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Welcome to the Minnesota SharePoint User Group. April 8 th , 2009 SharePoint and Business Intelligence Neil Iversen. Meeting # 54. http://www.sharepointmn.com. Agenda. Introductions Business Intelligence – Part 1 Break Business Intelligence – Part 2 Q&A Drawings !!.

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  1. Welcome to the Minnesota SharePoint User Group April 8th, 2009 SharePoint and Business Intelligence Neil Iversen Meeting # 54 http://www.sharepointmn.com

  2. Agenda • Introductions • Business Intelligence – Part 1 • Break • Business Intelligence – Part 2 • Q&A • Drawings !! http://www.sharepointmn.com

  3. User Group Goal / Objectives Develop and support a local community focused on Microsoft SharePoint Technologies Educate user group members about SharePoint Technologies Transfer knowledge within the community Communicate best practices Introduce new products / solutions http://www.sharepointmn.com

  4. Introductions – MNSPUG Sponsors Inetium (www.inetium.com) Technology consulting company Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Practice area focused on SharePoint New Horizons – Minnesota (www.newhorizonsmn.com) Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Training on many technologies Microsoft (www.microsoft.com) http://www.sharepointmn.com

  5. www.sharepointmn.com Website for user group SharePoint resource documents SharePoint resource links RSS Feeds Meeting Schedule Past User Group Presentations info@sharepointmn.com www.sharepointmn.com http://www.sharepointmn.com

  6. Upcoming Schedule Next Meeting May 13th 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM - MNSPUG’s 5th Anniversary!! Topics – Check www.sharepointmn.com for updates!: SharePoint Workflows and Business Process Using SharePoint to Reengineer your business processes and trim costs – Best Buy Case Study (Sarah Haase) Lunch ‘n’ Learn – TBD Ongoing Schedule 2nd Wednesday of every month 9:00 to 11:30 am Microsoft’s Bloomington Office http://www.sharepointmn.com

  7. Announcements Microsoft SharePoint Designer – is now FREE!! Lunch ‘n’ Learn TODAY talking about thisSharePoint Team Blog:http://blogs.msdn.com/sharepoint/archive/2009/04/02/sharepoint-designer-available-as-a-free-download.aspxAnother good post:http://www.sharepoint-elearning.com/screencasts/blog/default.aspx 10 Free ThemesPost with images: http://www.zimmergren.net/archive/2009/03/23/ten-10-free-sharepoint-themes-visual-overview.aspxMicrosoft Link: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?displaylang=en&FamilyID=0a87658f-20b8-4dcc-ad7a-09ad22641f3a http://www.sharepointmn.com

  8. Local Events Minneapolis Office Developer Interest GroupCustom Workflow Actions for SharePoint DesignerTuesday, April 28th 5:30 PMUnited Properties Learning Center – see website for details:http://www.sharepointmn.com/MODIG http://www.sharepointmn.com

  9. Book Deals Manning Press – www.manning.comNow through April 30, 2009Use code: sharepointug45% off the following books: SharePoint 2007 Developer’s Guide to Business Data Catalogby Brett Lonsdale and Nick Swan SharePoint Server 2007 Survival Guideby Penelope Coventry SharePoint 2007 Site Administrator’s Handbookby Yvonne Harryman Available now through the Manning Early Access Program. In Print September 2009 http://www.sharepointmn.com

  10. Conferences • TechEd 2009 – May 11-15, 2009http://www.microsoft.com/events/TechEd2009/ • Los Angeles, CA • SharePoint Conference 2009 – October 19-22, 2009http://www.mssharepointconference.comLas Vegas, NV http://www.sharepointmn.com

  11. Presentation More Discussion

  12. Agenda What is BI? Exploring the Stack SharePoint and BI Performance Point http://www.sharepointmn.com

  13. What is BI? Business Intelligence Core Definition Making smarter decisions using data Buzzword Compliant http://www.sharepointmn.com

  14. Why do we need BI? BI is based on Data Data is growing rapidly across all organizations There’s probably something useful in all that data….don’t you wish you could find it? http://www.sharepointmn.com

  15. Core Business Reasons Driving BI Unified view of the organization Single source of truth Simplify reporting needs across multiple groups http://www.sharepointmn.com

  16. Key Areas of Business Intelligence

  17. Analytic Applications Performance Point End User Application Custom Code SharePoint Server SharePoint Server Excel SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Data Platform SQL Server Relational Database

  18. Extract Transform and Load (ETL) Updated DTS environment More trustworthy and reliable Development environment Many out-of-the-box transforms Extensible Custom tasks Custom enumerations Custom transformations Custom data sources SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

  19. Business Perspective Data in different systems needs to be connected and related Reporting often requires looking beyond more than one system IT Perspective Provides the glue to connect systems SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

