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How Node.js Has That Much Fast? PowerPoint Presentation
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How Node.js Has That Much Fast?

How Node.js Has That Much Fast?

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How Node.js Has That Much Fast?

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  1. Welcome In OnGraph Technology

  2. One of the biggest advantage of NodeJs is its execution speed. What is Execution Speed? Execution speed could be anything between Fibonacci sequence to querying database. In web services, execution speed holds significance as it helps process request and send the response back to the client. If you grab it, execution speed is starting from opening a connection to the client receiving the response. Here are amazing advantages ofnode.js outsourcing

  3. 1. NodeJs is asynchronous and single-threaded. As a result of this, it's I/O operations doesn't block another operation. It helps reading files, send emails, a query to the database, etc. in the meantime. 2. Web server request in Nodejs does not create a separate NodeJS process. Even one NodejS process run at all times and also listens to connections. In the process, the main thread is executed using Javascript, and I/O operations on the other hands are executed in separate threads that ensure no delays.

  4. 3. NodeJS' Virtual Machine that executes JavaScript has JIT compilation. In the scenarios when a virtual machine takes the source code, it can compile it to machine code at runtime. Meaning, that 'hot' functions that get called very often, easily compiled to machine code, improving execution speed significantly. The above advantages NodeJS offers due to providing asynchronous concept. The framework supports developers to write code for server-side coding in JavaScript. It makes it the biggest competitor among PHP, Python/Django, and RoR. As we already understand that Node.Js program never hangs around doing nothing, it makes the framework highly popular. Writing an app using Node.js requires a particular frame of mind as everything is based on events. Did you know there are 7 million Node.js instances online?. Among three out of four users are planning to increase the use of Node.js in the upcoming projects. Did you know software engineers are learning Node.js in different languages other than English? Outside the U.S., China is the second most user of the framework. Selecting the right backend technology is not an easy job. If your first and foremost priority is performance, there are lots of arguments for Node.js. Apart from several reasons to choose this framework, two other crucial factors make it a choice for a project.

  5. 1. Node.js is getting older. Yes, being an old framework being matured. Even LinkedIn and Groupon switched to Node.js from Rails for performance gains and scalability. The developers from these companies claim that the switch was for previously monolithic Ruby on Rails apps which were tough to scale. 2. Node.js is highly popular. Node.js is appealing, and that is the reason it is getting popularity. Among many appealing features, here is the popular one:

  6. a) Tooling: Windows, your phone, Linux, Mac, etc. all executes the same runtime. It's handy everywhere. b) Ease of access/learning curve: Anyone familiar with OOP, procedural and js development, can start with Node.js quickly. c) Single Language for UI and Business Logic: Node.js is javascript based framework, and that makes it highly convenient for the developers. d) Ubiquity: Javascript is continually improving, thus usability and support even for Node.js. Conclusion: You want your backend framework (or environment) to last as long as possible and to be supported and expanded forever. The trend for Node.js is very promising.Nodejs app development companies are providing end-to-end support in hiring only the best talent for a project development and maintenance. Find the best companies today and get your app development onboard.

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