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Surgical Aesthetic Treatments

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  1. Facelift A facelift surgery was first performed as early as 1901, and has progressed greatly since coming to its place today as one of the most popular plastic surgeries. As an analysis that says he can "turn back time," he is considered one of the most popular procedures for women and men, and he replies to the surgeon with a fresh and young feeling, without giving up a natural look. With age, appearance and face shape experience natural changes: the skin loses its elasticity, and fat deposits deplete in some places and sink into the lower areas of the face. 10% of women in Israel responded that they wanted to correct these flaws. The facelift can change the same time and gravity damage that slowly accumulates. In this analysis, folds or excess skin are removed in the cheek area, in the jaw line, and in other places where there is a change in the facial appearance, such as the folds between the nose and mouth angle, for improved, young and natural appearance - and accordingly, 12% of Israelis chose it as the most popular plastic surgery. Who is the surgery for? While aging is a natural process, we tend not to feel comfortable with the aesthetic changes that come with it. Facial surgery can improve the self-confidence that comes from the outside look: it will bring back the feeling that your facial appearance represents you, especially if you feel that the appearance of aging affects you daily. 65% of facial tensions occur over the age of 55, but "facelift" can also be performed only with early signs of aging in the facial features, even before dramatic changes occur. 15% of the surgeries are Breast implant done in men, with differences between men and women, both in terms of patient will and in terms of the surgical procedure. Factors such as facial hair, anatomical differences, and aesthetic accents should be taken into account. What surgery does not improve? Although facelift is a common surgery with excellent reputation, it cannot fix all the changes our face has been making over the years. The surgery does not improve fine wrinkles and other sun damage - for that, there are other cosmetic options; If you also want to treat skin blemishes, we recommend discussing this with our specialist physician. It is important to note that facelifts treat only the lower two-thirds of the face, that is, without affecting the eyebrows and eyes; If you want to make cosmetic repairs in this area as well, you may want to consider lifting eyebrows and eyelids as well.

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