAD). This is highly accurate, and can identify what is necessary to obtain the perfect alignment.  • After surgery for knee arthritis, patients are often walked the day of, or day after surgery. Dr Chien-WenLiew likes his patients to walk the day of surgery if possible (subject to anaesthetic, and patient comorbidities). The usual stay in hospital for a total knee replacement is 5 days. After this time, patient’s are usually fit enough to return home to continue healing. 

  4. Total Shoulder Replacement Dr Chien-WenLiew – Orthopaedic Surgeon – Adelaide, South Australia A total shoulder replacement is used when the joint surface of the glenohumeral joint (main ball and socket joint of the shoulder) becomes worn out or injured. It is a pain relieving operation, and also generally improves range of motion of the shoulder. Shoulder replacements are less well studied than total knee replacements and total hip replacements are performed much less than hip and knee replacements. The shoulder is a unique joint in that the ball and socket are not matched in size, meaning that a lot of the stability of the shoulder comes from soft tissue structures like the labrum, and surrounding muscles (such as the shoulder rotator cuff, and deltoid).  • Once you have recovered from the initial surgery, you will undergo an intensive physiotherapy program to improve your range of movement and strengthen your shoulder.  • For more information on shoulder surgery, please contact the office of Dr Chien-WenLiew, Orthopaedic Surgeon. (08) 7325 4850.

  5. Appointment Name - Dr. Chien-wenLiew Web- Address- Suite 3/120 Kensington Road, ToorakGardens Adelaide South Australia 5065 Phone- (08) 7325 4850