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  2. THE GIRL IN THE MIRROR After one year looking for a new house, the family Simpson had found a perfect one for them. It was a big house which was beautifully decorated. When they asked their neighbours why the house had been empty for 13 years, they answered that owners’ daughter had disappeared and after it, the family moved. But the Simpsons didn’t attach importance to that comment. However, the first night something tragic happened. Their daughter, Hanna, was sleeping when a voice woke her up. A girl, wearing white pyjamas and with pale face, was speaking to her from the other side of the mirror. “Hello darling!” Hanna approached the mirror and answered: “Hello, who are you?” “My name is Amy, and I’m 6 years old like you, Hanna,” answered the strange girl. How do you know my name?“ asked Hanna “I know a lot of things, Hanna. But I only want to play with you because I’m very boring” Hanna agreed to play with her. Unfortunately, her parents who were in the room next door listened to her and went to see what was happening. Then they saw Hanna talking to herself in front of the mirror. This went on during lots of nights, Hanna talking to herself. Her parents took her to several psychologists, but nobody knew what happened to the little girl. Life passed by until that terrible night… When Amy proposed Hanna a new and macabre game. No one knows how but the following morning the bodies of her dead parents were lying inert on a great puddle of blood in front of that mirror. The police officers never found Hanna, only her bloody fingerprints on the mirror. Now Hanna and Amy are waiting for another girl with whom to play.

  3. A TERRIFYING PARTY Once upon a time, two sister, Kelly and Karen, who lived in California, had to move to a small town called Salem- “the city of the witches”, where their mum was a teacher at the university. Halloween day was approaching and Kelly and Karen wanted to have a party, so they talked with their friends Bill and Nick. The four friends met to talk about the party. They didn’t know what to do, so they visited a witch museum in the city. They entered the museum and visited the exhibition. Bill went up to the second floor and saw an old woman with a black dress, a White face and very red lips. She seemed to be a ghost. He returned with his friends and they left the museum at once. The next day Nick told his friends he had found an old and abandoned House where they could celebrate the party. They went there to clean and Decorate it. Bill was looking for a broom when he saw the picture of the old woman at the museum.

  4. He was scared but he didn’t say anything. Halloween day came and everything was ready. The four friends and their guests met at nine o’clock in the house. At the party, everyone was dancing, eating and laughing. Nick and Bill were to bring more food from the basement when they saw the same old lady again. The old lady said to Bill that he would be dead at midnight so that she could live again. The two friends ran to tell everyone and tried to escape, but all doors and windows were closed. Suddenly, ghosts and witches began to appear. All people there were terrified. A few minutes later, a candle fell on a tablecloth and the house was on fire. The ghosts and the witches disappeared and the doors opened. They went out and saw the house burn out. At the end, the four friends returned home. Certainly, that was the most terrifying party they had ever been to.

  5. A STRANGE FAMILY Once upon a time, in a far away land, there was a bit castle where two sisters and one brother lived. Their parents had already passed away and they were alone at the castle. The eldest sister was sixty years old, and she had a pale face with some warts on her face. Her hair was white and grey. She used to wear black clothes with a long sleeved black shirt with the buttons done up. Her brother was a physically handicapped person. He was fifty-three years old. He didn’t go out, he didn’t speak to anyone-he was an introvert person. Nevertheless, the youngest sister was an ordinary person. She worked as a guide, but she didn’t seem to be as dangerous as she really was. She had lived all her life with two ill people, looking after them since her parents died. She was only nine years old. As she worked as a tour guide, she sometimes invited some tourists to her castle because she told them that she was going to show them a very old picture which was painted by her father. All tourists who entered the houses never went out again. She killed them because her parents had said that if she wanted her system and brother to get over, she had to kill all the people she could. This way her family would be alright. Her father had also told her that if anyone knew or suspected what she was doing in the house, she would have to kill her family and herself too. She continues inviting tourists and killing them, until one day when a group of ten tourist came to the house.

