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Palm Beach Rehab PowerPoint Presentation
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Palm Beach Rehab

Palm Beach Rehab

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Palm Beach Rehab

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  2. About Us Our clients experience South Florida rehab living arrangements in upscale, Mediterranean style homes. Men and women are housed separately.  Bedrooms are shared with two to three roommates. Living in a recovery community is a vital part of our treatment program. It promotes healthy interaction with their peers, and holds each of them responsible for day-to-day living. All cooking, cleaning and other household chores are done by our clients, some of whom are learning new life skills. As clients struggle to learn to live a life of sobriety, they find caring and support in this new environment. Early recovery from drug or alcohol addiction can be uncomfortable enough to drive the user back to old behaviors and substance use.

  3. Why Safe Harbour Recovery? Choosing the right treatment program can be one of the most important decisions in your lifetime – and the hardest part of beginning your recovery process. In Palm Beach County alone, hundreds of treatment programs are available. 

  4. Palm Beach Rehab While we are just a few miles from the beach, participating in addiction treatment is not a vacation. Admission to our program requires that clients make a courageous commitment to work with Safe Harbour Recovery to chart their course to lasting sobriety. Addiction rehabilitation is similar in some ways to ocean sailing. Some days the seas are calm, while on other days, rough seas threaten to capsize the boat. Our skilled and compassionate staff will help clients navigate through those moments.

  5. Our Treatment Program of West Palm Rehab Safe Harbour Recovery is a Florida Addiction Treatment facility that offers a safe, nurturing, comfortable environment for clients to live in as they begin their journey to sobriety. Early recovery from drug and alcohol addiction can be uncomfortable enough to drive the user back to old behaviors and substance use.

  6. CONTACT US Phone: (866) 595-3099 Email:

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