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Software Wall Painting Advertising Campaigns in Mumbai PowerPoint Presentation
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Software Wall Painting Advertising Campaigns in Mumbai

Software Wall Painting Advertising Campaigns in Mumbai

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Software Wall Painting Advertising Campaigns in Mumbai

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  1. 06/11/2020 software Wall Painting Advertising Campaigns Archives - Marketing Agency Tag: software Wall Painting Advertising Campaigns Home/software Wall Painting Advertising Campaigns software Wall Painting Advertising | android user acquisition product sample Campaigns in Sector 25 Khandeshwar Navi Mumbai  October 18, 2019  dilipfulcrum WE  AVE MASTERED THE TRADITIONAL WAY OF MARKETING BY DELIVERING CAMPAIGNS THAT ROCKED THE OFFLINE SPACE. We Promote your App android user acquisition product sample 1/19

  2. 06/11/2020 software Wall Painting Advertising Campaigns Archives - Marketing Agency Increase your app downloads and sales with app marketing services from Fulcrum Fulcrum has proven that providing high quality and friendly client service are the keys to thriving in our  software Wall Painting Advertising Campaigns and android user acquisition product sample Campaigns in Sector 25 Khandeshwar, Navi Mumbai. These qualities are why our clients work with us and continue to come back to us time and again. Brand Strategy A brand strategy is more than just a logo, color palette or slogan – it is the ultimate experience instilled within your prospects and customers as they interact with your company, its product or services. A well-structured brand strategy combines all the elements from the digital spectrum, connecting your business with the latest aspiring trends, relaying its emotional perspective and creating a competitive corporate presence. Brand Development A strong brand – well marketed and well positioned, can transcend a product or service and actually become its own lifestyle.  A brand can take on an essence of its own if well executed. A brand re?ects your company culture, core values, principles and attributes of your products or services. It should be understood by anyone who sees and interacts with your company.  A strong developed brand showcases the company’s mission and clari?es the reason for your company’s existence. Your brand will be re?ected in all your communications and Fulcrum Marketing Solutions will help update, create and integrate your brand strategy into all components of your marketing. A key success factor in branding is consistency with the right products, marketing message, identity, and marketing plan. Over the years Fulcrum Marketing Solutions has helped many companies have clarity in their mission, vision, and development of the company culture that exudes their brand. 2/19

  3. 06/11/2020 software Wall Painting Advertising Campaigns Archives - Marketing Agency Does your brand re?ect your company culture, core values, principles and attributes of your products or services? Discover how your brand can showcase your company’s mission and clarify the reason for your company’s existence. Get your ‘look’ and your ‘language’ in alignment Gain clarity in the purpose of why your company exists Attract the ideal clients for your company Mobile Software Marketing Agency Of?ine marketing services in mumbai. Of?ine marketing is any effort at divulging new products to customers and services using the facilities like Internet and media. Of?ine marketing refers what kind of resources and techniques will constrain to the company. Mainly a person who is skilled in all adobe inventive suites and uses this acquaintance to get succeed and get reach of the embattled product mainly focuses in of?ine marketing. So in simple way marketing through online by using internet, ads and blogs is online marketing where as marketing through of?ine for the business is of?ine marketing. In this modern generation many of them spends time in internet and mobile phones so mostly people favor online than of?ine because whatever query arise regarding artifact, price, depiction, services etc. Event Marketing for Mobile Software Experiences. That’s what drives the decisions of consumers today. They want a positive, value based, life and work enhancing, quality experience. Your business needs to deliver it all the time and so do your events! Today’s business climate requires a more strategic approach to effectively planning of event, marketing the event, and then following up with the people you meet at the event. Depending upon your type of profession, events can be an annual occurrence. They are predictable. Other times, event triggers are non-predictable. A well developed marketing plan involves both Preevent- planning types of events. There are times when you need to be proactive in your event marketing. Other times, reactive.   On Ground Marketing On Ground marketing techniques increase your visibility and credibility footprint for other Btl marketing, media specialists and customers to 3/19

