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  1. DINU PATRICIU Rompetrol Holding “Energy comes from the soul”

  2. Quick Factfile • Roumanian politician,businessman • He is one of the richest Romanians • his wealth can be estimated at 300-350 million dollars • He took the lead of Rompetrol in 1998 • Rompetrol is in 15th place among the most successful companies

  3. Business Area • Rompetrol Holding is one of the most important petrol companies from Romania • Rompetrol- multinational oil company headquartered in the Netherlands, with operations in 13 countries, with most of the assets and operations in Romania, France and South-East Europe. • In 2002, he perfected the biggest transaction on the oil market in Romania: Rompetrol make a partnership with OMV, the Austrian oil group rated the best at the Vienna Stock Exchange.

  4. Family • Dan Costache Patriciu, knowed like Dinu Patriciu, is married to Dana • Three children: Ana, Maria and Andrei Stefan (step son) • His father was Geology professor, then was director of the company Shell Romania

  5. Education • Graduated Arhitectural Institute “Ion Mincu”-Bucharest • He worked as arhitect at Design Institute of Ministry of Foreign Trade • In 1990 became member at PNL • In february 1990 established SC Alpha Construction and Real Estate S.A. • Founder and president at Dinu Patriciu Fondation, non-governmental organization • In 1998 acquired the Rompetrol company

  6. First Business Success • During the communist regime, he gained extensive experience in real estate and maked a lot of money, finished 40 commercials spaces in United Arab Emirates • In February 1990, he founded Patriciu SC Alpha Construction and Real Estate Investments SA, which obtained the operating permit no. 1, the first private company founded in postcommunist Romania

  7. Major Business Successes • In August 2007, Patriciu sold 75% stake in Rompetrol Holding (him holding a 80% share), which controlled the state oil company Rompetrol Group KazMunaiGaz of Kazakhstan; • Following this transaction, he remained president and general manager of Rompetrol group, but became the richest Romanian, with a fortune of about $ 3.4 billion, of which $ 2.7 billion came only Rompetrol stake sale

  8. Business Philosophy • “Draw money from money.” • “Whole mentality of living in communist Romania, refused capitalist success and believes that wealth can not only gain from theft, because as we were taught in school half a century.”

  9. Personality Traits • normal person, going underground; • drawing while talking on the phone; • do not spend a lot of money, so his wallet cares 200-300 ron

  10. Worlwide recognition • He made Rompetrol company one of the most important international project; • in 2009, Patriciu ranks 397 of 739 Forbes billionaires list, his fortune is estimated at 1.8 billion dollars (1.3 billion)

  11. Illustrative quotes • “The first million dollars I made from architectural design and real estate development. Not associated with oil. The thing about “the first million dollar” is a fairy tale, but it’s a fantasy based on reality. The reality is it really hard getting your first million, hardly make the top ten, and after that start to accumulate a lot easier because capitalism is based on an old Romanian proverb – draw money from money. It is not lyrical, it’s the reality”

  12. In my opinion, this businessman was able to make heard the name of Romania in other countries, which proves that it is a hard worker, ambitious and overcoming international boundaries reaching the top of the richest people business. Alexandra Maria Presecan

  13. In my opinion,Dinu Patriciu is one of the most important business man who has shown to his country that only working hardly you can rich the top.Also he demonstrated that money can’t bring the happiness,but menatins it helping the stundents with the program “Invent your future”. Cristina Gradinaru