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SGI-USA Statistics Program Roll-Out PowerPoint Presentation
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SGI-USA Statistics Program Roll-Out

SGI-USA Statistics Program Roll-Out

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SGI-USA Statistics Program Roll-Out

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  1. SGI-USAStatisticsProgramRoll-Out National Statistics Committee Version. 1.1

  2. StatisticsMaterials • Membership Card • District Membership Statistics Report • District Membership Card Box • Statistics Reference Manual • Copy of PowerPoint Presentation

  3. Introduction • Purpose and goal of SGI-USA Statistics Program • Responsibilities and functions of Chapter Statistics Administrators and District Leaders • Overview of SGI-USA Statistics Website • Questions and Answers

  4. Feb 13, 2004 President Ikeda: “People everywhere are searching for a philosophy of peace. Today the development of the SGI-USA movement is increasingly important. The world is watching in expectation. Let us strive even more energetically to expand our humanistic alliance. I dearly wish that every person without exception becomes happy in life.”

  5. Why A Statistics Program? • Key Purpose of Statistics is Care of Members--Reporting isa Result of This Effort • We are at crucial stage of development for which we need to ensure care of each member including returning members; this is key to our growth • To measure our progress towards establishing SGI-USA as the driving force for Kosen-Rufu and accomplishing our goals towards 2006 and 2010

  6. Importance of Statistics • “The Soka Gakkai will be an organization of shakubuku and kosen-rufu for all eternity. For this reason, membership statistics is the most essential foundation for the Soka Gakkai’s progress, which is the Buddha’s intent and mandate. Membership statistics is a lifeline for our unshakable development into the eternal future of the Latter Day of the Law.” • “The membership statistics that you compile are the mathematics of compassion that seek to express and actualize kosen-rufu. Only through accurate figures can we see our next move, and our goals will become clear.” (President Ikeda’s Guidance on Dec 24, 2002 issue of the Seikyo Shimbun)

  7. Membership Card • “A membership card is not a piece of paper; it is the life of one person. In it his life pulsates, her personality is contained and the drama of awakening in faith and rebirth is played out. There exist the human-to-human bonds of warm trust. Because we have been cherishing each person to the utmost, we see the magnificent development of the Soka Gakkai today.” (President Ikeda’s Guidance on Dec 24, 2002 issue of the Seikyo Shimbun)

  8. Membership--Basic Principles • Any Locatable Member Who Has Not Renounced SGI-USA Membership • Not Concerned w/ “Active” vs “Inactive” • Measuring Number of Individuals Not Households • Principle of “Inclusion” vs. “Exclusion”

  9. Membership Cards are Filled Out for: • Existing Members • Including children of all ages • Family members who are supportive and essentially consider themselves to be SGI-USA members, although participation may not be as regular. • New Members • A membership card will be filled out for each new member at the same time as the Gohonzon application [New Procedure] • Members Returning to the Organization or Who Become Locatable And Consider Themselves to Be Members • For those who have been located but do not want to be considered a member, a separate list should be maintained

  10. Membership Card (Front) Note: Put date card filled out

  11. Membership Card (Back)

  12. District Statistics Meeting • Four-Divisional District Leaders get together once every other month: • To discuss the condition of each member and what efforts can be made to help them • To update and maintain the membership cards and transfer forms in their district • To fill out the district membership statistics report form and submit to their chapter statistics administrator

  13. Note: First time, all members will be reported as “Transfer In” District Member-ship Statistics Report (Front)

  14. Key: Chapter Leaders must verify all Increases/Decreases District Member-ship Statistics Report (Back)

  15. Timeline for Statistics July 2004 Nationwide Statistics Rollout Meetings By Aug 31, 2004 Membership Cards filled out at each district By Sept 15, 2004 Turn in District Statistics Report to Chapter By Sept 30, 2004 Chapters Complete Website Input Oct 2, 2004 First SGI-USA Membership Statistics Report

  16. Reporting Schedule

  17. SGI-USA Statistics Website • Under Construction • Each Chapter Statistics Administrator logs in with their user name and password • Demo of Website “look and feel”

  18. Transfer Form & System • Purpose • Key aspect of statistics system: To ensure that transferring members do not lose their connection to the organization • Procedures • Triplicate Form: • 1st Copy Accompanies Member • 2nd Copy Sent w/ Card (Once New District Known) • 3rd Copy Stays w/ Sending District

  19. Transfer Form (Draft)

  20. Statistics Process Summary • Membership Cards are updated (bimonthly) at district statistics meetings. • After update, district membership statistics report form is filled out and submitted to the chapter statistics administrator. • Chapter Statistics Administrator verifies the report and posts it on the SGI-USA web-based Statistics System. • The Zone Statistics Administrator verifies that all chapters have reported and then transmits report to National HQ.

  21. Questions and Answers • Purpose • Forms and Procedures • Website