  4. 06/11/2020 software Wall Painting Advertising Campaigns Archives - Marketing Agency ?nd information about your business. The purpose of including press and media strategies into your marketing plan is to get you and your news in front of as many people as possible. Fulcrum Marketing Solutions works with you to develop and position you as the leading ‘Go To’ Expert in your area.  Featured press is a key component to leveraging your companies growth via quality content and press worthy situations. Depending upon your marketing plan, the growth goals of your company and your companies desired results from proactive campaigns, we offer a variety of options for achieving featured press for you and your company. Our quality of service can be dimensionalized in the following ways: FAST CREATIVE The more you work with us the more time you Innovation is the key proposition we imbue in save. Fulcrum’s Marketing Solutions are every atom of our  marketing model. We engineered to yield the fastest results in integrate popular trends, rich content, and turn- revenue optimized timelines so your business key strategies to gravitate customers and make grows and excels beyond expectations sure they never stop talking about you TARGETED SUPPORTIVE Our specialized services involve targeted As Marketing’s premier marketing Agency, our oriented milestones so your online business dedicated experts stay by your side, from start to cultivates unsurpassed exposure, robust the end, liaising your after-setup requirements engagement, top Google rankings, boosted and supplying valuable support with in-depth revenue generation and an age-less corporate analysis to expand your digital footprint identity Of?ine Marketing Long before the Internet became public, businesses were launched, built, thrived, and produced pro?ts. What we now call of?ine marketing was the ‘norm.’ It was the backbone of effectively marketing a business. 4/19

  5. 06/11/2020 software Wall Painting Advertising Campaigns Archives - Marketing Agency Effective marketing, of?ine or online, requires a good plan, understanding your target audience, great content, consistency and the ability to deliver the right marketing medium at the right time with the right offer.  Fulcrum Marketing Solutions has been developing, implementing, and integrating off-line marketing strategies for our own companies as well as our clients since 2001.   Mobile Start-Ups Enterprises As a start-up company we know that you work under Being a world-class mobile app marketing company, lots of constraints. We offer highly scalable mobile we are used to working on big, enterprise-level app marketing services to start-ups to make it projects. We have the needed resources and the possible for them to use our world-class mobile app manpower to handle large-scale marketing marketing services without bringing their start-up to operations involving multiple reach out programs a grinding halt due to a ?nancial crunch and a lack of and advertising campaigns targeting hundreds of expertise. thousands of users for your mobile app.   With its exceptional marketing services in mobile app advertising, the agency looks forward to providing the best ROI on the brand campaign.       | android user acquisition product sample Campaigns in Sector 25 Khandeshwar Navi Mumbai APP MARKETING STRATEGY TO PUSH YOUR MOBILE APPS FORWARD Increasing Download Numbers With Our Marketing Plan Enhance User Acquisition  Right Channels to Communicate With Local Consumers 5/19

  6. 06/11/2020 software Wall Painting Advertising Campaigns Archives - Marketing Agency User Engagement Merchant Training and  Engagement Activities Identifying The Need of the Application Loyal Target Audience. Sales Campaigns that Drive Conversions Awareness Campaigns to Maximize Brand Exposure Free : Consumers Love   Mobile App Consultation — Get the best solutions for orderly steps you can embark on. A discussion with the team will allow them to optimize app advertising strategies according to your requirements. Mobile App Monetization — Discover new ways of acquiring revenue from your app with the mobile app marketing agency’s revenue models. Pre-Launch Campaign — Get all the hype and buzz about your app to spread before the launch of your app. App Audit — Have all the reviews about your app assessed and moderated before the execution of the campaign. Public Relations — establishes public relations for your app which is certain to increase your app downloads. Post-Launch Marketing — Maintain the same initial excitement of your app even after launching it with social media campaigns and reviews. Reach farther and Manage — Tap into a global audience with community management and result-oriented optimization. App Install Campaigns — Advertise your apps on app stores which will result in more downloads.We offer the opportunity to easily market developer’s products directly to their target audiences in the areas  If you developed an app for the Android or iPhone markets and you need help attracting new customers you’ve come to the right place. We’ve been 6/19

