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Revitalization - Santushti Shopping Arcade PowerPoint Presentation
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Revitalization - Santushti Shopping Arcade

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Revitalization - Santushti Shopping Arcade
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Revitalization - Santushti Shopping Arcade

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  1. Revitalization -Santushti Shopping Arcade

  2. Project Flow Line • Idea Generation • Brand Chosen • Research- • Problem Identification • Project Goal • Market Scan • SWOT • Concept • Target Market

  3. Santushti Shopping Arcade

  4. Santushti Shopping Arcade-The brands(Product Mix) • Picturesque Art & Framing • Image • Satya Paul • Sadhka • Le Solitaire • Good Earth • Tulsi-Neeru Kumar • Cigar shop • Ogaan • Anokhi • Padakkam • Ranna Gill • Lotus Eaters • Christiana • ShahnazHussian • Basil & Thyme • Kapas • Mandira • Nur- NoorJehan • Karga • Tack • 2 Feet • Mysique • San-cha- Tea Boutique • Mon pri • Swaika • Enssemble • Amrapali • Aadi Shop • Clove • Art Indus • Giving & Design • Young Fashion • Tex Indus

  5. PromotionsBTL

  6. Research Problem Identification Brand Audit Management Investment Promotion Dilution among brands Changes in Industry Branding

  7. When you hear the brand name Santushti Complex, what springs to your mind? Relax shopping Space Trust the product Quiet Unique Favorite brands Pure design Good Quality Classy Nobody is chasing me Free decision Spending Quality time Perfect permutation and combination No unwanted element

  8. When you see other people visiting Santushti how do you feel? What thoughts come to your mind? Endorse to quality Spiritual Relaxed Rational buying Art lovers Sensitive to environment Soulful Pure Nature lovers ‘They are rich women’ White Expats Well to do Intellectuals

  9. When you shop at Santushti Complex how does it make you feel about yourself? What role does it play in your life? Pamper myself At Peace To be blessed Ready made signature style The best thing which happened to me Makes me feel spiritual Makes me feel different from others It’s soulful, relaxing and leads to a kind of Nirvana in today's world of hush-n-rush. Truly unique and a must "once in a life time experience“.

  10. Santushti Complex Vs….? Cotton World Contemporary Art & Craft Khan Market Baba Kharak Singh Marg

  11. Project Scoping Form • Project Name: Revival of Santushti Complex as a concept store • Project Manager: Juhi Sharma • Team Members: Juhi Sharma • Problem : • No promotional activities( Earlier they use to do promotional activities) • Dilution among brands within the Santushti Complex (Brand identity) • New age mall culture catching up with consumers leading to shifting loyal • Low visibility of Santushti Complex • Lack of branding exercises for branding Santushti Complex as a strong brand • Lack of professional marketing management expertise • Investment for promotional activities

  12. Project Scoping Form • Opportunity : • Santushti ‘s brand essence and USP • Experiential Retailing • First Mover Advantage • Premium Location • Sensory Experience • Clientele • Project Goal: Revitalization of Santushti Complex

  13. SWOT

  14. Assess market sizeThe domestic apparel & clothing retail market

  15. The entertainment retail market

  16. The food services market

  17. Quiet set back environment A unique blend People meet and share A destination for -Complete shopping Cross road between Desire and Culture Art-Design-Fashion-Music-Literature-Cuisine Multifunction Philosophy Network of Interconnected Spaces Customer moves from one insight to the next Succession of social cultural activities Santusht Experience

  18. Vision: At Santushti, we envision to integrate romance in the shopping experience between our customer’s soul and the reality of the material presented in the stores. Our vission goal is to create an experiential romance between our customers’ spirit and the privilege of being a part of such a socio-cultural experience. • Mission Statement: Our aim is an inception of a unique platform blending people from varied walks of life sharing their own brand of taste and values to create a complete shopping experience. Santushti as a brand will serve as a crossroads between desire and culture conglomerating in the form of art, design, fashion, music, literature and cuisine. It embodies a multi-functioning philosophy leading to creation of a network of interconnected space allowing customers to move from one form of insight to the next with ease resulting into a succession of socio-cultural activities.

  19. Target customer Foreigners Expats