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SLOB. By: Ellen Potter. Madi Dunigan. Published: DATE 2009. Setting. Owen and his few friends are usually at school. He couldn't be anywhere else because of the characters in the book. The characters are teachers and students at the school.

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  1. SLOB By: Ellen Potter Madi Dunigan Published: DATE 2009

  2. Setting Owen and his few friends are usually at school. He couldn't be anywhere else because of the characters in the book.The characters are teachers and students at the school. He wouldn’t be around these people almost all the time if he wasn’t at school

  3. Character (Owen) Owen Physical: • Owen is very big for his age. • He usually looks depressed sad, or mad. • Boulder(*1.) Personality: • Smart • Kind • Funny *1.Boulder: He always says how he acts and looks like a boulder (must read to get) Smart: In the book he says that he got his IQ tested in the 2nd grade. Kind: He is always nice to people even when he doesn’t like them or if he is mad at them. Funny: He can’t always take others jokes but he has his own since of humor.

  4. Character (Jeremy/Caitlin) Jeremy (Caitlyn*1.) • She has beautiful, long, red hair. • She is very skinny • She is very pretty Personality: • Interesting • Humorous • Loving *1.Caitlyn: She is a member of GWAB and she changed her name to a boy name like all members. Interesting: She is kind of crazy, so she does stuff that can be very interesting. Humorous: She likes to joke around a lot. Loving: she loves her brother even when they’re in fights and everyone loves her.

  5. Conflict There are many different problems, but the main conflict is his missing Oreo cookies. This is Man vs Man because he is trying to catch the person that is stealing the cookies.

  6. Summary(of Plot) A large 12 year old boy named Owen Birnbaum is a very smart and kind person. He gets made fun of a lot around school about his weight mostly. His mom, Zelda, gives him 3 Oreo cookies everyday for lunch to remind him that life does have its high points. Someone around school has been stealing those cookies and he's ready to get to the bottom of it while more interesting things happen as well!

  7. Theme You shouldn’t judge others by the way they look. Throughout the whole story people are making fun of the way Owen looks. People (students) told him he should get a FAT expedition. They said “Time to cut down on the puppy chow, Owen.” and compared him to tough/strong people just to make fun.

  8. Point of View • 3rd person Limited 3rd person Limited helps the reader understand one characters thoughts and feelings as well as what he says and does. If it was anything else you wouldn’t know as much about that character.

  9. Symbolism The three Oreo cookies he gets everyday for lunch symbolizes (for Owen) that life isn't always low. It reminds him that good things always happen for him not only bad ones. • He's not just a boulder.

  10. Recommendation Personally I thought this book was a slow read because I didn’t enjoy it. There were parts I liked okay but not many. I know some people would like Slob because it can be humorous and oddly serious. It leaves you hanging on a few chapters where you feel like you need to know. In my opinion, its not something I would read unless I had to.

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