  6. Shetoldthemwhattheyweregoingtosee and thattheywouldsurvivethisvisitbecause thehousewasovercomeby a curse. At thatmoment, one of thetouristsran and managedto escape. Nowsheknewwhatshehadto do…

  7. HIDE AND SEEK On a cloudy afternoon of November, my parents took me to the park because I was going to a party with my friends that weekend. We drove to the party- the city was very nice and there were many houses with gardens. Suddenly, we were all silent and looked out of the car window. I thought I had seen a little girl on the wall of a house. She was blonde and beautiful. She was wearing a white nightgown and had a stuffed animal. She seemed sad though. Suddenly, she had disappeared. Then I thought it had been my imagination. I didn’t attach importance to it. When we got home, we started to play football. But it started to rain and we went inside for lunch an to open some presents. In the afternoon we got bored and decided to go and play hide and seek. We went to a close neighbourhood where the houses had been abandoned and there was an old park. We decided to play there. At first, I was a little scared because it was getting dark and windy. The wind moved the tree branches and shadows were created on the ground. Suddenly, I say a dog digging a hole in the ground and I went to see what it had found. There was a necklace with a picture. It couldn’t be true! She was the girl I had seen on the wall of that house! I asked my friends to come there and I told them what had happened; they didn’t believe me, they thought it was a lie. I told them I was afraid and that we should go home. We went back to the home and I saw the girl again. She was smiling and her eyes were terrifying. But my friends didn’t believe me either.

  8. At night, I couldn’t sleep and I began to hear the cries of a child. I got up and went into my friends’ bedroom. Then I found a note that said, “I want to play hide and seek. You friends are hid, find them or you’ll lose the game….

  9. THE SECRET OF THE MOON Now when I look at the moon every night, I remember an old story. A little girl lived in a little city near Glasgow. She was called Emily and she was seven years old. Emily went to school every day, but an ordinary Friday she was coming back from school when she decided to pick flowers. So, she went into the forest which was very big. Emily walked and walked. As she got to the middle of the forest, she found an old house. In the house Emily only could see an old and broken chair. That house was empty and there was a hole in the roof. Emily looked up and could see the stars through the hole. Though, If she could see the stars, this meant that it was dark, a dark night! Emily ran out of the house and she went into the forest again. But now, the forest was dark and there were strange noises. It was cold. Among the grass there was something, Emily took her lantern quickly, but she could see anything at all. Then Emily began to run again. Suddenly, She could see a lake. It wasn’t big, so she thought that she would be able to swim across it. In this way, she didn’t have to walk along the dangerous and dark forest. Besides, the lake didn’t seem to be too deep. Emily began to swim. The water was cold and she was scared, but Emily continued swimming. As She could swim very well, soon she could see the lake shore. Suddenly, Emily felt something around her. She stopped swimming. Something touched her again, something very cold. The night was quiet, silence everywhere. Emily realised that there was something in the water, something which touched her again. What was it? Emily felt cold, she was terrified. Out of nowhere came a monster with yellow eyes and a mouth full of sharpened teeth. The night was dark, but the moon was there, the only witness which saw what had happened that cold night in the black lake. But, as everybody knows, the moon can’t speak …

  10. BLACK I woke up. It was about three o’clock. The house was quiet, with the exception of that noise that had woken me up. From my bed, opposite the open door, I could see the whole corridor. It was bathed in moonlight which entered through the window. When I was about to fall asleep again, I saw a silhouette which was coming out of my parents’ bedroom. I finally saw it well when it passed by the window, going along the corridor. I only could see her back, but she seemed to be a girl over ten years old. She wore an old-fashioned white dress and her hair was black. I hadn’t got over this surprise yet when the girl went into my sister’s bedroom, which was on the other side of the corridor. Then I began to wonder, “Who is this girl?”, “How had she come into my house?” and the main question, “Why?” Suddenly a noise which came from my sister’s bedroom made me get worried. It was as if someone was being strangled. Then I got frightened. I began to look for a small penknife that my father had given me for my 15ht birthday. When I finally found it, that noise had already let up. I left my bedroom, decided to kill that little girl if necessary. She was in the corridor, looking at the moon through the window. This situation surprised me. I stood in front of my bedroom staring at her. At that moment, she realised I was there. She turned her face to

