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Wedgate Matrimony - Best Mariage Bureau & Matrimonial Services In Delhi

Marriages are made in heaven but arranged on earth, thanks to the efforts of dedicated matrimonial service bureaus. They are dedicated to finding the perfect match for you. You can be assured that they will leave no stone unturned and cut no corners when looking for the one ideal match best suited to your demeanor and temperament. A professional organization with more than a decade of experience behind them, Wedgate Matrimony Best Mariage Bureau & Matrimonial Services In Delhi strive to find you a compatible match. For more Info Visit: https://www.wedgatematrimony.com/<br><br>

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Wedgate Matrimony - Best Mariage Bureau & Matrimonial Services In Delhi

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  1. Wedgate Matrimony • Our Matrimonial venture, Wedgate Matrimony has been successfully building and nurturing matrimonial relationships for 12 years, bringing countless smiles and happy times to thousands of families. • Wedgate Matrimony’s management team has been associated with top service companies like SAMSUNG, NOKIA, COX & KINGS, etc. for 20 years at multiple locations. • We have renowned specialists with us who have pioneered in understanding human behavior, psychology and remedial measures.

  2. This helps us in achieving quicker and desirable results. Altogether, we are serving about 600+ walk-in customers on a daily basis. • Our research and findings have helped us put together various processes at Wedgate Matrimony with a balanced combination of human efforts and technology. • Understanding varied & complex needs, preferences and psychologies which go behind the brains searching for a so-called perfect alliance requires determined, focused and emotional handling. For more info visit at https://www.wedgatematrimony.com/

  3. OUR SERVICES  Punjabi Matrimonial Services  Sikh Matrimonial Services  Hindu Matrimonial Services  Jain Matrimonial Services  Elite Matrimonial Services  NRI Matrimonial Services  Aggarwal |Gupta|Baniya Matrimonial Services

  4. Punjabi Matrimonial Services • Punjabi weddings are renowned for being pompous and energetic. People hailing from the Punjabi ethnicity are joyous, playful and extremely cultured towards their traditional values. • No matter where a Punjabi goes, there’s always a tinge of his homeland in his nature and lifestyle. Since our agency is headquartered in the North Western, NCR region of India, we always have a geographic advantage at having the best Punjabi profiles in our database. • We have culminated an extensive assortment of Punjabi matrimonial profiles over time, which includes people from every caste, creed, and social status • Our services are not only limited to the Punjab, Haryana, North India or NCR region. For Know More : https://www.wedgatematrimony.com/matrimonial- services/punjabi-matrimonial-services/

  5. Sikh Matrimonial Services • Name given to a marriage ceremony in Sikh Culture is called Anand Karaj which means Blissful Union. Sikh matrimonial ceremonies are the truly momentous times full of lifetime celebrations. • Most of the ceremonies are done in a relaxed, energetic with age old traditional rituals under the guidance of family elders and all nears and dears. • We extensively deal in all Sikh castes such as Arora, Khatri castes like Khurana, Kohli, Bhasin, Chaddha, Ramgarhia, Ramdasia, Jat, Guru Sikh or Gur Sikh, Keshdhari, Naamdhari, Kukhrain, Dhillon, Saini, Kamboh, Mahton, Chhimba, Mohyal, etc. • We have Sikh alliances families based in Northern India, Delhi NCR, Punjab, other parts of India, overseas specially Canada, America, Europe, UK and other parts of the world where prospects are placed due to occupational or other reasons. For Know More : https://www.wedgatematrimony.com/matrimonial-services/sikh- matrimonial-services/

  6. Hindu Matrimonial Services • The Hindu community is a diverse, colourful and enchanting ethnic group of people which make up for around 80% of the population in India. Hindu weddings are one of the most revered marriage processions on this planet. • Obviously because of the energetic aura, emotional involvement of families, diverse traditional practices and most of all, the duration of happy times. • Profiles registered with us belong to people coming from different castes in the Hindu community such as Brahmins, Khatri, Kshatriya, Kayastha, Vashishth, Rajput, Yadav, Jat, etc. • We can help you find interesting matches based upon location, income, social status, physical features and almost every other differentiating factor you can think of. For Know More : https://www.wedgatematrimony.com/matrimonial-services/hindu- matrimonial-services/