  7. 06/11/2020 software Wall Painting Advertising Campaigns Archives - Marketing Agency extremely successful helping clients realize positive gains by Your app is probably very good and serves a real need, and with our help consumers will be made aware of your app a lot faster and for less money. android user acquisition product sample Campaigns in Sector 25 Khandeshwar Navi Mumbai user acquisition On ground marketing We are  not only increase the number of downloads of the app, but also encourage consumers to engage with the app regularly.  Merchant Acquiring IT Park Residential Society Door To Door Marketing Campus Marketing Customer Acquisition Shopper  B To B Marketing App Install Campaigns We have accumulated vast experience with App Install Campaigns over the years. USER ACQUISITION APP DOWNLOADS MERCHANT ACQUIRING APP LAUNCH CAMPAIGN We provide User When you makes apps to Get more installs for Acquisition services to a merchant, Launch app startegy your app startups and small & medium enterprises. 7/19

  8. 06/11/2020 software Wall Painting Advertising Campaigns Archives - Marketing Agency We offer the following services at extremely reasonable prices App Pre-Launch Services App Launch Services App Downloads App install Campaigns User OR Merchant Acquisition User OR Merchant KYC   Appstoreoptimizationsotheappgetsinfrontofpeoplewhoarelookingforitsfeatures Heavyonboardingsupportsobuyerscandownload,learn,andbeginusingtheappquickly. Ongoingcustomermarketingtoensurethatbuyersareactivelyusingtheapp. AdditionalpromotionaltacticssuchasencouragingcustomerreviewsandofferinghelpfulQRcodes. The anatomy of a marketing campaign Marketing activities require careful planning so that every step of the process is understood before you launch. Because a marketing campaign is tactical and project based, you need to map out the process from the initial promotional tactic to the ultimate outcome. Pick your target audience: Who are you interested in attracting? Set your goals : What do you want to accomplish with this campaign and how will you measure performance? Determine your offer: What incentive will get their attention? Identify your channel: What media channels will you use to promote this offer? Create your Team: How will you get the user to take action? Nurture the lead: How do you help your visitors with their buying journey? Track and measure results: How will you measure success? 8/19

  9. 06/11/2020 software Wall Painting Advertising Campaigns Archives - Marketing Agency Street Teams Sales Demonstration Field Sales Activities Direct selling Kiosk Door to Door Sales Activities RETAIL AND IN- Field Marketing Sales Staff Mall Market STORE MARKETING Door To Door B2B Sales Activities/ MOBILE Marketing Sales Promotion Corporate MARKETING Face To Face Sales Coupons Contact mobile app android Marketing promotions Programs Feet On Street B To B Marketing consumer sales Society marketing Dealer Marketing promotions Activation mobile app android Retail Marketing – seller acquisition App Launches Feet On Street The New Retaility product sampling Promotion marketing Mobile App android mobile Shopper software malls Marketing application Brand Marketing Marketing Merchant management Merchandising mobile app Male Acquiring android mobile software In-store Promoters Customer Brand promotion Promotion mobile app Male Acquisition mobile application Product Promoters Hoardings Launches mobile software Lea?et advertisement Distribution ARE YOU STRUGGLING WITH YOUR MARKETING? We Want to Hear About it With the pace of innovation today, it seems like what worked one day in marketing doesn’t the next. It’s important to have a team on your side whose job it is to stay on top of things. If you’re struggling to keep up, let us know. Our team of experts is ready to get to work for you! Contact Us : 9/19

