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Automatic Fire extinguisher ball

Automatic Fire extinguisher ball. The Deadliest Fires Catch us unaware. Appearance. brife introduction. Automatic prevention of fire, unlike traditional fire extinguisher

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Automatic Fire extinguisher ball

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  1. Automatic Fire extinguisher ball The Deadliest Fires Catch us unaware

  2. Appearance

  3. brife introduction • Automatic prevention of fire, unlike traditional fire extinguisher • After throwing into or rolling into fire, it will explode and give off a loud sound to catch everyone's attention nearby. • You can also place it near fire hotspots are such as flammable objects, circuit breaker box and gas tank. • In case of fire, it will put out the fire by itself thus guarding lives and property. • The ball is fully automatic fire extinguisher

  4. Description Weight:1.3±0.2KG Total Weight: 1.5±0.2KG Shape: Ball Type Diameter:15cm Warning Sound: 120dB (Impulse Noise) Instruction: Fixed position by automatic fire sensor and /or throw in fire area Ignition: Automatically explodes within 3-5second after contact with fire. Effective extinguish area: 3-5 Cubic meter Lifespan: 5 years

  5. Composition 1.Ball container-- High density Expanded polystyrene seal cover with PVC film. 2.Foam--EXPANDED POLYSTER (EPS)PENTFOAM. Resin must be graded 361F, 291L 3.Powder-- ABC Multi-purpose dry chemical powder, Power must have 90% ammonium phosphate. With classification No - CAS 7722-76-1 and GB4066.2-2004, ISO 7201:1987, NEQ. 4.Fuse--Fuses are made of potassium nitrate and sulphur on a silk fiber thread.

  6. Five Advantages Portable Automatic Operation Effective and Rapid Safe Can be a fire alarm Simple operation

  7. Portable Light weight only 1.3 kilograms,shapeofa ball even the old and children can use it easily

  8. Effective and Rapid As long as beentouched for 3-5seconds by flamereaching 70 degree, ABC willautomaticallyextinguish the fire effectively and rapidly.

  9. Safe *You don't need to be close to fire scenes toextinguish the fire any more. *ABC is made oftotally harmless material to the environment and safe for users *The exploding power has beenaccuratelycalculated to be approved safe.

  10. Can be a fire alarm *It can always be at your service to extinguish thefire and there is no need of regular inspection yearly. *The product life span is 5 years, and the decibelwhen extinguishing the fire can be a fire alarm towarn people in the fire scenes.

  11. As long as you simply roll it out to fire scenes orset it near fire hotspots, such as the electric case, the gas barrel, flammable chemical articles in the factory, shopping mall, gas station, hotel, or even in the car. Simplyoperated

  12. Electrical Fire Scenario

  13. Warehouse fire Scenario

  14. The Forest Fire Situation

  15. Explosion Impact and Sound Level Test

  16. The patent for utility model in China

  17. Approved certificates

  18. Thankyou

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