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America Becomes a Colonial Power PowerPoint Presentation
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America Becomes a Colonial Power

America Becomes a Colonial Power

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America Becomes a Colonial Power

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  1. America Becomes a Colonial Power

  2. Why Should America Expand?

  3. America was concerned they were falling behind the Europeans in Expansion

  4. New Markets More goods were being produced than could be consumed Thus new markets were needed

  5. Arguments against expansion Plenty of places to sell goods at home Anti-colonial feelings .

  6. Commercial/Business Interests U. S. Foreign Investments: 1869-1908

  7. Commercial/Business Interests American Foreign Trade:1870-1914

  8. 2. Military/Strategic Interests Alfred T. Mahan  The Influence of Sea Power on History: 1660-1783

  9. Believed that a strong Navy was essential for a Nation to be powerful The Influence of Sea Power Upon History 1660-1783

  10. Refueling stations needed = Colonies for America

  11. 3. Social Darwinist Thinking The White Man’sBurden The Hierarchyof Race

  12. 4. Religious/Missionary Interests American Missionariesin China, 1905

  13. Hawaii: "Crossroads of the Pacific"

  14. American trading ships for food and supplies 2,000 miles southwest of San Francisco

  15. 1887 treaty gave United States Pearl Harbor as a Navy base

  16. U. S. Missionaries in Hawaii Imiola Church – first built in the late 1820s

  17. U. S. View of Hawaiians Hawaii becomes a U. S. Protectorate in 1849 by virtue of economic treaties.

  18. Hawaiian Queen Liliuokalani Hawaii for the Hawaiians!

  19. American sugar planters wanted to keep control Overthrew Queen Lil Now the planters were back in control and would annex Hawaii

  20. U. S. Business Interests In Hawaii 1875 – Reciprocity Treaty 1890 – McKinley Tariff 1893 –Americanbusinessmen backed anuprising against Queen Liliuokalani. Sanford Ballard Doleproclaims the Republic of Hawaii in 1894.

  21. To The Victor Belongs the Spoils Hawaiian Annexation Ceremony, 1898

  22. Japan

  23. Commodore Matthew Perry Opens Up Japan: 1853 The Japanese View of Commodore Perry

  24. Treaty of Kanagawa: 1854

  25. Alaska

  26. “Seward’s Folly”: 1867 $7.2 million

  27. “Seward’s Icebox”: 1867

  28. Cuba

  29. The Imperialist Taylor

  30. Spanish Misrule in Cuba

  31. Spanish American War Spain lost its Empire Cuban patriots rebelled against Spain Spain controlled cities and rebels countryside Spain instituted reconcentration Forced entire populations into arned camps

  32. Valeriano Weyler’s “Reconcentration” Policy

  33. “Yellow Journalism” & Jingoism Joseph Pulitzer Hearst to Frederick Remington:You furnish the pictures, and I’ll furnish the war! William Randolph Hearst

  34. William Randolph Hearst Purchased New York Journal Struggling newspaper Wanted to increase circulation In competition with Joseph Pulitzer

  35. Hearst jumped on Cuba’s cause and published sensational articles “jingoism” Cuba to be free McKinley believed that United states was the dominate presence in Caribbean

  36. Hearst sensationalism “Yellow Journalism” along with Republican support for Cuban independence Common belief that McKinley was drawn into war by yellow journalism and pressure from

  37. De Lôme Letter Dupuy de Lôme, SpanishAmbassador to the U.S. Criticized PresidentMcKinley as weak and abidder for the admirationof the crowd, besidesbeing a would-be politicianwho tries to leave a dooropen behind himself whilekeeping on good termswith the jingoes of hisparty.

  38. Theodore Roosevelt Assistant Secretary of the Navy in the McKinley administration. Imperialist and American nationalist. Criticized PresidentMcKinley as having the backbone of a chocolate éclair! Resigns his position to fight in Cuba.

  39. The “Rough Riders”

  40. Wood was commander Roosevelt led the “Rough Riders” July 1, 1898 led charge San Juan Hill Minor role Newspapers depicted him a hero Defeated Spanish Army

  41. February 15, 1897 Battleship Maine sailed into Havana harbor Explosion sunk ship Probably was accidental Blamed on Spanish mine and lack of protection form Spain

  42. Congress approved declaration of War Teller Amendment Added to declaration United States would not interfere with any new government of Cuba

  43. Remember the Maineand to Hell with Spain! Funeral for Maine victims in Havana

  44. The Spanish-American War (1898):“That Splendid Little War” How prepared was the US for war?

  45. The Philippines

  46. Fleet of 6 ships defeated Spanish Navy at the Battle of Manila

  47. Dewey Captures Manila!

  48. August 1898 United States troops along with Filipino rebels led by Emilio Aguinaldo Captured Manila

  49. Is He To Be a Despot?

  50. Emilio Aguinaldo Leader of the FilipinoUprising. July 4, 1946:Philippine independence