  10. 06/11/2020 software Wall Painting Advertising Campaigns Archives - Marketing Agency android user acquisition product sample Campaigns in Sector 25 Khandeshwar Navi Mumbai APP MARKETING STRATEGY TO PUSH YOUR MOBILE APPS FORWARD android user acquisition house2house marketing We give you rich  ?eldwork team,  data about your customers, the intelligence and execution ?eldwork team  to take action on that data, and the marketing channels to engage personally and meaningfully. And, we offer Services to bring it all together and drive your business outcomes. Thethreemostimportantfactorsthatcontributetoclients’overallsatisfactionwithappmarketingagenciesare: Communication> Reliability Results To guarantee local marketing effectiveness, top corporate marketing teams practice the following: They know how local marketing campaigns align with the brand’s overall marketing plan They have de?ned local marketing campaign goals and objectives They select the right channels to communicate with local consumers They create an actionable plan and empower local af?liates to work independently They monitor local campaign effectiveness and learn from the results   user acquisition Retail Marketing We are a shop owner acquisition product sampling and  android Consumer Acquisition Visual merchandising Agency helping brands and start-ups grow their mobile business through understanding customer needs and creating tailored marketing strategies to engage audience and facilitate rapid user acquisition. We will help you outshine your competitors through understanding the right marketing channels for your mobile app and then crafting promotion and marketing accordingly. 10/19

  11. 06/11/2020 software Wall Painting Advertising Campaigns Archives - Marketing Agency We create experiences that transform brands online, grow your businesses and make people’s lives easier. Mobile Marketing delivers industry leading marketing, web, and mobile experiences through strategy, design, and technology. retailer acquisition Flyer Delivery All too often app publishers rush into development with a solid idea in hand and a team to build it but skip some crucial planning steps which are necessary to make sure you hit the mark when you get your product out to market. A comprehensive strategic plan prior to beginning development can help you better understand your market, competition and your user which is invaluable in making sure that your app is on the right track to properly compete. Rooting business decisions in the market takes risk out of your product launch and increases the chance of success right out of the gate. Fulcrum will work with you and your teams to understand your idea and help perform the necessary analysis to create an effective app strategy to better position your app in the marketplace.   android mobile software Marketing activation We will make sure your app becomes a hit by employing speci?c app marketing strategies that naturally attract consumers and most importantly, we turn those consumers into your advocates. With our iPhone app marketing services people will be downloading your app and asking their friends to download it as well. Get stronger mobile app Street marketing campaigns out that have higher conversions that actually drive better business outcomes. user acquisition direct marketing activation Never underestimate the power of traditional  promotions. Invest some money into your business and your app and run burst campaigns that can help you get featured on a Top Charts list. Burst ad campaigns will promote your app through internet ads that will generate traf?c to your website and app. The more downloads you get in that time the higher you’ll rank in the app stores. Once you get the attention in the app store you will get more organic downloads and can decrease your spending on marketing. 11/19

  12. 06/11/2020 software Wall Painting Advertising Campaigns Archives - Marketing Agency retailer acquisition Brand Building If you are creating a new app and not looking to promote an established app, there are certain things you should do before you launch your app. Like any good marketing campaign, the work always starts before the campaign is launched or, in the case of new apps before the app goes live. You should start by choosing an audience or customer base. When you know who you are marketing to selling your brand is much easier. Think about your demographic from a broad perspective and then narrow it down as best as you can so you can target a select audience instead of a general one. We at Fulcrum, offer innovative mobile app Street marketing, mobile app marketing services for your mobile apps. Mobile app is booming in the industry and there is a competition to get your app noticed in the market. android user acquisition product sample It used to be that reading the newspaper was as pivotal to the morning routine as a cup of coffee. Even as technology advances and more news outlets offer online versions of their publications, many people still read the paper. Those people might just be potential customers. Run an ad in your local newspaper. Maybe even try reaching out to several of your most local newspapers and asking to get in. They’re generally not too expensive to put an ad in, and you’ll be seen by a lot of local people who will be interested in your business. software Wall Painting Advertising Guerrilla marketing has seen a ton of success in recent years. If you can lead a marketing campaign with a solid guerilla-based approach, you’ll see a huge return on your investment. Of all the of?ine marketing ideas I’ve listed here, however, this one can be the most challenging. Not because it’s costly, but because it’s so dif?cult to predict the results. Originality doesn’t come easily. A genius guerrilla marketing idea doesn’t come out of thin air. You need a good team to brainstorm with, and you need a lot of energy focused into creativity. A business owner generally doesn’t have a lot of time or mental energy left at the end of the day. I’d highly suggest getting a team to help you come up with a unique and creative guerrilla idea, and then spread it everywhere you can. retailer acquisition Advertising in malls& multiplexes 12/19

