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  2. BRANDS CAN REASSERT THEIR PROFITABILITY BY USING PAY-PER-CLICK ADS TO INCREASE CONVERSION. WE MANAGE PPC ADVERTS DIFFERENTLY, SO WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT? In online marketing, ROI is consistent, scalable, and trackable. You can easily expand your presence with Pay Per Click Ad Management. CONCLUSIVE RESEARCH Using the latest technology, we manage PPC Ad accounts for businesses of all sizes and frequently exceed client KPIs.

  3. WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE RESULTS The most effective way to get the most out of your PPC campaign is to combine it with conversion rate optimisation and landing pages to drive revenue with each PPC channel you use. SEEKING PERFORMANCE Need PPC Ads that deliver more than what they talk about? ASSURANCE You have no risk: either we will beat your current Google Ads campaigns, or we won't charge you a cent.

  4. Our PPC Management Agency Process 1. KNOWING CLIENTS, WEBSITES, AND INDUSTRIES We need to know exactly what you do and how you operate. As such, we ask you some key questions to ensure that we help you get the most out of your PPC ads. Moreover, we also evaluate the competition, pick the good stuff, and avoid the bad ones. 2. AN IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS OF THE TARGET MARKET AND KEYWORDS Search Engine Marketing aims to have your PPC Ads placed in front of the right people, utilising the 1000s of targeting options we have available.

  5. In this instance, we must go to overdrive to determine which targeting will work best for you, whether through a social media campaign targeting people based on their demographics and job title or using high-intent keywords within a paid search engine campaign. 3. STRUCTURAL ASPECTS OF THE ACCOUNT A top-quality account structure is the cornerstone of a successful paid search campaign. Campaigns, ad groups, and targeting are planned in advance. Future growth of your search ads is one of our major goals.

  6. 4. MAKING ADS THAT STAND OUT You need to do several things to ensure that your paid ads are on point. With the help of our ads design team, we will be able to develop eye-catching ads that help you to communicate your brand messaging in a way that will attract people. 5. MONITORING CONVERSIONS Results are very important to us at Rozee Digital. We must set up conversion tracking to uncover which campaigns drive sales and enquiries.

  7. 6. OPTIMISED ACCORDING TO RESULTS Setting up campaigns isn't enough for us. Increasing and scaling the performance of your paid search ads requires us to keep pushing them forward. The more keywords you add, the fewer keywords you remove, tweaking the ad copy or adding advanced targeting, the greater the return you'll receive from paid search. 7. REPORTS AND COLLABORATION We send you reports that are easy to comprehend. Also, we'll go through the reports in a collaborative meeting, which can highlight areas that are working well to expand upon and possibly parts that need improvement.

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