  11. to me and the moonlight bathed it. I could see her whole face. She had hair as dark as night. It contrasted with skin which was so white that her dress looked yellowish. But, what actually attracted me were the two dark pits which were situated where her eyes should be. Looking at her face was driving me mad. She wouldn’t be alive. She wouldn’t be real. Then she turned completely to me and I had to lean against the wall to avoid falling down. She had blood on her hands and she carried a handful of eyes. I was terrified. I return to my bedroom. She was approaching me slowly through the corridor. Then I knew what would happen. She had strangled my family because she didn’t want then to cry. And now I was the one left. She was going to make me suffer. She was going to enjoy every cry. Then I stumbled upon my bed and I heard a metallic noise. It was my little penknife hitting the floor. I picked it from the floor. The girl kept approaching. My heart was beating too fast. I summoned courage up and I opened my penknife. I was determined to use it. The girl reached the door of my bedroom. Then, with just a fast and clear cut, I cut my neck from ear to ear. The blade slid through my skin as if it was drawing a second smile. I was going to die, but, at least, the girl wouldn’t have fun with me. Then I fell on my knees and we got face to face. My eyes were looking inside of those black holes. Then, all became black.

  12. THE SECRET My friend, Cristi, and I were in bed. Out there it was stormy and we were a little frightened. We were in my friend’s house on our own because her parents had gone out. Suddenly, the door of the room banged open scaring us. After that, we went to the corridor to see what was happening and oh my god!, who was that boy?. He had a very pale face and strange eyes like those of a cat. It was horrible. We came back to the bedroom and closed the door because we didn’t want him to come in. The next morning, her parents arrived and we told them all that happened. Her father said that we should leave the house as soon as possible, but when we were just about to go out, all the doors and windows blew shut. We couldn’t run away! At that moment, the boy appeared again on the top of the stairs and like a zombie, he went down towards us and said, “Tell them what you did to me! Do you want someone to die too? Her father admitted that one stormy night he ran over a little boy and ran away because he was scared. After that, the boy killed Criti’s parents and he said to us that if we didn’t tell everything to the police, he would kill us too.

  13. THE ERRANT WOODMAN A full moon night Valery and her friends decided to go to the forest known for the legend of the Errant Woodman because they wanted to demonstrate that it wasn’t true. They prepared everything carefully to spend a night in the mountain and left for the Shining Bones lake. After a long time they arrived at the lake shore where they set up their tents and lit a fire. Everyone sat around the fire and Charlie, who really believed in that story decided to tell it. An old and lonely woodman lived in a forest a long time ago. He used to spend hours carving wood and cutting down the trees of his adored forest. One winter day a family who got lost appeared and asked him for shelter during the cold night. That night the woodman, who hadn’t been in contact with people for many years, decided to help them. Although he has lost his ability to deal with people, he tried to be polite and hospitable. Everything went well until the youngest child of the family began to throw to the fire the different objects the woodcutter had carved along his solitary life. This infuriated him. The woodman who was beside himself killed the boy with his axe and the Rest of his family could do nothing. After killing the little boy, he killed the rest of the family and Threw them all to the Shining Bones lake. Later he carved their faces in wood. According to the legend, every time someone goes to this forest, the ghost of the Woodman found him, kills him and Throws his body into the lake. Finally, the woodman curves his faces into the trunks of the forest trees. Valery’s friend, Bob, started to laugh at the legend and screaming in full voice, he called