  13. 06/11/2020 software Wall Painting Advertising Campaigns Archives - Marketing Agency For retailers, the best defense against new and existing threats is a loyal customer base. Your app is the best way to cultivate that loyalty. What other channel gives you a direct connection to your customers anytime, anywhere? Even better, with effective app marketing, you can translate that loyal user base into more revenue for the business. That’s why retailers using Localytics have found that on average, their app customers are 5x more valuable than customers who don’t use the app. merchant acquisition Outdoor Flex Hoarding We specialize in working with developers, brands, agencies and advertisers to plan and execute marketing strategies that maximize the visibility of your app. We have experience in app marketing across every carrier, device, platform and category. We develop integrated marketing programs that are designed to meet your objectives. Whether you are looking to make a splash for launch, bene?t from a boost of activity or wish to grow your user base on an ongoing longer term basis – we have the skills, the experience, the creativity and the necessary resources to make it happen. user acquisition Advertising Account Planning Services An optimized mobile app marketing plan is the backbone of any successful app campaign. we have the experience to use user acquisition On ground marketing strategies to draw a marketing plan, implement it, evaluate its results, tweak the strategy as required, and ?nally, deliver measurable results. Given the dynamic nature of the mobile ecosystem, including the ever-evolving app store platforms and search engine algorithms, we take pride in staying up-to-date with the latest methodologies and tools. Our team of experts will help you choose a combination of services from the list below to help meet your app marketing objectives. Our professionals use various channels to attract as many customers as possible. Our team of experts pay maximum efforts to provide every client with the best promotion solutions and marketing strategies. With the key aim to deliver your app to the highest downloads at App Store and , we use the latest innovations in mobile marketing and the checked methods of all promotion. android user acquisition user acquisition Retail Marketing retailer acquisition Flyer Delivery house2house marketing Campaigns Campaigns Campaigns android mobile software user acquisition direct marketing retailer acquisition Brand Building 13/19

  14. 06/11/2020 software Wall Painting Advertising Campaigns Archives - Marketing Agency Marketing activation activation Campaigns android user acquisition product software Wall Painting retailer acquisition Advertising in sample Campaigns Advertising Campaigns malls& multiplexes Campaigns user acquisition Advertising merchant acquisition Outdoor Account Planning Services Flex Hoarding Campaigns Campaigns   Sector 25 Khandeshwar , Navi Mumbai   Navi Mumbai Navi Mumbai lies on the west coast of Maharashtra. It is situated in the eastern trans-harbour of Mumbai. The city was developed as a new urban township and satellite city of Mumbai in 1972. It is also the largest planned city in the world. The main purpose for building the city was to decongest the city of Mumbai. Navi Mumbai covers 150 km of the total 720 km of the Konkan coast. There are totally 86 villages covering 39,400 acres within Navi Mumbai limits. CIDCO had created 14 nodes/townships in Navi Mumbai. They are Vashi, Sanpada, Airoli, Ghansoli, Nerul, Kopar Khairane, CBD Belapur, New Panvel, Kamothe, Ulwe, Kalamboli, Dronagiri, Kharghar and Taloja. Each node is further divided into sectors. CIDCO planned and constructed the railway stations in the city and developed the nearby areas. The Vashi bridge was opened in 1973 for the residents of Vashi, Nerul and CBD Belapur. The Sion-Panvel Expressway was built to reduce commuting time from Sion to Panvel. The commissioning of a wholesale agricultural produce market in Vashi and building of a commuter railway line between Mankhurd and Vashi in 1992led to a very high population and economic growth. Navi Mumbai has a vibrant industrial activity in the regions of Mahape and Taloja. The last decade has seen a steady growth of IT/ITeS sectors as well. The satellite city has seen a high growth of residential development in the last 5 years. 14/19

