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Build a Drupal 7 Theme

Build a Drupal 7 Theme . From a HTML5 Template. Kaloyan Petrov. Drupal Themer. kaloyan@designolog.com . Telerik Web Design Course . http://html5course.telerik.com/. About me. Drupal activist Drupal Bulgaria Foundation supporter Bulgarian Drupal Camps organizer and speaker

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Build a Drupal 7 Theme

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  1. Build aDrupal 7 Theme From a HTML5 Template Kaloyan Petrov Drupal Themer kaloyan@designolog.com Telerik Web Design Course http://html5course.telerik.com/

  2. About me • Drupal activist • Drupal BulgariaFoundation supporter • Bulgarian Drupal Campsorganizer and speaker • Graphic designer

  3. Table of Contents • About Drupal • Importance of Drupal Theme Layer • Anatomy of a Drupal theme • Main Concepts • Building with blocks • Template files and template suggestions • Override and Preprocess output from Core • Let’s build a Drupal 7 Theme!

  4. About Drupal • Powerful and modular open-source CMS • Powers 2.1% of all web sites – W3Techs3% of top 10,000 sites– BuiltWith • As of June’s Drupal.org statistics: • 850+K users on Drupal.org; • from 228 countries; • speaking 181 languages; • 16,725 Modules; • 1,413 Themes.

  5. Who Uses Drupal? • Whitehouse.gov, Belgian government, French government, Dutch government • Harvard, Stanford • United Nations, Greenpeace, Amnesty International • Reuters, CNN, Die Zeit, Die Welt • Forbes, Fox, Warner Bros • Ubuntu, Java.net, SourceForge, dev.twitter.com • MTV UK, Sony Music, Universal Music, Grammys, Emmy • Metallica, REM, Pink, Jenniffer Lopez, BeyonceBritney Spears, Ozzy Osbourne …

  6. Importance of Drupal Themimg • If a product looks unpleasantor dysfunctional people don’t use it! • The theme of every site is responsible for creating the first impression. • With the key part in forming and presenting content Drupal themes are arguably the most important part of each Drupal installation.

  7. Required Knowledge • xHTML/HTML5 & CSS • JavaScript, (jQuery & jQuery UI in Drupal core) • Drupal Terminology • PHP • Basic PHP knowledge is enough if no overriding is necessary. • Basic PHP is enough for simple tasks like printing variables. • Advanced PHP is required for tasks like overriding core markup or preprocessing and processing themable output.

  8. Anatomy of a Drupal Theme? • .info file(required) • template.php • .tpl.php files • images • CSS • JavaScript • Other files A collection of files that allow us to change the look and feelof a website. Other CMS refer to them as skins or templates.

  9. Main Concepts Building with Blocks Template Files and Template Suggestions Override, Preprocess, Process

  10. Building with Blocks • Containers called Regions • Those are areas of the web page that have content. • Building units of the Regions are Blocks • Blocks are created by modules programmaticallyor by content creators in administration section.

  11. Default Drupal 7 Regions $header $highlighted $help $content_top - hidden $sidebar_first $content $sidebar_second $content_bottom - hidden $footer

  12. Template Files and Suggestions • Template files for sections, pages, content types, regions, blocks, etc. • Template files and template suggestions for repeatable parts like comments or blocks in different parts of the website.

  13. Which Templates? html.tpl.php !Doctype <head> CSS и JavaScript <body> page.tpl.php Logo Site Name Regions - Header - Content - Sidebars - Footer node.tpl.php Node title Author Date Node Content Terms Links region--sidebar.tpl.php block.tpl.php Block Title Block Contents comment-wrapper.tpl.php Comment Area Title Comment Templates block.tpl.php comment.tpl.php block.tpl.php comment.tpl.php block.tpl.php

  14. Overriding Default Output • Find the module that generates the code. • Two possible cases: • If the module provides .tpl.php file – copy it to theme folder. • In the source of the module we search for theme(), preprocess() or preprocess() function then copy it to your theme’s template.php and rename it accordingly. • Make changes in copied file or function. • Clear cache!Administer » Site configuration » Performance

  15. My Tools • Local Development EnvironmentXAMPP, LAMP, WAMP, MAMP… • Any Text editor with code highlighting is fineEclipse, NetBeans, Komodo Edit, Notepad++… • VirtualBox advancedUse virtual web server if you prefer it over AMP stacks.For testing different browser and OS versions. • Drush advancedhttp://www.drush.org/Command line shell and scripting interface for Drupal.

  16. My Tools • Firefox and Firebug are the best tools!http://getfirefox.com, http://getfirebug.comIf you really, REALLY, dislike Firefoxtry Opera with Dragonfly – http://www.opera.com • Devel Modulehttp://drupal.org/project/devel • Theme Developer Modulehttp://drupal.org/project/devel_themer

  17. Some Tips Before Starting • Content is king! Design for the content! • Check if HTML is valid and CSS is documented! • Use what works for you • Start from scratch • Or start from starter theme:Omega, Zen, Basic, Framework

  18. Some Tips Before Starting • Create a data model • Create wireframes that describe page elements • Identify modules, templates and configurations responsible for every element in your wireframes.

  19. Showtime Let’s Build a Drupal 7 Theme!

  20. Prepare Environment Create Data Base Check File Permissions

  21. Setup Drupal Download and Install Drupal Download and Install Devel and Theme Developer Modules

  22. Create a Theme Drupal Can Sees Create Theme folder /sites/all/themes/telerikdemo Create required .info file- telerikdemo.info Copy sliced template files in theme folder

  23. Writing the Theme .info File Define theme name, description, preview image, regions, features, styles and scripts. http://drupal.org/node/171205

  24. Finding Right Template File html.tpl.php page.tpl.php region.tpl.php node.tpl.php block.tpl.php …

  25. Fix Image Paths src="<?php print $base_path . $directory; ?>/…"

  26. Output Dynamic Data <?php print$styles; ?> <?php print$scripts; ?> <?php print$page_top; ?> <?php print$page; ?> <?php print$page_bottom; ?>

  27. Drupalize Top Section <?php if ($site_slogan): ?> <div id="site-slogan”><?php print$site_slogan; ?> </div> <?php endif; ?>

  28. Primary Menu Output Primary Menu from Drupal <?php print theme('links__system_main_menu',array( 'links' => $main_menu, 'attributes' => array( 'id' => 'main-menu', 'class' => array('links', 'clearfix'), ), 'heading' => array( 'text' => t('Main menu'), 'level' => 'h3', 'class' => array('element-invisible'), ) )); ?>

  29. Main Content Section

  30. Add and Display New Regions Output Regions in Drupal regions[slider] = Frontpage Slide theme.info <?php printrender($page['slider']); ?> <?php printrender($page['content']); ?> page.tpl.php

  31. Additional Regions

  32. Blocks in Regions

  33. ThemeFooter

  34. ThemeSidebar

  35. Theme Node

  36. Navigation Menu

  37. Questionsor comments?

  38. Build a Drupal 7 Theme From a HTML5 Template Kaloyan Petrov kaloyan@designolog.com www.designolog.com +359 887 836094

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