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Finance Facts PowerPoint Presentation
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Finance Facts

Finance Facts

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Finance Facts

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  1. Finance Facts Policies,Procedures, Paperwork and Payment

  2. Wenatchee School DistrictAccounting Department Chief Financial Officer -- Les Vandervort Director of Accounting -- Karen Walters Assistant Accountants -- Kathy Hampton Lisa Mulhall Nancy Rabey Finance Assistant -- Joanne Johanson

  3. Glossary Requisition A form requesting a Purchase Order to a Vendor Purchase Order (PO) A form that promises a vendor that the district will pay for authorized and legal purchases Invoice A bill or request to be paid by a vendor for materials or services Vendor Any business or person that provides materials or services for the district for payment Expense Voucher A district form to be submitted to the Finance Office by an employee for reimbursement of personal expenses Warrant A check payable to vendors or employees

  4. Where to find the right forms and learn about the accounting process… • • WSD Process Management • Finance or • ONLINE FORMS • Accounts Payable

  5. Accounts Payable Guidelines • Requisition for a Purchase Order needs to be completed BEFORE the Purchase Order can be processed. • Purchase Orders need to be processed BEFORE anything is purchased. • The Procurement Card is used only when the vendor does not accept Purchase Orders. • Most items are shipped directly to the Warehouse (except subscriptions)

  6. Accounts Payable Guidelines Continued… • Receipts and Packing Slips are sent to the Finance Office as soon as they are received, where they are matched to the corresponding Invoices and PO’s for the payment process. • Warrants are processed for payment approximately every two weeks.

  7. ALL RECEIPTS for items or services must be turned into the Finance Department as soon as possible!

  8. ALLpurchasesrequire itemized originalreceipts BANK CARD RECEIPTS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE UNLESS THEY ARE ITEMIZED.

  9. Red Robin Server: Brad Pitt 12:30 p.m. 2/14/2005 Table XXX VISA Card: xxxxxxxxxx1234 Approval: Amount: 19.07 + Tip: 2.86 = Total: 21.93 X __________________ Red Robin Server: Brad Pitt 12:30 p.m. 2/14/2005 Table XXX Guests: 1 Lemonade 3.79 Soup/Salad 6.99 BLT 8.29 Balance Due: 19.07 + Tip: 2.86 = Total: 21.93 Receipt NOT Itemized Itemized Receipt

  10. …More Receipt Rules • Do not mix district purchases (that you plan on getting reimbursed for) with personal purchases on the same receipt. • Don’t hold receipts. Send all receipts immediately to the Finance Dept. even if you have an open Purchase Order. Write the PO number on the receipt(s). • Do not use highlighter pens on receipts. It often makes the ink disappear.

  11. Expense Vouchers Expense vouchers can be found on the Wenatchee School District web site or at the District office.

  12. Expense Voucher Rules • Forms must be filled out with complete information • Don’t forget your signature and your supervisor’s signature (or the administrator whose budget is paying for your expenses) • Administrators need a second administrator’s signature on their expense vouchers. • All applicable receipts must be attached to the expense voucher • Forms must be submitted to the Finance Dept. within 10 days after travel.

  13. Travel Forms • Travel Requisition • Advance Travel Money Request(Optional) * Requests must be submitted 10 days before traveling. * In the event the traveler’s actual expense is less than the amount advanced, his/her expense voucher shall be accompanied by the unexpended portion of the advance. 3. Expense Voucher

  14. Basic Travel Rules • ALL travel requires a TRAVEL REQUISITION form • All travel arrangements, reservations, and cancellations are your responsibility. • The district procurement card is only used to pay for hotels and airlines. REGISTRATIONS with permission from Karen Walters ONLY.

  15. …More Basic Travel Rules • Pay for your own travel expenses. You can’t be reimbursed for meals, hotels, or other travel expenses for other people. You must turn in an expense voucher for your own expenses. • Advance travel money requests need to be submitted 10 days prior to travel and must be attached to the travel requisition form. • Advance travel money is for meals and mileage ONLY. It can’t be used for hotels or registrations.

  16. In-District Mileage Mileage reports must be filled out completely, including your name printed at the top and your signature on the bottom of the form. Your supervisor signs at the top of the form. The starting point and the destination for each trip must be noted. Please add up your mileage and give the form to your supervisor for their signature. The current mileage reimbursement rate is $ .505 per mile. Mileage reports must be turned in monthly.

  17. Independent Contractors Before you agree to have a non-employee perform any kind of work for the district, please ask for the “Guidelines for Independent Contractor” packet from the Wenatchee School District Finance Office.

  18. Contracts All contracts between Wenatchee School District and outside businesses and/or groups require School Board Approval. Please contact Joanne Johanson in the Finance Office for more information regarding the contract approval process.

  19. Remember: All forms submitted to the Accounting Department require your signature and your supervisor’s signature.* *Exception: Advance Travel Request Form. The forms submitted to the Finance Department are legal documents reviewed by state auditors each year.

  20. …Any questions?Please contact the Finance Department . Thank You