  15. 06/11/2020 software Wall Painting Advertising Campaigns Archives - Marketing Agency Demographics: According to census data, the city has seen a huge migration of population from the Island city of Mumbai (54.6%) . It also attracts population from other suburbs of Mumbai and Maharashtra (28.9%). There is a small population from outside Maharashtra that has settled here (0.7%). According to 2011 consensus, the population in Navi Mumbai is 1,119,477 and its urban population is 18,414,288. The sex ratio in the city is 1000:831. The average literacy rate of the city is 91.57% out of which, 95.05% are males and 87.33% are females. Employment Opportunities Navi Mumbai has a buzzing manufacturing activity in the state owned industrial estates. The Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) areas in Taloja and Mahape have several SMEs. Taloja has several companies such as Asian Paints, Exide Batteries and Asahi Glass. There are several IT/ITeS companies and software parks making their way into the satellite city such as Reliance group, Patni Computer Systems, TCS and Mastek. The next decade is expected to see a market domination by the IT/ITeS sector. Most of the employment opportunities in the city is on the stretch of the Thane-Belapur road. The areas of Airoli, Mahape, Rabale, Turbhe, Vashi, Jui nagar and Belapur are locations that have ample of?ce spaces and have good employment opportunities. Connectivity The Mumbai suburban railway is the most prominent mode of public transport in Navi Mumbai. This connects most regions of Navi Mumbai to the main city of Mumbai and Thane. The most important railway stations are Vashi, Belapur, Panvel and Nerul. Panvel is the only mainline station as well as the busiest railway station in Navi Mumbai. A new broad gauge line has been made functional between Panvel and Karjat. There are currently three express trains that use this line. The Navi Mumbai Municipal Transport (NMMT) and Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) provide bus services throughout Navi Mumbai, Mumbai and other areas of Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). There are regular BEST AC Kinglong and NMMT AC Volvo buses running between Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. Navi Mumbai has the most advanced port in India: Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) in Nhava Sheva near Uran industrial area. It is well connected to roads and handle about 65% of the country’s container traf?c. The Navi Mumbai International Airport is proposed in Kopra-Panvel area. This is expected to decongest the air traf?c in Mumbai. The airport will be built through Public Private Partnership (PPP). The airport is expected to be completed in 2017. Residential Market in Navi Mumbai 15/19

