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Best Beaches in the World PowerPoint Presentation
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Best Beaches in the World

Best Beaches in the World

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Best Beaches in the World

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  2. Best Beaches in the World

  3. Muriwai Beach, New Zealand: We’ve all hear of white sandy beaches, but what about black sand? Well, there is definitely such a thing, and it’s all over Muriwai Beach in New Zealand. Notorious for its excellent surfing, this picturesque setting is possible due to minerals in the water and earth from volcanic activity.

  4. Miami Beach (Florida), USA: Located in the state of Florida in the US, Miami Beach covers approximately 18 square kilometers and is packed with restaurants, entertainment venues, nightclubs, hotels, and parks along the strip-like shore. This is one of the hottest tourist destinations in North America.

  5. Lily Beach, Maldives: If the clear teal waters of the Indian Ocean aren’t enough, you’ll adore the wooden walkways that are perched atop the water. These unique walkways can support a surprising amount of foot and bicycle traffic and lead to grass huts that double as accommodations in some areas of the beach.

  6. Cala Nova Beach (Ibiza), Spain: A hot-spot for impromptu celebrity sightings, Ibiza’s beaches are world-class and offer up some of the most glorious sun and surf in the Mediterranean Sea. The water is so clear that you can see the bottom for what seems like an eternity, and the Spanish flair of the shoreline shops and eateries is a pleasing bonus.

  7. Fraser Island, Australia: Known as the world’s largest island made of sand, Fraser Island is a huge destination for eco-tourism, hiking, and lounging on an untouched beach paradise. The white sand and attractions like The Cathedrals (colorful cliffs) make this a dream spot for those who are interested in soaking up some sun in Queensland.

  8. Uvita Beach, Costa Rica: Costa Rica’s Uvita Beach has an interesting shape that resembles a lagoon, which can be attributed to its hallmark sand bar. This beach is semi-secluded and remains untouched by most resorts, offering serenity among the hectic world of travel.

  9. Preveli Beach (Crete) Greece: Crete is the largest of the Greek Islands and its cliff-side cities and resorts have amazing panoramic views of the Aegean Sea. Preveli Beach has lounge chairs, making it ideal for people who just want to laze around. The impressive inclusion of a freshwater river flowing straight through the beach and into the ocean is a gorgeous feature that makes this beach a dream to view from above and enjoy from ground-level.

  10. Shirahama Beach, Japan: Most of the white sand had to be shipped in courtesy of Australia, but Shirahama Beach is a Japanese heaven that’s just under a kilometer long in the Izu Peninsula just south of Tokyo.

  11. Long Beach (Tofino), BC, Canada: Quite out of the way, Tofino’s Long Beach is just off the coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. It is an interesting beach regardless of the season. Summers serve up great waves for beginner and novice surfers, and beachcombers will love walking kilometers of shoreline that seems to slowly fade into its dark depths.

  12. Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia: the laid back beach of Nusa Lembongan in Indonesia has numerous resorts and was once a huge surfer destination in the Indian Ocean.

  13. Venice Beach (California), USA: Venice Beach is a wonderfully diverse, palm tree-lined portion of the golden sand coast in Los Angeles, California. This amazing location is excellent for surfing and getting in a game of beach volleyball.