  14. the woodman ghost , asking him to come and cut his head off and to reduce his limbs to Stumps. Valery and her friend Ashley who didn’t believe this legend followed Bob’s game. On the contrary, Charley, Alice and Peter shook their heads and asked him to stop. They firmly believed in the Woodman and his horrible legend. After a few hours, they all went to sleep in their tents. The forest was quiet and you could hear the typical sounds in a forest like the hoot of an owl. Suddenly, the sound of footsteps woke Valery up. She tried to calm down and she decided that it was one of her friends. But a terrifying scream froze her blood. Ashley broke into the tent and with trembling hands, full of blood and scared, he told her that Bob’s head was nailed to a stake near the fire. Valery, who didn’t believe him at first, decided to go and have a look. When she went out of the tent, she found Bob’s head which was staring at her and his dismembered body was there next to the tent. Frightened, all ran out in different directions, but Valery and Ashley were paralysed by fear and they didn’t know what to do. They decided to take a pair of knives and defended themselves. They tried to go the nearest town, but the car tires were flat and they had to go on foot. After a long time walking, they saw that someone was pursuing them. They looked at each other and began to run. After a while, they saw a light and ran towards it, their salvation. But they discovered to their horror that it was the camp fire and their friends were dead. A cold sweat ran through the back of these two terrified girls who looked in consternation to the fire. All of a sudden, Ashley began to cry desperately and Valery saw her friend’s head fall. Terrified, she looked back and she could see an axe that shaved the air without being held by anyone. Valery, groggy and disoriented, began to walk backwards while the axe came near her, little by little he fell to the floor and everything was black. Valery felt a very heavy hand on her shoulder and opened her eyes. Then she saw her friend Bob and she hugged him enthusiastically because he was alive, but when she was trying to explain him her nightmare, Bob shook his head, looked at her and said with a somewhat grim smile: “It wasn’t a nightmare, now you are dreaming, wake up!” Valery opened her eyes again and terrified she tried to run away of the vision in front of her, a translucent figure holding a bloody axe. She tried to retreat, but it was useless since the axe was already cutting her skin.

  15. THE OUIJA It was Halloween and a group of teenagers decided to so something special to be scared. At 12 am the went to the graveyard. They jumped over the wall and went it between the tombs. Once inside, they took out the ouija board and started to play. Firstly, nothing happened, so they thought it was a lie. Then, they decided to go out but when they were leaving, an spirit started to talk and they stayed there. Some boys laughed at it and insulted it. The spirit was very annoyed, then it said that they should stay in the churchyard or something terrible would happen to them. But the boys didn’t take it seriously and went out. Although some of them were scared, they thought that this place was terrible and decided to go too. Only Samantha stayed there in the churchyard all night, sleeping between the tombs. It was terribly windy and very cold. She was terrified because she could hear voices screaming. Nevertheless, she was decided to stay. When dawn was breaking, she left fast. When she had been walking for 10 minutes, she found an ambulance on the road and her friends dead. The spirit was right. She wished she had never played the ouija.

  16. VERONICA’S LEGEND Perhaps this is the newest urban legend. Vanessa was a young Gijón student of Occupational Therapy at the university of Talavera. Along with two other girls she had rented an apartment where the expenses were lower. During the second year, Vanessa failed two subjects and her parents sent her to study in august. One summer night she was alone, four knocks sounded on her door. Vanessa thought it was a friend to go out for a drink, but it was a girl of about seven years old. The girl with blond curls and big beautiful eyes looked at Vanessa and said to her that she was lost. Vanessa let her in , prepared a glass of milk for the child and said that she was going to phone the police. The little girl, called Veronica, asked her not to because she was tired and wanted to go to sleep that night. Vanessa agreed and made her bed. In the early morning, Vanessa was going to call the police when she discovered that the girl was not in her bed.

  17. A year later, the girl reappeared. She seemed not to have grown at all. Again Vanessa cooked dinner and let her sleep . The following day Veronica had disappeared again with out a trace. This time, Vanessa went to the police and gave all the information about the girl, but there were no complaints and no one had reported her disappearance. After wandering around for hours, Vanessa arrived at San Prudence Hospital, a hospice for orphans. There Mother Sonsoles told her that they didn’t have a girl like that , but when Vanessa was just about to leave, another nun came in with a photograph of girls who were at this place two years ago. There was Veronica as Vanessa had seen her- “yes, she is!” Vanessa cried. The two nuns looked puzzled and said that Veronica had died two years ago. That night, four knocks sounded on her door. The girl looked through the peephole in the door. There was Veronica again with her arms crossed and angry face. She opened the door. “You have been slow to open the door. I’m hungry and tired,” Veronica said. Terrified, Vanessa prepared dinner as she had done before. They went to bed, but Vanessa couldn’t sleep and went to Veronica’s room. She was all covered with the sheet, Vanessa pulled it back and saw how the little body of the girl fade in a cloud. On the pillow with several mistakes in childish handwriting there was a note, “thanks for the sweet milk. Now I have to go to hell to meet the other three girls who didn’t let me in”.