  16. 06/11/2020 software Wall Painting Advertising Campaigns Archives - Marketing Agency Navi Mumbai is primarily an industry and investor driven market. Due to rapid growth of industrial activity post 1990, it has also emerged as a favorite location for end buyers. Since 2007, 87,055 houses have been launched here. Out of them, about 65,400 units have been absorbed. The year 2010 saw the highest number of launches (approx. 28,240). However, soaring property prices put a dent on affordability post 2010. This increased the unsold inventory by 25% during the third quarter of 2012. Taking notice of this, developers have brought down the number of launches since then. Navi Mumbai witnessed few new project launches in September 2013. Developers have held back on new launches primarily due to cautious market sentiments owing to rising in?ation and economic situation. Some of the localities that have witnessed this slowdown include Ulwe, Panvel, Kamothe, Kharghar, Dronagiri and Khandeshwar. All Localities in Navi Mumbai Mahape,Rabale,Shiravane,Turbhe,Apta,Parsik Hill,Khanda Colony,Dronagiri,Navade,Khalapur,Bonkode,Shedung,Ghansoli,Ulwe,Taloja,New Panvel,Panvel,CBD Belapur,Nerul,Kharghar,Kalamboli,Seawoods,Kamothe,Airoli,Sanpada,LOCALITY,Khandeshwar,Kopar Khairane,Uran,Vashi,Rasayani,Pen,Mumbai Pune Express Highway,Nhava,Roadpali,Palm Beach Road,Juinagar,Karanjade,sector 8A,sector 11,Talavli,savoli,sector 26 Vashi,Sector 19,Tembhode,sector 50,sector 50 New,sector 15,sector 19 (shahbaz village),sector 20,Sector 6,LOCALITY,sector 7,Sector 10 ( Kopra),Sector 12,sector 13,sector 20 Kharghar,Sector 27 Kharghar,sector 30 Kharghar,sector 34 Kharghar,Sector 35 Kharghar,Sector 21 Kharghar,Sector 15 Kharghar,sector 19 Kharghar,Sector 27 – Kharghar,sector 36 Kamothe,Sector 18 Kamothe,Sector 21 Kamothe,Sector 22 Kamothe,Sector 25 Khandeshwar,Sector 19 Ulwe,Sector 21 Ulwe,Sector 18 Ulwe,Sector 17 Ulwe,sector 5 Ulwe,Sector 02 Ulwe,Sector 09 Ulwe,LOCALITY,Sector 08 Ulwe,Vichumbe,Palaspa,Dighe,Nevali,Koproli,Bonshet,Garpoli,Akurli,Chouk,Rohinjan,Nilje Gaon,Kalundre,Shil Phata,Chipale,Shilottar Raichur,Nere,Usarli Khurd,Valap,Adai,Umroli,Chirle,Dhansar android user acquisition product sample Campaigns in Sector 25 Khandeshwar Navi Mumbai Mobile App Marketing Services App Marketing Services  Of?ine Marketing Agency Mobile Software Marketing Agency  Android Mobile App Marketing Agency 16/19

  17. 06/11/2020 software Wall Painting Advertising Campaigns Archives - Marketing Agency software Wall Painting Advertising Campaigns in Sector 25 Khandeshwar Navi Mumbai, android user acquisition product sample Campaigns in Sector 25 Khandeshwar Navi Mumbai,software Wall Painting Advertising Campaigns, android user acquisition product sample Campaigns, Sector 25 Khandeshwar, Navi Mumbai, Who We Are We are a local marketing and sales agency that help small/medium sized businesses and Start up. Established for over 10 years, our clients vary in size and cover a wide variety of business sectors. we see ourselves as active members of the local community helping local businesses by providing a variety of ?eld marketing, btl marketing , door to door marketing, brand promotion, social media marketing, telemarketing, web and printed based marketing materials. Who We Work With We work with a varied range of customers across industries and disciplines including; FMCG, IT & Telecoms, Security &  Industry, Manufacturing and Estate Agencies. We aim to take your audience on a journey. Whether it’s helping to ?nd your next prospect or creating loyal fans for your brand, we aim to in?uence your target audience to ensure their next step is in the right direction towards your company.We offer a fantastic blend of marketing and technical expertise, which is why our team can gain a full understanding of your business and actually produce work that generates meaningful results.What makes a fresh and young marketing company? At Fulcrum, it’s our team. We’ve managed to gather a unique band of strategic marketers, brand promotions and creative designers,  marketing specialists,?eldwork experts, online marketing team, and telemarketing professionals who work together to craft and carry out innovative marketing strategies for a wide variety of businesses in multiple industries nationwide. Fulcrum Resources 17/19

  18. 06/11/2020 software Wall Painting Advertising Campaigns Archives - Marketing Agency Call Us :+91-8484008961 Email:- GET IN TOUCH WITH US, WE WOULD LOVE TO DISCUSS YOUR MARKETING NEEDS. 18/19

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