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Mrs. Williams’ 3 rd Grade Class Information

Mrs. Williams’ 3 rd Grade Class Information. West Elementary 2013-2014. How to Contact Me. Please contact me if you have any questions. 456-8333 ext . 3115 E-mail at williamsk@usd320.com Plan Time 9:20-9:55. Sign-Up Sheets. Attendance Sheet Classroom Parties

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Mrs. Williams’ 3 rd Grade Class Information

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  1. Mrs. Williams’ 3rd Grade Class Information West Elementary 2013-2014

  2. How to Contact Me • Please contact me if you have any questions. • 456-8333 ext. 3115 • E-mail at williamsk@usd320.com • Plan Time 9:20-9:55

  3. Sign-Up Sheets • Attendance Sheet • Classroom Parties • Parent-Teacher Conferences • Volunteer in Classroom • West Carnival • Volunteers at class booths • Volunteers to bring bottled water or cakes

  4. About Me • Background • Grew up in Texas • Moved to Western Kansas in 1997 • FHSU Graduate • Masters as a Reading Specialist through FHSU - ESOL Endorsement • Teaching Experience • 2004-2007 Deerfield, KS • 2007-Present Wamego • Family • Husband – David • Braxton- 4 years • Parker - 5 months

  5. Classroom Blog • http://williams3rd.wordpress.com/ • Subscribe to email updates • Stay informed • Homework • Study Guides • Daily Activities • Helpful Links • Resources

  6. Classroom Expectations • I listen to students who raise their hand. • I teach when there are no distractions or other problems. • Feel free to do anything that does not cause a problem for anyone else. • Please treat me with the same respect I treat you.

  7. Behavior Management • Behavior Clip Chart • Students move up or down based on daily behavior. • Always a chance to move back up!

  8. The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program • School rules against bullying are as follows: • We will not bully others. • We will try to help others who are being bullied. • We will make it a point to include students who are easily left out. • When we know someone is being bullied, we will tell an adult at school and at home.

  9. Arrival and Dismissal • Arrival & Dismissal • 7:45 Breakfast • 8:00 First Bell • 8:05 Tardy Bell • 3:15 Bus Riders Dismissed • 3:20 Walkers Dismissed • Changes In Going Home Procedures • Please Contact Myself and the Office • Note • E-mail • Telephone Call

  10. Student Binder • Your child’s binder will hold all-important information that your student needs on a daily basis at school and home to complete given tasks. • In the student’s binder will be: • Agenda • Review and Sign Each School Night • Math and Reading Calendars • Spelling List • Pencil bag with math flash cards • Notes • Graded papers

  11. Homework • Math Facts • Math Calendar • Practice 5 minutes, 5 nights a week • Skill Homework (Do not need to do fact practice on these nights.) • Reading • Reading Calendar • Read 20 minutes, 5 nights a week • Kiwi Bag – this counts towards the 20 minutes of reading • Handwriting • As needed • Spelling/Vocabulary • Practice spelling words for test on Fridays • Science and Social Studies • Special Projects • Unit Tests – Study Guides Sent home a week in advance

  12. Homework • If at any time you or your child does not understand the assigned task, please write a note and send it back to school the next day. TIPS • Set up a homework area at home. • Try to have a consistent schedule on when homework is to be completed. • Your child should be completing math facts, reading, and spelling daily.

  13. Grades • Excellent/Satisfactory/Needs Improvement • Specialized Classes (Art, Technology, P.E., & Music) • Letter Grades • All grades will be based upon quizzes and tests • Math • Language Arts • Spelling • Science • Social Studies Grading Scale A+ = 100 C = 76-73 A = 99-93 C- = 72-70 A- = 92-90 D+ = 69-67 B+ = 89-87 D = 66-63 B = 86-83 D- = 62-60 B- = 82-80 F = 59 or below C+ = 79-77

  14. Grades • Reading and Writing Grades • Reading and Writing grades will inform you of your student’s current level and expected performance level at the end of each quarter • Through the nine weeks you will see assignments in Power School for reading and writing, but this is to keep you informed of their progress. • At the end of each nine weeks in reading you will be informed of your child’s current guided reading level, fluency rate, and accuracy level. In writing you will be informed of their progress of each writing trait we have assessed.

