customer journey for gsi and mts l.
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Customer Journey For GSi and Mts PowerPoint Presentation
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Customer Journey For GSi and Mts

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Customer Journey For GSi and Mts - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Customer Journey For GSi and Mts. Coverage. The GSi Family The Public Sector Network (PSN) PSN Services Procurement Programme Convergence Frameworks Transition Activity/Timetable Any Questions. CLG. HMRC. CCG. DWP. Government Gateway. Suppliers. GSI. GSi Family. Citizen.

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Customer Journey For GSi and Mts

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    1. Customer JourneyFor GSi and Mts

    2. Coverage • The GSi Family • The Public Sector Network (PSN) • PSN Services Procurement Programme • Convergence Frameworks • Transition Activity/Timetable • Any Questions

    3. CLG HMRC CCG DWP Government Gateway Suppliers GSI GSi Family Citizen PSI Gateway GSE GCSX N3 Local Authorities (England & Wales) GSX Gateway NHS Mail Local Authorities (Scotland) CJSM PNN

    4. The Public Sector Network • The PSN is intended to create the effect of a single, secure communications network from hundreds of disconnected infrastructures for the whole of the Public Sector. • Currently every department, agency, local authority and police authority has its own network, at least 2,000 networks exist, connecting around 5.5 million public sector workers over hundreds of sites • The PSN will create a 'network of networks', a safe and secure 'internet' for the Public Sector from the existing commercial infrastructure. It will not buy infrastructure or capability. Instead it will develop a market place providing opportunities for industry and savings for the Public Sector. • The PSN will not appear overnight. Delivery of the service will be incremental, with contractual ‘vehicles’ appearing across a common core network.

    5. The Public Sector Network • Buying Solutions is working as part of the PSN programme to deliver procurement efficiencies based on aggregated demand. • The PSN team, through Buying Solutions, will deliver flexible and easy procurement routes to help public sector organisations to become PSN compliant.

    6. PSN Services Procurement Programme • PSNS Convergence frameworks for the replacement of Mts and Gsi • The procurement programme will put in place replacement frameworks for the Managed Telecommunications Service (Mts) and the Government Secure Intranet (GSi), to provide business continuity solutions for customers who currently use these services. • These frameworks incorporate PSN standards available when the procurement exercise commenced, and are converging towards PSN standards • MTCF – Managed Telecommunications Convergence Framework • GCF – GSi Convergence Framework • PSN Services frameworks

    7. The Journey GSi GCF PSN Mts MTCF

    8. Convergence Frameworks • Multi vendor Mts Convergence framework (MTCF) • Single vendor GSi Convergence framework (GCF) • Stepping stone towards PSN compliance and will become fully PSN compliant in their own right • PSN Standards available at ITPD were incorporated • Framework duration: 2 years + 1, + 1 • Business continuity for the existing customer base

    9. Benefits of Convergence Frameworks: • Support Business Continuity • “Stepping Stones” towards full PSN Compliance • MTCF - Opening up of marketplace, utilising competition to drive costs down and harness innovation, as far as possible • Convergence Frameworks are inclusive of all public sector customers

    10. Timeline for Framework availability PSN Frameworks to follow

    11. The Transition Team • Purpose • To support continuity of service for all Mts and GSi customers post contract/framework expiry and provide access to the replacement services. • Through • Information sharing, data gathering and scheduling. Feeding back into the workstream leads and informing the procurements. • How • One to one meetings; group meetings; customer packs; e-zines; websites; guidance and advice on customer options and strategic choices. • Who • Alan Stanmore Workstream lead • Tony Brown London and South East • Sue Eltringham East of England and Midlands • Paul Inward North and South West & Wales • Tim Orton Scotland and Northern Ireland • Becky Steer Programme Support •

    12. Transition Team Activity • Customer Communications • Portfolios • Questionnaires • Validating data and contacts • Future Requirements • Further competition arrangements (MTCF) • Transition Planning Co-ordination • Exit Strategy

    13. Summary • Business Continuity • Working towards PSN Vision • Flexibility •

    14. Any Questions?

    15. Timescales Under the Efficiency & Reform Group (ERG), all procurement decisions are subject to a comprehensive review to ensure that new arrangements provide best value for money and support the Government’s centralised procurement agenda. This process is impacting on the publication dates of OJEU notices for ongoing projects, including Public Sector Network Services. As such we are unable to confirm dates at present but please be assured that we will update you once we have further information.