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Thor Character Breakdown

Thor Character Breakdown. Thor Character .

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Thor Character Breakdown

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  1. Thor Character Breakdown

  2. Thor Character A Young and foolish up incoming king of Asgard is tried and tested by his father Odin to see if he really has what it takes to be king. In this report I will be breakdown character’s within this story 3-dimensionality and reveal their physicality, sociological and psychological makeup. Throughout this story Thor goes on a journey to learn how to properly run a kingdom instead of always just using brute face all of the time. It is with these lessons that he learns when he is banished from his world to earth that makes him realize what's really important . Thor matures and grows throughout his journey and the movie.

  3. The Protagonist and Antagonist Thor Physicality- He is very strong, muscular and has a lot of endurance to fight his enemies off for long periods of time. Sociology- He is a great speaker, heroic, He is always the last one to leave the battle field, cares for his homeland as well as his friends and family. Psychology- He always uses brute force to solve his problems, he is cocky and foolish at times, he acts out before he thinks things through, he is very self centered and conceded. He dreams of taking over his father’s place as king of Asgard.

  4. Loki Thor’s Brother Physicality- He is weak and not a good warrior as his brother. Sociology- He is just now to the kingdom as well as the people there as Thor’s “brother” and the kings “other” son. He is looked down on and seen different by his father and the kingdom. Psychology- He is smart unlike this brother and thinks before he acts, He wants to prove to his father that he can run a kingdom and make him proud. He strives to be noticed as more then just the “other” son. He has a lot of jealousy and envy tours his brother Thor.

  5. Compare and Contrast Compare Both Thor as well as Loki want to became king and want to make their father proud. Contrast Thor is stronger then his brother, which makes his brother jealous and envy him. Thor is more heroic then Loki. Loki is more witty then his brother but he lacks morals that his brother Thor has. Unlike Thor who is popular among his people and father, Loki is the outcast and always gets overlooked. Thor uses brute force as for Loki who uses brains. Thor uses his powers for good, Loki uses them for evil.

  6. Hero -THOR The all mighty Thor son of Odin. He dreams of one day becoming king after his father passes. Thor ‘s father Odin puts Thor through tests and trails after Thor disobeys his father orders and goes Jotunhiem and wage war with Asgard enemies the frost Giants . Thor’s father banishes him to earth were he must learn how to be mortal till his father see it fit to send him back home . Thor goal or object is to learn what it takes to become a true hero like his father and save Asgard from his brother’s cloches and stop the frost giants invasion.

  7. Villain -Loki Loki is Odin’s adopted frost giant son. Odin took him from the frost giants during the war when Loki was a little. Loki knows that he is not apart of the same blood as Thor. Loki is confused and strives to prove and out do this brother to get his fathers respect. Loki secretly leads the frost giants through Asgard secure walls to steal the ice crystal box as a plan to get Thor mad so that Thor’s father can banish him. Loki wants Thor out of the picture so that he can become king. Loki will stop at nothing to become king, even if that means killing this own brother.

  8. False Hero- Loki In this story Loki is not only the villain but he is the false hero as well. Loki has a master plan of letting the frost giants in Asgard and acting like only he can save the people of Asgard. His plan will allow him to look like a hero within the eyes of the Asgard people as well as his father Odin. Loki almost succeeds but his plan is foiled when Thor returns and sees through Loki’s trickery thus the false hero is revealed to what he truly is and the real hero “Thor” becomes king.

  9. Helpers Thor three warriors friends Volstagg, Fandral, Hogun help by setting off to find Thor on earth after they find out what Loki’s plan really is. They travel to earth in search of their warrior and friend Thor and bring him back to Asgard so that Thor can defeat his brother and take his rightful place as king on the throne.

  10. Farther - Odin Odin King of Asgard and father to Thor and Loki. Odin banishes Thor to earth after he disobeys his orders not to wage war on the frost giants. Odin hopes that this banishment will help Thor understand and teach Thor a lesson not to be so cocky and self centered if he wishes to become a king. Odin wants Thor to grow and mature from this and come back to Asgard a better man and finally learn that brute force is not always the answer.

  11. Ideological Significance The ideological significance is that both the protagonist and antagonist both strive for the same goal within this story. Thor wants to become king because he thinks that he would be a great king and he plans to fellow in the footsteps of his father. Loki also wishes to be king but if he was king he would think with his brain instead of using brute force. Thor is the symbol of right and wrong. Loki is the symbol for deception and mischief. Although this is a superhero story these characteristics can be found in all of us and that is what makes the story realistic to a certain extent and helps the viewer relate better.

  12. Conclusion All in all it is with Character analysis that we can truly breakdown character’s 3-Dimensionality by finding out their Physicality, Sociology and Psychology of that set character. It is through these things that we can pick out the functions and importance of each character and their relationships with each other. We also can go deeper with a character’s breakdown through the ideological sense as well. All of these thing makeup and compose The basic foundation in order to do a character analysis and gain a better understanding of the character’s and their environment. THE END

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