  15. Grades Reading Goals By Quarter • Reading Level • 1st Quarter – Level M • 2nd Quarter – Level N • 3rd Quarter – Level O • 4th Quarter – Level P • Accuracy – always above 95% • Fluency (WCPM-Words correct per minute) • 1st Quarter – 80 WCPM • 2nd Quarter – 89 WCPM • 3rd Quarter – 98 WCPM • 4th Quarter – 107 WCPM

  16. Stay Informed • Check Your Child’s Academic Progress on Power School • Link to Power School on Classroom Blog • Link to Power School on USD 320 Website • Sign up for weekly email updates in Power School • If you misplace your password please contact the office.

  17. Absences • Notify the office when child is ill by 8:30 • If you know in advance write a note, email, or call Homework When Absent • Needs to completed in a timely manner • Parental help will be needed, at times • Bring back ALL materials daily – even if not complete • Have students ask for clarification of directions when needed

  18. Money for Office • Enclose the money in an envelope • Write on Envelope • Child’s Name • Teacher’s Name • Purpose of the Money (ex. Lunches) Students can take money DIRECTLY to the office in the morning.

  19. Library • We will check out library books every Friday. • A great idea to ALWAYS have students keep library book in their book bags. • Library Challenge • Literature Club

  20. Healthy Snack Students May Bring a Healthy Snack Daily • Snack Ideas • Dry cereal • Fruits/Vegetables • Cheese Sticks • Crackers • Granola Bars • NO cookies, candy, or chips • Water Bottles • Important to keep hydrated • Prefer lids that students can sip out of due to accidents if tipped over

  21. Parties • Birthdays • Celebrated during juice and milk time in AM • May send treats in the AM • Any type of treat is welcomed • Summer birthdays can be celebrated at any time • Classroom Parties • Begin at 2:30 • We promote healthy treats and drinks • NO Candy or Latex Balloons

  22. Academic Areas

  23. Spelling • Component of Rigby Literacy by Design Reading Program • Spelling Tests on Fridays • A Spelling List can be found in student’s agenda, homework folder and classroom blog.

  24. Spelling Grade • Spelling Test Consists of TWO Grades • Spelling Grade • Capitalization and Punctuation Grade • Spelling Grade - includes any current spelling word or any past words on the test • Capitalization and Punctuation Grade - based on correct capitalization and punctuation of words and sentences on test

  25. Math • Math Trailblazers - conceptual based math program • Skills are imbedded in problem-based situations • Spiraling program • If at any time, you and your child do not understand the homework sent home, please send a note the next day.

  26. Reading Rigby Literacy by Design Reading Program • Two Main Components • Guided Reading – small group • Shared Reading – entire class • Major Focus is on Comprehension • Strategies and Skills • Students have “Learned to Read” • Now we are “Reading to Learn”

  27. Guided Reading Groups • Guided Reading Groups • Students will be taught at their instructional level. • Groups are flexible • Students may not be taught by own classroom teacher (like at Central). • Individuals Your Child May Have Groups With • Ms. Ickes - Mrs. Scherer • Mrs. McCune - Mrs. Flanary • Mrs. Wilber - Mrs. Herzog • Mrs. Hallberg - Mrs. Ross • Mrs. Williams • Mrs. Buessing • Mrs. Evans

  28. Science • Delta Science Modules –Students are in engaged in inquiry-based learning with a combination of reading and hands on activities. • Unit Tests – study guides sent home a week in advance • Units of Study • Animals • Nutrition • Digestive System • Sound/Ear • Astronomy Unit • Earth Science • Personal Hygiene • Personal Safety

  29. Social Studies • Communities are the main theme in our Social Studies curriculum. Students learn about their own community and other communities in the world. • Units of Study • Communities • Geography • Government • Responsibilities of Citizens • Economics • Holidays • Veteran’s Day • Ramadan • Christmas • Hanukkah • Kwanzaa • St. Lucia • Luna New Year • St. Patrick’s Day • CincodeMayo

  30. Writing Writing Process Prewriting Drafting Revising Editing Publishing • Six-Traits Writing Model • Ideas • Organization • Voice • Word Choice • Sentence Fluency • Conventions • Daily Language Review • Capitalization • Usage • Punctuation • Spelling • Parts of Speech • Analogies

  31. How to Contact Me Please contact me if you have any questions. 456-8333 ext. 3115 E-mail at williamsk@usd320.com Plan Time 9:20-9:55 I look forward to this new school year with you and your student.

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