how to enjoy car rental in corfu n.
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How to Enjoy Car Rental in Corfu PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Enjoy Car Rental in Corfu

How to Enjoy Car Rental in Corfu

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How to Enjoy Car Rental in Corfu

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  1. How to Enjoy Car Rental in Corfu ? Corfu also known as Kerkyra of the Ionian Greek Islands is a magnificent example of beauty, fun, and hotness. This second largest island is located off the west coast of Greece along the Ionian Sea. The undiscovered stretches of western coastline are ready to cater huge taste of life to party-happy the atmosphere. Corfu being a beautiful place has become a popular destination among tourists and the best way to explore the island is by Car Rental in Corfu. Dotted with high mountains, lush green olive groves, native fishing villages and gleaming white beaches, this picturesque landscape offers an experience to die for. On hiring a car you can have a comfortable travel at your own happy pace and enjoy the ride on finer points. Fun Car Rental Corfu for Cities and Towns Corfu is an amazing place to use as a base with the two fortresses as city’s main landmarks. The Old Fortress can be reached by means of a bridge as it is separated by a moat and the New Fortress houses the Ceramics Museum and a bar. The Old Town is special due to the narrow streets and admirable with its Venetian-style architecture, therefore designated as one of the UNESCO World Heritage site. Another important attraction of Corfu Town is city’s largest square – Spianada, which comprises of cafes and gardens along with Saint Michael and Saint George Palace, which again houses Museum of Asian Art and Municipal Gallery.

  2. For more sightseeing and vacation activities - visit the village of Gastouri, Acharavi Roman Baths, Hydropolis Water Park, and Achillion Palace,Car Rental in Corfu is the best option. Hire Cars to Enjoy Beaches and Mountains Fantastic sceneries are forte of Corfu, so driving rental cars to island’s highest mountain is fun as well as grace and the view from Mount Pantokrátor summit will bestow you with a fantastic view of Albania and Italy. Not only mountains, you can also reach numerous Corfu’s beaches, which includes Arilas Beach and beaches around the village of Paleokastrista. Driving Tips for the Car Rental Corfu Trip Some simple tips to remember when holidaying among the beauty of Corfu: Chose the best company to serve you Drive on road’s right-hand side Ask the drivers to carry their driving licence , and vehicle documentation Ask them to drive carefully and keep speed down as roads in remote areas are narrow and unmaintained In this Ionian Greek Islands, the love of nature can be admired humoungously , so hop on a rental car and admire the beauty.

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