  20. OLAP engine / Cubes Advanced business intelligence KPI/Perspectives Custom/limited aggregations and semi-additive measures Web services Data mining in the platform Integrated developer tools SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)

  21. What is a Cube? Souped Up Excel Pivot Table Measures and Dimensions Measures Are Measurable $27, 4,000 Units Sold, 65 Returned, 5 Days Processing Dimensions Filters for your cube, attributes of the data Sold December 2008, Manufactured October 2008, Product Line B, Minneapolis, Bob’s Purchase Parlor http://www.sharepointmn.com

  22. But that’s not all! Fast Performance Data structures encourage Ad Hoc reporting Encourages Unified Dimensions across All Data http://www.sharepointmn.com

  23. Business Perspective Multi-dimensional views of information Improved speed Slicing and dicing IT Perspective Stores predetermined aggregations Reduces reporting load on transactional systems SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)

  24. Reporting solution Report authoring, management, delivery Visual Studio .NET development environment Report Builder Integrates with SharePoint Reporting Services

  25. Reporting Services Visual Studio .NET For developers Leverages .NET Report Builder End user reporting Ad-hoc Two Methods of Report Design

  26. Demo More Discussion

  27. Where does SharePoint fit?

  28. SharePoint Report Center • SharePoint 2007 Site Template • Starting point for SharePoint BI • Repository for reports • Includes many features • Dashboard Pages • Excel Web Access • Report Library • Report Calendar • Filter web parts • Integration with other tools

  29. Dashboard Pages in Report Center • SharePoint page • Create individual dashboards • Contains a number of different parts • Content Editor • Contact Details • Filter Actions • Excel Web Access • KPI • Summary Link

  30. SSRS Reports in SharePoint • Report Library • SQL 2005 Service Pack 2 • Report viewer web part • Publish Reports to SharePoint • Leverage features of SharePoint • Versioning • Workflow • Etc.

  31. Demo More Discussion

  32. Key Performance Indicator (KPI) List • List template • Graphically displays KPI’s • Use to track metrics • Data from multiple sources • SharePoint Lists • Excel Services • SQL Analysis Services 2005 • Manually entered

  33. KPI Web Part List  Detail  Displays KPI’s in SharePoint

  34. Demo More Discussion

  35. SharePoint Excel Services Web based version of Excel Thin client (browser) view of Excel spreadsheets Published spreadsheets can connect to external data Designed to cut down on proliferation of Excel files and outdated data

  36. How does it work? Excel 2007 Excel 2007client Customapplications Excel Services Thin renderingin browser View and Interact Author and Publish Spreadsheets Open Spreadsheet/Snapshot Web ServicesAccess Authoring Exploration and Consumption

  37. Demo More Discussion

  38. SharePoint Filters • Used to filter data on a page • Multiple filter types • Authored List • Business Data Catalog • Current User • Date • Query String (URL) • SharePoint List • SSAS • Text

  39. Current User Filter Leverages current logged in user Can utilize a user profile value for the current user Hidden on screen Good for web parts that need a context of ‘My’ Example ‘My Orders’ would filter all orders in another web part

  40. Date Filter Part • Allows user to specify a date • Different types of defaults • Specific date • Offsets from today

  41. Query String Filter Part • Sends value of query string parameter to web part • User can define the parameter to pull from • Hidden except when in edit mode • Good for passing context

  42. Analysis Services (SSAS) Filter Leverages SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services User selects dimension Great for reusing existing dimensions defined in SSAS

  43. Bringing it all Together in SharePoint Dashboard Filters KPI’s Excel Services

  44. Demo More Discussion

  45. PerformancePoint Server 2007 • PPS 2007 Dashboards in SharePoint • Using SharePoint Lists / Excel Services for data in PPS 2007 scorecards • SharePoint PPS 2007 Dashboard Item Web Part Multiple Points of Integration

  46. What is PerformancePoint Server 2007? • Business analytics • Financial reporting • Consolidation • Planning • Budgeting • Forecasting • Scorecard management

  47. PPS Dashboard Designer • Dashboard Designer Components • Dashboard • Scorecard • KPI’s • Reports • Data sources • Indicators • Publish PPS dashboards directly to SharePoint

  48. PPS Scorecards using SharePoint Lists • Dashboard Designer to build scorecards • Connect to data in SharePoint Lists • Can also connect to Excel Services • Beneficial when backend database doesn’t exist • Rapid deployment • Scenario: • Customer / Employee satisfaction survey results

  49. PPS Dashboard Item Web Part • Web part that comes with PPS 2007 • Displays individual PPS dashboard items from published PPS dashboards • Create different layouts in SharePoint • Can be used in conjunction with other web parts • SharePoint core parts • Other BI web parts • more

  50. Demo More Discussion

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