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RADIUS Prepaid Extensions PowerPoint Presentation
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RADIUS Prepaid Extensions

RADIUS Prepaid Extensions

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RADIUS Prepaid Extensions

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  1. RADIUS Prepaid Extensions draft-lior-radius-prepaid-extensions-07.txt A. Lior, Y. Li, Bridgewater Systems P. Yegani, Cisco K. Chowdhury, Nortel C. Guenther, Siemens Lior, Chowdhury,Yegani,Guenther

  2. Changes from 05 • Added support for One-time charging event. • As discussed in IETF60 incorporated the Guenther draft -- see: draft-guenther-radext-ppebc-00.txt) • Added support to allow a RADIUS Prepaid server to re-balance quotas using (see: draft-chiba-radius-dynauthor-ext-00.txt) • Added support for tariff switching • Cleaned up. Lior, Chowdhury,Yegani,Guenther

  3. One-Time Charging Event • Used for charging of Service Events where there is no session (or no immediate session). • purchase of a ring-tone. • purchase of a right-to-view content. • Note: • the actual downloading of the ring-tone maybe charged or not as part of the network access. It’s up to the operators to determine what gets charged. • If we don’t want to charge for the actual download • The ring-tone price can be adjusted down for prepaid users; • Use a IP-flow that is not prepaid metered. • Credit the account. Lior, Chowdhury,Yegani,Guenther

  4. Querying and Rebalancing Prepaid Resources • In cases where a Service Access Device (e.g. NAS) has been allocated quota and the user’s account is depleted (or near depletion) • For example, the user is attempting to purchase a ring-tone at one Service-Device, but his account is near zero, but quota is still outstanding at the NAS. • It should be possible for the Prepaid system to query the NAS to find out what is its current usage AND to allow the Prepaid system to reclaim some Quota and transfer it to another Service Access Device (in this case the Ring-Tone vending Device) Lior, Chowdhury,Yegani,Guenther

  5. Tariff Switching • Tariff rates switch based on time-of-day • NAS reports traffic used before the tariff switch and after the tariff switch. • Support single flows and multiple flows. Lior, Chowdhury,Yegani,Guenther

  6. Work Ahead • Feature-for-Feature equivalence to Diameter Credit Control. • Cleanup. • Incorporate ideas that are being developed now. • Capability Exchange etc.. • Integration with Diameter Credit Control. • Going to be hard. • The idea of having a simple translation function is not possible. • Fundamental difference exists. For example, in RADIUS the quotas are cumulative and in Diameter they are deltas. Lior, Chowdhury,Yegani,Guenther