  7. Jain Matrimonial Services • Jainsim is the sixth largest religion in India, and is mainly concentrated around the western states of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Jains can be categorised into two different sects, namely Swetambara Jains and Digambara Jains. • Their religion is almost similar to the Hindu religion with most practices and traditions being coincident. • There are approx 110 different Jain communities in India, which can be further classified into six different groups based upon historical and geographical factors. • he prominent Jain categories include Oswal, Khandelwal, Agarwal, Porwal, Jaiswal Jain, Dhariwal, Palliwal, etc. • We have our experts who specialise in Jain marriages and matchmaking. Thus we make sure that you find the right match who exactly fits your desires. For Know More : https://www.wedgatematrimony.com/matrimonial-services/jain- matrimonial-services/

  8. Elite Matrimonial Services • With India’s fast paced economic development, and the ever expanding upper middle and rich class, the demand for an elite matchmaking service was needed. • We have been helping elite businessman families, diplomats, celebrities, business tycoons, political families and other families of the like to find their ideal match for more than decade now. • Our vast network of experts and collaborators gives us a clutch over the elite class either based-in, or with roots in India. • News associated with elite families can quickly become a gossip if not handled properly. So we ensure to maintain such operations exclusively discreet and confidential, unless the bondage begins to blossom. For Know More : https://www.wedgatematrimony.com/matrimonial-services/elite- matrimonial-services/

  9. NRI Matrimonial Services • NRI’s, are people who are born in India but reside abroad in a different country. • Despite living in foreign countries, NRI’s always wish to get their children married to a bride or a groom from their motherland. • Our NRI Matrimonial services are designed exclusively for those who are looking for future brides and grooms settled abroad, and for those NRIs who are searching for a life partner. • The profiles are categorized based upon various parameters like religion, country of residence, profession, family and educational background. • Our dedicated panel of experts dealing with NRI matchmaking enquiries are extensively experienced and try their best to put extra efforts to bridge geographical barriers. For Know More : https://www.wedgatematrimony.com/matrimonial-services/nri- matrimonial-services/

  10. Aggarwal |Gupta|Baniya Matrimonial Services • Aggarwal / Gupta / Baniya caste hails from the Vaishya caste which is considered to be a mercantile clan of the Hindu community. Aggarwal's are renowned for being pioneers in business and trading activities. • We deal in matrimonial alliances for various Baniya castes like Garg, Bansal, Bindal, Goyal, Goel, Goyan (half gotra), Jindal, Singhal, Kansal, Mittal, etc. • The wedding processions start with a mudh - tikka ceremony which can also be called an engagement ceremony. • This is followed by a god - bharai (gifts for bride) ceremony, ladies sangeet(singing traditional songs), naadi (pre-wedding puja), tel-baan (pious bathing), mehndi(applying myrtle on palms), tilak (gifts for the groom), jai mala(garland exchange), saat-phere (7 circumambulations) and vidaai (bride’s farewell). For Know More : https://www.wedgatematrimony.com/matrimonial- services/aggarwal-gupta-baniya-matrimonial-services/

  11. Why Choose Our Services  Commitment & Compassion is our first priority. We understand you, your preferences and committed to finding you a compatible match.  With our ever expanding in-house database, we reach out to a wide universe of prospects. We ethically scrutinize and classify the most suitable matches for you.  Our success lies in decade-old insights of the highly experience- oriented field of Matrimonial Alliances.

  12. Contact Us  Call: +91-9599991980 & +91-1147094491/92  Mail: contact@wedgatematrimony.com  Website: https://www.wedgatematrimony.com/  Address: I-7, Metro Pillar No 333, Najafgarh Road, Near Moti Nagar Metro Station, Kailash Park, New Delhi 110015 (Above Pind Balluchi Restaurant)

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